Registration of silencers increases

The number of people registering silencers for firearms in Ohio is on the way up.
Associated Press
Jan 14, 2014


Silencers are one of the fastest-growing segments of the firearms market — and registrations skyrocketed in Ohio last year, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Ohio saw the second-largest increase in suppressor registrations in the nation. Experts said interest in the devices could increase if state lawmakers decide to allow them to be used for hunting.

Gun advocates said silencers reduce hearing problems related to loud gunfire and increase shooting accuracy. They said suppressors are safety devices that unfairly have a bad reputation.

“I believe the best reason to have them is for hearing protection” said Ryan Carr, owner of Sunbury-based RC Firearms, which sells the devices. “For this reason, hunting would be an excellent use of a silencer”



I like the noise!


With the encroachment of city dwelling liberal cry babys on shooting ranges gun owners try to accomodate them. I figure the Whiney liberals will complain anyways.


They are still a title 2 weapon & a pita to get and own thanks to the NFA.

Pterocarya frax...

From the article:

“For this reason, hunting would be an excellent use of a silencer”

Yes...because nothing says "I am going hunting" quite like sticking a silencer on my Glock 19.


What will you be hunting with a 9mm handgun?

Pterocarya frax...

I guess it is true that conservatives can't comprehend irony.


Irony works when it is something that actually could happen, not outright fantasy.


It's still bs that u have to register a safety device


A real hunter would not use a silencer. It's cheating any way you look at it.

Darwin's choice

Well, have you ever "heard" an arrow flying to its target?

Long bows, and crossbows are pretty silent, have been used for centuries, and thats "cheating"?

getit right be4...

How is using a safety device like a silencer cheating.

I am a real hunter and I have no problem using a silencer.

I do have a problem with registering my safety devices with the government. I will not comply.


It's cheating and if you use one you are a cheater. Dagwood, don't even try comparing silencers to a crossbow. You simply want to argue! Go away! I guess you guys are okay with Palin shooting wolves from an airplane? What does the silencer keep you safe from? There's a reason the gov't keeps track of silencers! DUH! Don't comply and see what happens. You anti-government nuts never cease to amaze.

getit right be4...

You still have not stated why it is cheating.

The use of a silencer will greatly reduce the risk of hearing loss. A gunshot is loud enough to cause permeant hearing loss.

Hunters need to hear what is going on in the woods. They need to listen for their pray. They need to listen for other hunters for safety reasons. Wearing hearing protection while hunting is dangerous.

Attaching a silencer to your muzzle also reduces recoil allowing you to get your sites back on to your pray more quickly.

As a hunter it is my job to take my pray with as little suffering as possible. You do not always get a clean 1st shot that you hope for. With the advantage of less recoil you can get a 2nd shot off much faster ending the suffering of your pray.

Yep sound like cheating to me.


It is CHEATING and COWARDLY! There's other ways to protect your hearing. Silencers are for hunters that can't shoot or worry about becoming the prey! You only need to wear hearing protection when you shoot.

getit right be4...

Once again you do not back up your statement of it is cheating. You just added on another derogatory name to it as if that would back up your uneducated statement.

So when one is out rabbit hunting they are suppose to have the time to put in ear protection and get off a good clean shot in the split second that the rabbit runs past the clearing?

It is very clear to my that you know nothing about hunting but still have no problem tossing in your uneducated opinion.

Moving on.


Yes, move on. It is you that seem to know absolutely nothing about real hunting! SMDH!


A suppressor reduces noise levels, it is not silent. It also reduces bullet speed, range and ft./lbs of power. You can't quiet even a .22 to where you can't hear it 50 feet away and keep any power behind the bullet. It is a trade-off between noise and power; The quieter the less power, speed, and range. It costs $200 to the feds to get, and a few months wait time to get the paper work approved.

It is not like the movies or tv, it lessons the noise, it is not silent.


Don't bother with deertracker. The only thing he has ever hunted was his undersized tool when he has to relieve himself.

Darwin's choice

Guess Ron White is right about you...."you can't fix stupid" !

Dr. Information

It's cheating because deerturd says it's cheating and that's it. There needs to be no justification as usual with this crony. It's quite obvious deer had never shot anything with a silencer on it or they wouldn't post the rubbish they do.


UH...... why would I need a silencer? COWARDS!


A coward is someone who gives in to fear. Of what do you assert them to be afraid?

And what is your basis for calling them cheaters, sinc BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION, you have nothing to do with hunting?

What, in your estimation, constitutes NOT cheating in hunting, and why?

Come on, deerie, substantiate your naked assertions.


Depends on what you're hunting.


Again it really has nothing to do with hunting silencers save hearing

Dr. Information

Beep. Spot on. Guns are loud and even with the right eat protection can still cause damage.


Who knew guns were loud? Did you figure that out when you got "eat" damage? That's brilliant Watson!