Survey: Drivers choose Ohio Turnpike for speed

The Ohio Turnpike’s online survey shows most motorists use the 241-mile toll road because it’s the fastest and most convenient route.
Associated Press
Jan 12, 2014


The reason why some motorists don’t use the turnpike may seem just as obvious — the toll road across northern Ohio doesn’t go where they are going.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the survey shows tolls don’t deter most motorists from using the turnpike.

More than 26,500 people participated in the survey, which collected answers to 32 questions from late November through mid-December. It was the turnpike’s first comprehensive travel survey.

When asked why they use the turnpike, 81 percent of respondents said it’s because the highway is the fastest route. Fifty-four percent said it’s the most convenient.

More than one answer could be picked.



If you are traveling west to east or vise a versa , I would have to say yes thats the best way to go , You have just about everything you will need to make your experance well worth using the Turnpike . I have traveled the turn pike as a former truck driver to a railroad cab driver . not to mention for personal reasons .
One can only hope that the state will not raise the turnpike rates .