Closure costs Air Force base $6M in payroll

Closing for two days in the past month because of bad weather has cost Ohio’s largest military base more than $6 million in payroll.
Associated Press
Jan 10, 2014


The Dayton Daily News reported the closure days at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton cost the military more than $3.3 million per day — including about $2.1 million for civilian workers and $1.2 million for military personnel.

The base provided the numbers at the newspaper’s request.

Base spokesman Daryl Mayer said it was all about safety. Dangerously cold weather shut down schools, colleges and some businesses in the area earlier this week.

The base closed Monday for the second time since Dec. 6. Base officials said some of the employees worked from home.





Somebody explain this to me please. 3.3 million a day? Really? Some worked from home? What do they make, $10,000 to $100,000 a day? What's wrong with this picture. Good thing this base is not in Alaska, huh?

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Just like any holiday for all Federal workers .