Kasich: Ohio EPA director resigns after three years

The governor’s office says the director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has resigned.
Associated Press
Jan 8, 2014


Director Scott Nally was appointed by Gov. John Kasich. He has led the agency for three years. In a resignation letter dated Tuesday, he said the appointed position is not forever. He also stressed the importance of knowing when to step aside.

A statement from Kasich’s office said Nally is leaving to “pursue other opportunities” Neither Kasich’s statement nor Nally’s letter elaborated on his next move. Tuesday was his last day.

Kasich’s office said he will appoint Craig Butler as interim director.

Butler serves as the administration’s senior policy adviser on environmental, energy, public utility and agricultural issues. He previously worked as district director of the Ohio EPA’s central district and southeast district offices.


The Big Dog's back

Under Repub administrations the EPA director has nothing to do. The environment is just collateral damage to them.


Perhaps they can get Richard Windsor to fill the void? He has EPA certificates to do the job.