State will use untried execution drug

Ohio said it will use a never-tried dose of two drugs injected intravenously to put to death an inmate who raped and killed a pregnant woman.
Associated Press
Jan 1, 2014


The approach has never been used in a U.S. execution.

The decision made public Tuesday means the state prisons agency was unable to obtain an unregulated batch of pentobarbital. That’s the drug Ohio used until its manufacturer put it off limits for executions.

The state said it will instead use a combination of the sedative midazolam and the painkiller hydromorphone in the Jan. 16 execution of Dennis McGuire.


Darwin's choice

Firing squad will work too....

Licorice Schtick

Nothing beats a Guillotine. It's and sustainable and consumes nor disperses no toxic lead. And any idiot can pull the pin - no skill required, unlike beheading by an expert They're not terribly portable, though, so we would need one in every city. Hanging potentially cheaper but too easily bungled, especially without a proper gallows, which is even less portable than the Guillotine and could easily cost just as much.


Or You can hang the guy as well , Both ways would work and a lot cheaper ...

Señor Clown

I distinctly remember a point made by a history teacher while I was in school: The Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment - the emphasis being both cruel AND unusual. You may deem hangings or firing squads cruel if you wish, but unless it's also unusual, meaning not applied as a common punishment for those sentenced to death, there's no constitutional protection. A rope around the neck doesn't require an electrified chair or a cocktail of intravenous drugs - just the rope and a knot.


Never understood how criminals do can cruel, sadistic things to their victims, however we're not allowed to do anything "cruel or unusual" to punish them. Makes NO sense.


Sure, it does. While the bad guys may DESERVE a cruel end given what they've done, that the state decrees death must be humane sets us well above the criminal. To sink to his level, however we might justify it, makes us a little too much like him for comfort!


Sam Adams, I think for this one time, I actually agree with you. It's what separates us from being a country like Saudi Arabia, Iran, or N. Korea. I sat on a death penalty case myself, and to be honest, I had no qualms in my decision to allow the State to take that persons life. He was a frikkin' animal for lack of better terminology. 10 other jury members felt the same- but ended up as hung jury 11-1- guy in end got life in prison. Either way he's gone for good, but punishment didn't meet the crime.

Licorice Schtick

The death penalty is too expensive. It's cash cow for the "justice" industry. That's reason enough to ban it, but stupid and crooked people are wont to execute those who are plausibly innocent. Only if reform our corrupt greed-ridden justice system to bring swift, efficient and sure justice, should we consider the death penalty to be justice.

Really are you ...

How would an eye for an eye punishment be cruel and unusual punishment for the person who committed the crime? It was not cruel and unusual when the victim passed away. The criminal was the judge, jury, and executioner. The victim did not have a very good defense.

A lot of this criminal behavior is happening on a daily basis. How is it unusual? The weights on the scale of justice are currently out of balance. More in the favor of the criminal behavior. IMO.

Ask Dennis McGuire after he is gone how he felt. Dennis were you numb enough? Dennis did you feel any pain? Dennis did this untried cocktail give you any discomfort at all? Dennis on a scale from 1 to 10 please rate the humanity of your execution. To see if he is lying, administer a lie detector test. I will bet the results will be inconclusive.


The scales have been tipped in the favor of the criminal due to organizations like the ACLU.