Public housing complexes go smoke-free

Seven public housing complexes in Toledo are going smoke-free starting Wednesday.
Associated Press
Dec 31, 2013


The Blade reported the tobacco-free policy adopted by the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority’s board of directors in June follows a recommendation from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

It urged public housing authorities as well as the owners and managers of multifamily housing rental assistance programs to prohibit smoking in their properties.

The change affects about 850 of the 3,100 units managed by the housing authority, which operates 25 public housing developments in the county.

Under the new policy, smoking is not permitted in any rooms of apartments or common areas in the buildings.

Areas outside the buildings will be designated for resident smoking.



This should prove interesting. How are they going to enforce it?


The government is now telling people what they can and cannot do inside their own homes. Wonderful. It won't be long before everything we do is monitored and most of the population is in some kind of lockup for some stupid offense like overeating or smoking. You can pay the rent but you cannot do anything in the apartment they don't approve of. Government wants to keep you healthy to work in their concentration camps one day!


it's public housing, not their own homes.

The Bizness

Govt. Runs it, The landlord can do this if they wish. Plus if they are using public housing then they are probably on medical assistance from the govt so this is doing double duty with trying to get people healthier to.


Public housing. If you do not like it, MOVE. Get a job, or another job that you can pay rent on a house/apt that allows you to smoke. If you are living in a govt paid public housing apartment, then you have to play by their rules. If you have money to buy smokes you have money to MOVE and pay rent somewhere else!


I don't live in public housing. What I object to is government controlling things such as this because it won't be long before that moves onto something else that invades or takes away privacy. The government has already invaded the employment sector by allowing the background and credit checks for employment and now they are going into people's homes. While the government does own the property, people do pay to live there even if it is based on their income. Giving up cigarettes is not likely to pay the rent anywhere unless one smokes 3 or more packs a day! It's people like you that go along with every government sanction that allow the erosion of privacy and basic freedoms everyday. When the government gets around to going into your home and telling you what is allowed/not allowed, only then will you care I guess.

From the Grave

I agree with what you are saying about the government taking or freedoms. But in crappy apartment buildings, smoke DOES get into the halls and other apartments. I think ALL multi family living should be NON smoking, regardless of who owns it.
We all should have the freedom to breath clean air, and that should come BEFORE someone's right to smoke.

getit right be4...

Drug and nicotine test for all who are on on government assistance.


that issue is dead in the water. I don't know why so many people think that everyone on any type of public assistance is on drugs. While some may smoke cigarettes, not that many are drug abusers. I'm sure there are some, but the majority of people on public assistance are single white women with children which you can check the statistics on for yourself. I am not sure what the statistics are on public housing and it may be that it's predominantly black but despite that, it's still government imposition and overreach. If they're allowed to prohibit smoking then it won't be long before they're prohibiting other things as well and eliminating help for many low income people. also most in public housing do have some type of employment-it is just not enough to pay average rent and utilities, which generally are higher than $600 a month most places.


Unassumer- Bloomberg for President! No more twinkies, Ho-Ho's, soft drinks, doritos, slim-jims, smokes, guns, sharp pointy objects of any kind, small household appliances...

Raoul Duke

Why not just drug test EVERYONE, since we ALL benefit from tax money somehow.


I'd benefit far more if they wouldn't take (and waste) the money I pay in taxes to begin with! And I'll let you be the one to volunteer your DNA freely to the Gov if you wish- no thanks.

Raoul Duke

You must not have that piece of DNA that allows one to recognize sarcasm.

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The Hero Zone

In addition I think I read somewhere that those receiving utility assistance will be converted into a babysitter thermostat as to not abuse the help they get when heating/cooling their residence.


I'm a smoker unfortunately, but if they are going to dictate what goes on in public or private housing then make tobacco illegal. If it is legal, then no government entity should have any say on what goes on when the door closes. I'm going to try my hardest to quit this year, I quit for 8 years back in 1999.


Good luck to you and hope you succeed. The government isn't going to make it illegal because they make too much money off the "sin" taxes they put on cigarettes and tobacco. It's hypocritical that it pays/paid for sport stadiums that you're not allowed to smoke in.


is shooting up still ok?