State officials: Get vaccinated against the flu

State health officials say influenza activity is on the rise in Ohio and residents should get vaccinated.
Associated Press
Dec 28, 2013


The Ohio Department of Health said so far this flu season, 338 influenza-associated hospitalizations have been reported. Those primarily occurred in northeast Ohio.

The department said most of the cases were caused by the H1N1 strain that’s also known as swine flu.


Officials also cautioned seasonal flu viruses may become more prominent. Flu is usually the worst in January or February.


Stop It

Had 2 two flu shots last month plus a pneumonia shot, at same time...First time ever for either one, but since I was in the hospital, I had no choice. Went in the other day thought was the COPD actin' up..

They did x-rays and CT scan. Told me I had mild pneumonia and bronchitis. Thank-you.


More propaganda from the statists.


Do they have the correct strain this year? Or is this a guess like the past years?


Sure, get a flu shot and then come down with a totally different strain.