Walnut-tree disease leads to Ohio quarantine

State agriculture officials are trying to keep a deadly walnut-tree disease from spreading from a southwestern Ohio county.
Associated Press
Dec 25, 2013

Officials said Butler County, north of Cincinnati, will be subject to a first-ever quarantine to keep thousand cankers disease from spreading.

The quarantine, which goes into effect Thursday, prohibits moving live walnut trees, lumber and wood out of the county.


Capt. Ford

And we all saw how well that worked with the ash borer, and there is a new report out that the electric barrier on the Chicago ship canal is not 100 pcent effective.

Stop It

Can't wait to start polluting the moon and mars...

And bringing diseases back from such...glad I don't gotta see the next century start.


Stop it, the moon and mars are completely sterile environments. NASA used to quarantine after every moon mission until they realized that- now they just walk right off the shuttle (well used too anyways).

Stop It

Kingspin? You know that the moon and mars are "sterile", how?


Soil and air samples, complete quarantine for approx 3 weeks upon return from moon missions. Mars is self-sterilizing according to mission specialists. A combination of UV rays, and the properties contained in the soil such as potassium ferrate act as an oxidizer. Some have compared it to a surface similar to hydrogen peroxide, but I don't know how accurate a statement that is- need to look it all up again, been a long time since I've read it... no bacteria, viruses, organisms of any kind RE: did a quick look on-line, you can find all the info to answer your questions - they're sterile as I said (not arguing by the way)


How do I get there?


How long is it going to be before we don't have any trees ?
First it was the Elm, then the Ash, now the Walnut?
Doesn't look like government agencies are doing their jobs ?
Let the boat sink, before you plug the leak!


Sorryhog, we may end up with no trees, but there'll be plenty of pot plants to replace them....

Pterocarya frax...

Glad to see all the tree pest experts are chiming in on this.