Schools offer drone studies

Some Ohio schools are preparing students for a boom in the drone industry once the federal government, as is expected, allows civilian unmanned aircraft to fly in U.S. airspace.
Associated Press
Dec 24, 2013


The Federal Aviation Administration estimates as many as 7,500 commercial drones could be flying in national airspace within a few years, and has until 2015 to present a plan for safely integrating drones into U.S. airspace.

At least two Ohio schools — Sinclair Community College and Kent State University — are training students for jobs using the technology. Like the University of North Dakota, Kansas State University and others around the country, the Ohio schools aren’t waiting for the go-ahead to ready students for employment in the industry.

“Our job is to be sure we are preparing the workforce to meet the jobs that are coming,” said Deb Norris, vice president of workforce development and corporate services at Sinclair.

Concerns over privacy and security issues still pose some potential hurdles regarding drones, but Ohio schools expect to see even more educational opportunities going forward.

“There are all kinds of opportunities with this technology,” said John Duncan, an assistant professor of aeronautics at Kent State, in northeastern Ohio.

The Ohio Board of Regents said Sinclair and Kent State are the only Ohio schools known to have formal degrees or certificate programs in unmanned aerial systems, but schools including the University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University and Wright State University are heavily engaged in drone research.


Stop It

Heh... there is nothing to stop it right now as long as the drone is under radar range. Not to mention all the stealth tech that can be learned on the net..YGBFSM...

Wait till drone helicopters videos show up on the net peeping in windows if they haven't already..The djinn is outta the bottle.


Window peeping with drones is no more legal that by any other method.

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Do you ever look at things on youtube or any facsimile? They aren't all consensual.

As I said, the djinn is outta the bottle.

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swiss cheese kat

Unless you own a satellite in space, you or anybody else aint gonna be flying no drones around. A RC model plane maybe, but no drones. LMAO.


You are misunderstanding the vocabulary.


A few more high-tech jobs, yes, but no help for the huge surplus of unskilled labor. The product here is legislation that's good for the wealthy and powerful with little protection for ordinary people. The promise of jobs is always part of the sales pitch.

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swiss cheese kat

The promise of jobs has always ben part of the sales pitch. Liberals swallow it hook line and sinker.

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"A RC model plane maybe, but no drones." Not much difference IMHO.