Concerned residents meet with Latta over flooding

Farmers in northwest Ohio who are upset with a plan being worked out to control flooding along a river met with an Ohio congressman to voice their concerns.
Associated Press
Dec 23, 2013


The Courier newspaper in Findlay reported about 120 people met with U.S. Rep. Robert Latta last week.

Farmers in the Hancock County area are worried a plan to divert floodwater away from the city of Findlay will impact their fields.

They’d rather see federal money spent on cleaning up and dredging the river.

Addressing flooding along the river has become a top priority for the county.

Five major floods since 2007 have brought millions of dollars in damage to the cities of Findlay and Ottawa.



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"cleaning up and dredging the river"

Sounds like a plan. Dredge the river, truck it upland and dump on the fields, you accomplish two things, raise the fields and put back the phosphates that ran off : )


They are asking the wrong person. Latta is for smaller government, less funding for government and lower taxes, all of which cut available funds for things like disaster relief.


Re: "less funding for government and lower taxes,"

So you're for bigger govt. and higher taxes? Got it.

So whom else should the farmers ask?

Simple Enough II

I have to ask the question. Why is Findlay flooding? Is because of past practices of no control of soil erosion of farm fields have filled in the river bottom? Has Findlay expanded over the past few decades and not added and water retention and instead it just rushes to the river to add to quickly adding to their problem of flooding? Seems a lot of farm fields are tiled wouldn't this also add to the problem with increased runoff? The joys of building on flood plains. I like the idea of "Let's make this someone else's problem (sarcasm).

Stop It

The entire northwestern-northernmid Ohio and southern Michigan used to be swampland and has very many underground rivers. This is not new, nor is it news...