Rats invade popular capital city neighborhood

A study by the Columbus health department found evidence of rat activity in one of every three properties it examined in a popular city neighborhood.
Associated Press
Dec 20, 2013

Columbus Public Health has been working with residents in Clintonville north of the Ohio State University campus to find solutions to the problem.

WCHM-TV in Columbus reported the study released Wednesday looked at more than 800 properties. Health officials say cutting off rats’ access to food, water and shelter is key.

Some neighbors said rats are digging underneath enclosed compost piles.

A proposed city budget allots two positions to work directly on the rat problem.

The city has received dozens of complaints about rats involving rental properties this year.



Where do you find the most vile rats in Ohio?

340 East Fulton Street, Columbus.

Disease ridden vermin...

White Owl

LOL, thanks for the suggestion. Looks like promising feeding grounds.


This place has the laziest rats in Ohio. But I wouldn't eat them if I were you. Very little muscle except around the jaw area. They would be easy to catch though!

172 E. State St., 6th Floor Columbus

White Owl

Good advice, they are also deceptive using a large inflatable rat paid for with money taken from workers.


Camouflage son. Nothing more. Bought and paid for through extortion.

It's like putting an old CD on a string. The refection distracts you and is supposed to keep you away. But once you get past the ruse, it isn't very effective anymore is it?

Stop It