Alleged madam will stay out of prison

A 60-year-old woman accused of running a brothel in a northeast Ohio suburb will avoid prison.
Associated Press
Dec 14, 2013

Susan Sackela was sentenced Thursday to two years of probation after pleading guilty in October to two counts of pandering obscenity.

The (Youngstown) Vindicator reported she initially was charged with promoting prostitution, but prosecutors offered the plea deal because of possible issues at trial.

She was charged in September 2011 with running a brothel out of a home in the Youngstown suburb of Austintown. That came after an 18-month investigation that started with complaints from neighbors.

A search of the home found a fully stocked bar and a room with a dancer’s pole. Sackela apologized in court Thursday.

She’ll also have to pay $30,000 to cover the costs of the investigation.


White Owl

What might constitute the "court issues" that caused the prosecution to offer this deal? Might the madam have a list of names that included several public officials, lawyers and law enforcement officers?

looking around

I'd like to see the cost breakdown of that $30 thousand investigation for a victimless crime.

Dinghy Gal

Now she is unemployed and can file for benefits.


Bet someone has a few photos....the oldest profession. Further down the road we will read more.....