Ohio lawmakers OK ‘Move Over Law’

A bill passed by Ohio lawmakers would require drivers approaching construction and maintenance vehicles to slow down and shift lanes if possible, as they’re already required to do when nearing emergency vehicles on the roadside.
Associated Press
Dec 12, 2013


The House passed the updated “Move Over Law” on Wednesday, sending it to the governor for consideration. It would apply when motorists approach construction, maintenance and public utilities commission vehicles parked on the side of the road with their alert lights turned on.

The directors of the state Department of Transportation and the Ohio Turnpike said the measure would boost safety for roadway workers.

The Department of Transportation said motorists have had more than 600 collisions with its vehicles and equipment since 2008. In one case last April, a 27-year-old employee was killed.




As well they should. Those construction workers deserve it.


If you've been on the turnpike lately you'd know that worker safety is taken to an extreme degree already.

This will further slow work. When they aren't putting up or taking down 15 miles of barrels on either side of a pot hole they'll be writing down your license plate number.

Peninsula Pundit

Agreed. But drivers need to be aware that if there is traffic in the other lane already, they can legally stay in the right lane, as moving out would unsafely endanger the people already in the left lane. That is, if they really care about the other guy.

2cents's picture

Just common sense. If you look where your going you would be over a half mile before you were at their location. I also anticipate for others and go far left so others have room to move.


Also includes tow trucks and law is decrease speed by 20 mph if you can not move over1 lane of travel

Peninsula Pundit

I've never read a set speed for slowing down, could you provide a source?