Cleveland woman allegedly ran over ejected passenger

28-year-old faces vehicular homicide charge, alcohol believed to be factor.
Associated Press
Dec 8, 2013


Police have charged a 28-year-old Cleveland woman with aggravated vehicular homicide after she allegedly ran over a woman who had been ejected from her car.

The Northeast Ohio Media Group reported Shamanique Bryant was westbound on Euclid Avenue at around 3 a.m. Saturday when she struck another vehicle. The impact threw Mattie Quellen Stubbs, 24, from Bryant’s passenger seat onto the road.

Bryant at first left the scene, stopping to perform CPR on a man in her backseat who had been shot. She then returned to the scene of the earlier accident, running over Stubbs in the process.

Police did not say whether Stubbs was still alive when Bryant returned to the scene.

The news organization reported authorities anticipate additional driving while intoxicated charges.



You can't make this stuff up!

Simple Enough II

I was thinking the same thing. Reads like something out of the Onion!


unbelievable. takes multitasking way too seriously.

The Answer Person

A friend of mine moved out of state a few years back. He is from the Cleveland area. This was on the news while we were talking this morning. I was laughing so hard I could hardly tell him the rediculous tale. You are SO RIGHT...can't make this stuff up! "We are full up on crazy here!"


it's ridiculous. and not a laughing matter.


It's kinda funny

mimi's word

Thank goodness it was not an innocent bystander she ran over instead one of her junkie friends.


So what makes you think she is a junkie? To bad you wasnt there to run over.