Ohio motorists urged to look out for deer activity

Ohio’s transportation department is cautioning drivers to look out for increased deer movement along the roadways at this time of year.
Associated Press
Dec 8, 2013


The agency said Ohio saw close to 21,000 vehicle collisions involving deer last year, which resulted in six deaths and more than 1,000 injuries. An unknown number of accidents involving deer also go unreported to law enforcement.

Counties with the highest number of reported deer-vehicle collisions were:

• Stark County: 558

• Richland County: 533

• Hamilton County: 524

• Clermont County: 470

• Lorain County: 470

The Department of Transportation is urging motorists to drive cautiously where deer-crossing signs are posted and to watch for deer around sunrise and sunset. The department said more than half of collisions occur between 5 p.m. and midnight.



THIS IS TRUE !! I saw some deer activity the other day when I was driving, at first I thought I saw a huge buck trying to push a doe out of some mud from behind, then after a second glance, I was like.. whatthebuck !!! Oh deer look at him go !! if im going to get hit by a car, thats the way to go ! So there is activity going on even in the afternoon !! Lucky buck !