Toledo school on lockdown

Police negotiators have been sent to Scott High School today on reports of a standoff involving a student with a gun.
Associated Press
Dec 2, 2013


A Toledo Public Schools spokesman says one student contained in a classroom alone with a gun.

Police say the gunman is 15 years old.

The school is on lock down and students have been instructed to take cover in such areas as classroom closets.

Reports on the police scanner had police being called to the school about 9:30 a.m. today on reports of someone with a gun in the school's hallway.

School administrators are asking that parents do not come to the school to pick up their children.



Southern Detroit


Police reported the suspect in custody about 35 minutes ago.


I was referring to Toledo


So what is Columbine?

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Oh No! A pellet gun!
Run Away!

getit right be4...

GFSZ works every time. I can't believe that sticker on the door did't stop this from happening.