Leniency an option in hospital killing

An Ohio judge said she will consider a lighter sentence for a man facing up to a life term for fatally shooting his ailing wife in her hospital bed.
Associated Press
Nov 27, 2013


Judge Mary Margaret Rowlands in Akron told attorneys for both sides Tuesday the sentence for John Wise, 68, of Massillon must fit within legal limits.

The prosecutor said earlier the unique circumstances warranted a lesser sentence for Wise than a mandatory 20 years to life for aggravated murder.

Instead, Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh suggested Wise be sentenced on the lesser included crime of manslaughter and get a six-year term.

The defense welcomed the leniency offer.

No sentencing date was set.

The Akron Beacon Journal reported Wise sat quietly in a wheelchair during the court session.



I don't think he should go to jail at all. He's old, in a wheelchair and didn't he do this because she no longer wanted to suffer?

Simple Enough II

If this is what the wife wished, how could one hold the husband to such charges? His act had to be the most difficult one could imagine. I sometimes think we have allowed politicians enact laws that tie our hands from doing what is right.


An integral part of our penal system isn't merely to punish for wrongdoing, but do take preventive measures to ensure the bad guy doesn't do whatever it was he did again. This elderly and wheelchair bound man isn't a danger to anybody. That, too, ought to be taken into consideration.

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Jack Kevorkian, need I say more!


If you set a side the law for one , you would have to for everyone . and then laws would mean nothin .He in this case had to have known that he would be held accountable for his actions and must have accepted them by committing the crime to which he was convicted of .So the law should not be set a side and he should be sentenced just like any other case where someone killed his wife , Husband etc


Technically you are correct but since there was no malicious intent I think the guy deserves a break! IMO, the laws needs to catch up with reality. Some people just don't want to go through a bunch of suffering. When it's over it's over. Seems inhumane to me to just let people suffer needlessly.


The prosecutor could have charged him with a lessor offense and he would have gotten a reduced sentence . So with this in mind , would make more sense to charged him with the lessor included charge if all you are going to do when he is found guilty is to ask for the reduced sentence anyway ? . Its a waste of time and tax payers money to even try this case when he would more then likely pleaded to the lessor included charge.