Ohio unemployment rate inches up

Reports show more people without jobs in September, October.
Associated Press
Nov 23, 2013


Ohio’s unemployment rate continued to move up in September and October.

The state Department of Job and Family Services reported Friday that the rate was 7.4 percent in September and 7.5 percent last month. October’s rate was the highest since March 2012.

The rate is up from 7.3 percent in August, when the last numbers were reported.

The state rate has varied only slightly throughout this year and had been hovering below the U.S. rate. For October, though, the Ohio rate was higher than the U.S. rate of 7.3 percent, which was up from 7.2 percent in September.

Officials said furloughed federal employees were considered unemployed during the shutdown and contributed to the bump in national numbers. The shutdown, however, had little effect on Ohio numbers.

Ohio’s nonfarm wage and salary employment in October was a little more than 5.2 million. It increased by 2,600 from August to October.

The number of unemployed workers in Ohio in October was 427,000, up 2,000 from September. The state said the number of unemployed has increased by 31,000 in the past 12 months. The October unemployment rate for Ohio was up from 6.9 percent in October 2012.

The biggest employment gains were in construction and manufacturing. The biggest losses were in professional and business services, and educational and health services. Government employment lost 6,300 jobs.

Job and Family Services spokesman Ben Johnson said the state continued to add jobs throughout the year.

“The job market is growing, but it is happening very slowly,” he said.

The state’s post-recession jobless rate bottomed out at 6.7 percent in December 2012, but inched up or stayed flat through most of the year.

Ohio’s monthly labor report for September was delayed because of the shutdown.

Both sets of numbers were released Friday.

The state compiles the report using data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau, and the shutdown affected both agencies.



Hmm. Federal unemployment down. Ohio unemployment up. What say ye now, Mr. Kasich?


Not sure if the numbers you are inferring are right or not, but I would like to see the number of initial filings for welfare/SNAP et al for those falling out of the ranks of unemployed? Is there a correlation of the unemployment rate dropping and an increase in welfare? If there is not, I will retract my question.

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Oh that's right. Things were SO much better in 2008, when US unemployment was around 11%, and we were losing 800,000 jobs per month. Actually, we did get what we deserved: an end to a Republican-induced recession, the worst since the Great Depression 90 years ago. What color is the sky in the world where you live? Your comments are the exact opposite of what has actually happened for the past five years. Unemployment went up under Bush, and continually gone down under Obama. It's not the Obama administration that reports those figures...

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And the troll has spoken!!

More lies coasterfan!

Care to see some links to prove that your full of crap? Again?

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"According to a whistleblower that has recently come forward, Census employees have been faking and manipulating U.S. employment numbers for years. In fact, it is being alleged that this manipulation was a significant reason for why the official unemployment rate dipped sharply just before the last presidential election. What you are about to read is incredibly disturbing. The numbers that the American people depend upon to make important decisions are being faked. But should we be surprised by this? After all, Barack Obama has been caught telling dozens of major lies over the past five years. At this point it is incredible that there are any Americans that still trust anything that comes out of his mouth......."


Well, anyone but coasterfan.....

Pterocarya frax...

the rest of the story:

A bogus NY Post piece sets off a frenzy

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"At this point it is incredible that there are any Americans that still trust anything that comes out of his mouth......."

Pterocarya frax...

You are referring to the author of the bogus article, John Crudele, right?

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Here's another poll for you to show your foolishness disputing....



Re: "an end to a Republican-induced recession,"


The business cycle and the Federal Reserve's ZIRP and QE policies have been the main drivers of this moribund recovery.

And Pres. Obama's policies on economic recovery have been WHAT?

Again: Your favorite economist Paul Krugman wrote in favor of creating a housing bubble. The Dems were also HIGHLY supportive of those actions.



400,000+ looking for work and unknown number of people who either gave up looking or have had theirs hours reduced just in Ohio. The numbers nationally are overwhelming and we've seen them this way for far too long
Washington needs to get their act together ... way too many people are living in dispair

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The Hero Zone

Don't forget that according to an unfortunate many in power you are not allowed to consider the "29/49 Rule" of the ACA at all when examining un/underemployment. The ACA is, to them, in no conceivable way responsible one iota for any hesitation in hiring or only hiring part-time help. Nope. Not one bit. Don't even bring it up especially to presidential advisers who act baffled that businesses make decisions a whole year ahead of time especially given an unstable market environment.


O yea don't forget 911 never happened under bush either and Obama caused bush late response to Katrina while still a community organizer in Chicago who knew. Let's guess deadwood knew after all he saw it on the web after all the web only tells the truth they can't put lies on there. Well not into nucklehead started.

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shizzle, are that you?


I guess the question is, are you better off today than you were 4 to 6 years ago, if yes, then Obama's plan is working, if not, then no it is not. This recession has affected so many people in so many ways, some are better off and some are worse off. It all depends are your skillset, education and being at the right time at the right place, unfortunately many have been left behind and I feel for them.


Economy fares well during shutdown

November 19, 2013

The Advertiser-Tribune

Always eager to score political points, President Barack Obama and liberals in Congress blamed the partial government shutdown in October on Republicans in the House of Representatives. They added GOP leaders were hurting the economy.

Never mind that House Republicans offered a spending deal that would have averted the shutdown, had Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accepted it. They, too, bear blame for the shutdown.

What about harming the economy? It turns out private employers created about 204,000 new jobs in October, according to the monthly report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And in the private sector, the unemployment rate dipped just a bit.

Obama and Reid argued the shutdown increased pessimism among private business people. Clearly, it did not. If anything, just the opposite appears to have occurred. So much for the theory the economy revolves around the federal government.

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What? You right wingnuts aren't mentioning the PRIVATELY RUN Jobsohio?


In Oct.'10, the OH unemployment rate under Gov. Strickland was 9.6%

For Oct. '13, it's 7.5% under Gov. Kasich.

Newsflash for the hopelessly ignorant: 7.5% is better.



The U.S. Labor Force Participation rate is WORSE than 35 yrs. ago under the failed Carter Admin.

Oct. 1978: 63.8%

Oct. 2013: 62.8%


How are those clueless "Obamanomics" working out?

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off topic.

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But still funny....! Even Obama's alma-mater jokes about him....



And the "best and the brightest" East Coast liberals continue to control the politics and economic health of the U.S.

"Harvard University students can't name Canada's capital":


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off topic.

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"There is an ongoing congressional investigation of improprieties and possible fraud at the US Census, as the New York Post reports a rumor that in 2009, gearing up for the 2010 national headcount, the Obama administration wanted to put the Census under the auspices of senior White House aide Rahm Emanuel.

Normally, the Census is administrated by the Chief of the Commerce department. Obama reportedly decided that Emanuel would be a superior overseer. The fact that a strident Democratic strategist such as Emanuel could have been at the helm of the Census, the main purpose of which is congressional redistricting, must have put Republicans in a lather.
Last week, the Post reported that during the 2012 presidential campaign, US census data was manipulated to demonstrate a favorable decrease in unemployment from 8.1 percent in August to 7.8 in September. The steep decline indicated Obama’s economy was looking much better. However, not only were these numbers false, but the US Census knew it. Moreover, the manipulating of data was allegedly pervasive and had been going on for some time.
All this prompts the question: Did the White House know about the falsified job numbers before the 2012 election?
Ultimately, Emanuel didn’t get the job, but we know that Jason Buckmon, a US Census employee, admitted that he told others to fill out surveys to bolster employment numbers. He also pointed the finger to his supervisors, who he claims instructed him to do it. Time will tell what the outcome of the investigation will be, but we already know the current administration is tactical if not transparent"

Pterocarya frax...

So when I debunked your first posting about this, you switch to quoting breitbart.com (although not crediting them for it)?

If you had plagiarized this from Wikipedia, I would have thought I was dealing with Rand Paul.


Nevertheless, the Census Bureau is investigating.

"The U.S. Census Bureau said Tuesday it has asked its inspector general to look into a New York Post report that national employment data ahead of the 2012 election were manipulated."


BTW: The Census Bureau and unemployment reporting were moved to the WH in 2009.

Only Obamabots would believe that there is absolutely no possibility of impropriety.


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End of the day, the phony in charge is still the worst president ever. Your daily backing of this fool puts you in good company....

So, pfrax, how is that web site going?

Or that Benghazi liars club that Obama is the charter member of?

Or, what about those "green energy" billions out the window?

Yeah, you better stick with debating me, your hero is a looser, and you can't deny the lies....

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From another site:

"I remember when I was a child that if I did something wrong I felt ashamed. I can remember as a 4 year old reaching up and stealing a candy bar off a store counter. When I got to the car my father realized I had stolen the candy and made me return it and apologize to the owner. I felt ashamed. When a thief was caught at school he was severely punished and shamed. If a young woman got pregnant she felt ashamed. When a person was caught lying they felt ashamed. Not so today. The SHAME LEVEL DOESN'T EXIST. Just look at some of the lies Obama has been telling about Obamacare, Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, being against gay marriage, Illegals crossing our borders don't feel ashamed, saying he was a Capitalist, the unemployment rate, cutting the deficit in half and lies to divide Americans. Obama is caught in his lies, but Obama he is never ashamed"


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I would like to know what the 6 page census questionnaire that was sent to my company three times. I looked at it and when they wanted to know how many kilowatt hours of electric and how many gallons of water we used in 2011 I threw it out. I would have had to hire someone for a few days to research all the data they were asking for? Did anyone else get one?