House OKs ‘stand your ground’ law

The Ohio House has approved a measure making broad changes to the state’s gun laws, including the addition of a “stand your ground” self-defense rule that has sparked debates on gun control across the country.
Associated Press
Nov 21, 2013


The measure passed 62-27 Wednesday amid protests from anti-gun groups, black legislators and others.

The bill eliminates the duty to retreat in any place in which the person is lawfully allowed to be and makes concealed-carry licenses in Ohio and certain other states valid across state lines.

Republican Rep. Terry Johnson said the bill brings reasonable safety protections to Ohioans.

Democrats predicted it would foster violence. State Rep. Alicia Reece said opponents have jammed Republican Gov. John Kasich’s phone lines with calls to take their side.

At least 22 states have similar self-defense laws.



Waste of time. How about some JOBS legislation!


Amazing, because if this was Obama you would be throwing a party on here about it. What about Obama and jobs? Seems all he does is talk about it.

This is a great bill and I have been keeping an eye on it and its contents and got a message from the NRA the other day saying it passed the house.

Also another key ingredient is that the required 12 hours of training to obtain you Carry Handgun License is dropped to 4 in this bill.

Great bill.


Re: "How about some JOBS legislation!"

The PDB is off-topic and in his delusion believes that govt. creates jobs. lol


Why don't you tell us all what a PDB is? Scared? Ohio does not need a "stand your ground" law. There are already self defense laws. Of course they do not cover that Kessler's breath of yours!


Unfortunately, without "stand your ground" laws, there tend to be people who will find a way to charge somebody who has legitimately defended themselves or a loved one. While Ohio did right a great wrong when it moved from a "back-against-the-wall" state to one where you don't HAVE to retreat in your own home, there are still plenty of loopholes where the bad guys benefit and the good guys get punished.

I agree with you that Ohio SHOULDN'T need a "stand your ground" law. NO state should need one! Self defense seems a pretty obvious unalienable right to ME! But when grannies are charged with crimes for defending themselves in their own homes, men are sued for hurting a "poor, misunderstood" criminal bent on harming THEM, and a cute children's game known as the "knockout game" gains in popularity, the good guys need all of the legal protections they can get.


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My problem is with LESS training. Hope Ohio doesn't get a cowboy mindset. Weapons are not toys.

getit right be4...

You need 0 training to open carry in Ohio. A 12 hr training day is a very long day.

Should you consistently train and practice safe handling of a firearm Yes.

Should you be forced to sit in a 12 hr class to exercise a god given right NO.


Facts are kurt, to be a marksman with a gun and to have the skill set and mindset that of an officer and handle a gun like a officer would in a situation that would call for it, it would require weekly training, not only on the range, but also with intense simulated scenario training. If you don't do this, more than likely, ones gun skill will be pretty weak if one ever needs to unholster it.

We all know weapons are not toys but with the mounting amounts drug addicts, criminals, and just plain out idiots roaming the streets each and everyday. Having a gun on you may come in handy.


Re: "Democrats predicted it would foster violence."

Pretty funny for a bunch that would denude the 2nd Amend. if they could.

The major cities (Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, et al) where the Dems control the local govt. tend to have the highest murder rates.

People tend to be a little more polite when they don't know who's packin'.


Liberals and hoplophobes ALWAYS wail about more guns equating more violence. So far, in EVERY SINGLE STATE, concealed carry and the like has resulted in (drum roll, please), a DECREASE in crime. Ah, well, why let the facts get in the way of a good scary story, eh?


Exactly Contango. Their policies on gun control just do not work and the stats do not lie.


This is not about gun control!


No kidding captain obvious. However, in relation to this bill which loosens the belt on obtaining a CCW permit and strengthens the stand your ground law (thankfully), this bill is the complete OPPOSITE of what other major cities have done by restricting and revoking so many gun rights, which, has done nothing more but cause the complete opposite effect. Get it now?


Look around you! You are in Ohio and this is not about gun control! Got it??????


Its about loosening gun control and people want that.

The Big Dog's back

They ought to take all the gun nuts and put them in a fenced in area and dump a bunch of guns in the middle of them.

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The Hero Zone

I imagine the pile would be dispersed and well taken care of, maintained, stored, and used properly in accordance with the law. Gun nuts aren't nuts with guns. Many are hobbyists, collectors, or if used actively then to hunt, practice sport, or defend themselves - again - legally.

Now, putting that same pile of guns in an enclosed area with those who don't know, don't care, or have the inability to neither respect the gun nor the law for one reason or another...that'd be a different story and we'd probably see the culling you were alluding to in your comment.


Very well said!

sandtown born a...



Maybe we should round up every liberal and throw them in a room and have them run this country and see how that works out….opps, wait, we do and everyone can see the disaster Obama and every single person he has appointed has been so far.


duh.. this is not about gun control? Don't ask the other Dems what its about. They want no guns at all.


So you say!!!!!!!!!

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It is unfortunate that our president in his jump to put out every fire with knee jerk legislation has placed more fire arms in peoples hands along with ammunition that most likely would have not owned. When you say, preach and pitch that you will eliminate and restrict these things, and you are the president of the united states then people will rush out and get something with zero training because they feel that they may never have the chance to get it again.


With our rights being diminished each and every single day across this once great land, yes, you are pretty spot on.


One minute he's taking your gun and in the next he's handing them out like candy! Which is it bozos????????

sandtown born a...

I totally agree with the stand your ground law, not at all with dropping the required hours for a cpl to 4 hours is ridiculous. I took the class and to be honest what material will be cut to fit it into 4 hrs. The instructor who taught was very through with all the info and still we ran over a little. I would vote for the longer class for the education, to conceal carry is a serious thing not to be taken so lightly. I actually thought it was to easy, to hit a paper plate sized target at 10-15 feet is something any amateur can do. I personally feel you should have more ability with a gun to conceal carry.


As a Marine along with friends in L.E, I'm disturbed that too many carless people might do the CCW. There is a certain person in Sandusky that offers training, yet when approached about having experienced shooters (those that actually killed people) he had a closed mindset. (know-it-all) That's what disturbed us. When a life & death moment comes there is a nano second to decide. Cowboys need not apply.

sandtown born a...

Well said

looking around

Where is the like button? well said kURTje


Here are the facts concerning the states with the highest gun violence (ranked 1 through 10), red state(Republican) or blue state(Democratic) and states with stand your ground laws:

#1 Louisiana - Republican governor/Republican legislation/SYG law? Yes
#2 Alaska - R / R / Yes
#3 Alabama - R / R / Yes
#4 Arizona - R / R / Yes
#5 Mississippi - R / R / Yes
#6 South Carolina - R / R / Yes
#7 New Mexico - Republican governor/Democratic legislation/SYG law? No
#8 Missouri - R / R / Yes
#9 Georgia - R / R / Yes
#10 Arkansas - R / R / No

Here is what I used as a qualifier for the yes or no stand your ground law: "Yes" are the states with stand your ground laws that specifically articulate that the use of force without the duty to retreat is lawful and that though law enforcement can investigate the situation, no arrest can be made unless it is proven that the use of force was unnecessary.

Where you guys are getting your facts that states with stand your ground laws are safer is beyond me, unless you're just listening to NRA-backed, fact-checking neglectful Fox News. If gun violence was a disease, we would consider gun violence an epidemic. Also, for those of you that think that owning or carrying a gun is a God-given right, that's simply not true - it is a constitutional right in this country. And for you constitutional purists out there, the right to bear arms was not in the original constitution - it wasn't adapted until 1791 when the Bill of Rights was enacted. Yes, you can hide behind your 2nd Amendment, but the constitution is a "living document" that was meant to evolve as the country evolved. Even the Founding Fathers knew it might have to change with the times. Article Five of the Constitution spells it out: "The Congress, whenever two-thirds of both Houses [the House and the Senate] shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution..."

All I have to do is walk around that big "mart" on the corner of 250 and 2 on a busy Saturday afternoon to know that we need to reduce guns in this country, not throw more guns at the problem!


"...states with the highest gun violence...and states with stand your ground laws"

To point to SYG laws as the primary cause of gun violence is a fallacious argument.


Yet we are supposed to believe a supposed posting of stats without a citation as to where to find them? LOL. Never mind though, the study statistical analysis was done by the Center for American Progress (a socialist think tank) and the Brady Bunch so how could it possibly be biased? Libs throw a fit about the NRA then use an extreme far left organization to try to dispute their claims? I'm downloading a copy of this study as well as several others done by more reputable academic sources. I will be happy to pick apart the CAPs study if you wish. Just a quick glance over the material shows several obvious flaws in research methodology. Seems like this study will be about as useless as the Kellerman study of gun violence of years past. I will leave you with these facts after a 5 min glance at the study. 1) In order to arrival their results they had to include people killed or shot by the police (justified shootings). 2) They included criminals shot by their victims. 3)The state with the most restrictive gun laws (California) had the highest amount of gun deaths. States with the most restrictive gun laws had a total of 2,002 gun related deaths, while the least restrictive states had only 696. It's all a play on the numbers, the Brady Bunch is real good at adding more and more categories to a study in order to come to a conclusion that meets their goals. That is why the most accurate methods of studying gun violence use a mixed methods approach. Simply using numbers (quantitative) can give you whatever result you are looking for if you continue to add or subtract categories.


What most liberals do not understand, nor want to ever, is that criminals do not obey laws. They will always obtain guns via illegal sales or theft and use them. Need more good people with guns out there.