Woman fights suburb’s two-dog limit settlement

A southwest Ohio woman has another few months to decide which five of her seven dogs must go to comply with a suburban city’s two-dog limit.
Associated Press
Nov 13, 2013


Karen Glardon told The Cincinnati Enquirer she has signed an Ohio Civil Rights Commission settlement. She said an investigator determined the city hadn’t violated her civil rights, but agreed to help her get more time. She had been under a Nov. 4 deadline.

The Fairfield city solicitor said the northern Cincinnati suburb won’t take any action until Feb. 1.

The city has an almost 30-year-old pet regulation that limits residences to two adult dogs. The city investigated after a neighbor complained about barking dogs.

Glardon said the dogs are therapeutic for her.

She has Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.



As long as the animals are well cared for (meaning they're healthy and happy AND they're not damaging anybody else's property), I can't agree with the limitations placed here. That being said, those limitations have apparently been in place for a LONG time. The woman got herself seven dogs anyway.

I feel sorry for her — in my own case, choosing a "favorite" among my pets would be a very real and awful "Sophie's choice" — but she chose to live where such an ordinance is in effect, and she equally chose to ignore it.

Peninsula Pundit

'The city investigated after a neighbor complained about barking dogs.'
They are damaging the neighbors property with their barking.
Barking dogs are worse than having someone kill the grass in your lawn.


Who needs that many dogs? Does the ordinance apply to cats, ferrets, or white mice?


If she has two such serious illnesses, I don't know how she could properly care for that many dogs. They obviously aren't therapeutic for her neighbors who have to contend with the barking. She knew the rules and chose to disreguard them. She should either find other homes for the dogs or move. Personally, I have never cared for people who think rules are for someone else and don't apply to them.


Most cities have an ordinance that sets a limit on dogs allowed per household. If you want to go over the limit, you must obtain a kennels license. Then you are only allowed to have a kennel license in certain areas and for certain reasons. Also, in my opinion, if you want to have this many animals you need to be in a rural area. I agree with tk. If she has medical issues, there is no way she can properly care for these animals.


And many such ordinances specify a single limit in cities where housing ranges from a 2 room efficiency apartment to mansions on multi-acre lots. Such arbitrary, precriptive, one-size-fits-all laws violate the right to substantive due process. If the dogs are barking, cite her under noise ordinances.