Obama planning trip to Cleveland

President Barack Obama plans a trip to Cleveland Thursday to discuss the economy and American manufacturing.
Associated Press
Nov 12, 2013

The White House said details of the trip to the sprawling ArcelorMittal steel plant in Cleveland will be announced later.

The Luxembourg-based company posted a thirdquarter net loss of $193 million last week. That was smaller than the loss of $642 million in the same period a year ago.

ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steelmaker, said its quarterly loss shrank as it cut costs.



Anyone tell him that the election was last year? Stay in D.C. and fix the mess!!!

The Big Dog's back

What mess? Oh yeah, the right wingnut mess.


Yes Syria, Benghazi, IRS,and Obamacare are ALL right wingnut messes.... ROFL!!!!


Apparently, you didn't get the memo. Obama resolved the Syria mess without getting us into another unnecessary war, like his predecessor. Hooray for diplomacy!


Nothing was resolved and he didn't keep us from war he realized how stupid the suggestion was when not one of our allies would go in with him. Again it gave us gave view of Obama with egg on his face.

Stop It




Pterocarya frax...

Thanks for the explanation bondgirl. Now I know how Drudge wrote it up.


Actually Drudge only rarely writes anything up, usually less than once a year or so. He simply links news sources to his own web site, he is an aggregator, not a writer. Not even remotely the same thing.


Re: "Obama resolved the Syria mess without getting us into another unnecessary war,"

More like Pres. Putin gave him a way to save face.

The Saudis didn't want the pipeline built. Pres. Obama is a GOOD puppet.



Hey coasterbluff it is funny that your hero has arranged the sale of weapons to the Syrian rebels. That really helps!


Your brain must be the size of a dog's. Oh yeah, I forgot, six years later it is still Bush's fault.


Right or Left it is our mess. We can point fingers at mean-nothing titles all we want, the mess is ours and as our leader, his. Our leaders can do much more good in D.C. than they can going city to city trying to explain why they are good and the other guys are bad.

The Big Dog's back

You don't get it. President Obama won re-election. He should be allowed to have his agenda. If after that the people disagree, they can vote Repub in the next election. Right now the right needs to quit playing games.


Did the left do that from 2000 to 2008? BDupler is correct, we need to quit with this right vs left crap. It only leads to more of what we already have, a mess.

getit right be4...

That has to be the dumbest statement that I have read in a long time. Because he won a re-election he should be allowed to have his agenda?

So kasich won his election so he should be able to have his agenda?


Funny how the far left socialist and far right tea party folks make the most noise and get the most coverage, but are the minority. The great political divide will not end until the majority, who are moderates, find their voice and take a stand

Pterocarya frax...

Ummm...Kasich does have his own agenda.


I guess that means that, effective immediately, you'll stop criticizing George W. Bush. I mean, he was elected, right? Twice, in fact. And he probably had an agenda of his own, yes? Too bad about those Dems who kept trying to interfere with it...they should've let him do his thing without objection or criticism, at least until the next election, don't you think?

The Big Dog's back

bush did everything he wanted to do.


And because he had won two elections you were more than happy to support him correct?

Darwin's choice

Well, finally, after his "world" apology tour, he's coming to the United States.

Dog,you really have to stop licking your Obama, he is NOT allowed "HIS" agenda!! He's gotten us so far down the drain, it'll take Sarah Palin to save us!


Wow, do you actually believe the things you say? America was already DOWN the drain before Obama took office. Since he took office, the Recession ended, unemployment is down, and the deficit is down. Until you are able to agree with the above facts, the recent history that we all lived through, I'm sorry, you're not allowed to sit at the Big People Table and take part in the Big People discussion.

Is Obama perfect? Far from it, but he has accomplished far more than his predecessor, and hurt America far less than his predecessor.


As much as Bush was a screw-up, Obama has compounded the nations problems. Btw, the recession is not over, unemployment is not down, nor is the deficit. The fed gov't is good at skewing the numbers to tell whatever story they wish to tell


Yeah yeah yeah we know all the left can do is point the blame finger. We all know Obama has made everything better. After all he is the messiah as we watch his poll number like a rock. ROFL!


It's Bush's fault! Doesn't the left ever get sick of that old worn out tune? After all Obama has been at the helm for over 5 years now.


Liberals just don't get it.

Darwin's choice

Coasterfan, stop drinking from big dogs urinal, you're both polluted.

Good to see you man up to the failures of Obama finally!!

Please list all these "accomplishments" by Obama? Here, I'll do it for you:_____________________________________________________________________There you go! And all in order!


Re: "America was already DOWN the drain before Obama took office"

Kinda like RR after the disasterous Carter Admin. eh?


Coasterbluff, why are you such a dumba$$? I have repeatedly showed you deficit numbers from Bushs last day in office through now and you continue to say that your hero has reduced the deficit. You are WRONG. You are no longer allowed to sit at the big people table!