Death row inmate asks to donate organs

An Ohio child killer scheduled for execution in two days has asked that his organs be donated to help his mother and sister.
Associated Press
Nov 12, 2013


Lawyers for death row inmate Ronald Phillips said in a letter to the Ohio prisons agency that Phillips would also be willing to donate the organs to other individuals.

The letter obtained Monday by TheĀ Associated Press says Philips wants as many people as possible to benefit from his death.

A message was left with the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction seeking comment.

Phillips, 40, faces execution Wednesday by a never-tried two-drug combination of a sedative and painkiller.

He was sentenced to die for raping and killing his girlfriendā€™s daughter, 3-year-old Sheila Marie Evans, in Akron in 1993.


Stop It

How does one harvest organs saturated with poisons designed to kill and then transplant them into another human being, expecting a good outcome?


One doesn't. One performs the surgery prior to death. And since some of those surgeries will CAUSE death (removing the heart, for example), it's sort of a two-birds-with-one-stone sort of deal. Personally, I'm all for it! Let the useless scum do at least ONE worthwhile thing in his life, even if it's on his way out!


Maybe he is suggesting they harvest his organs and then just let him lay there until death.....OK!

Azure Ray

It's good to see that this man has found a way to be good again. God bless.


Who pays for it?


The people who get his organs?


Organ donors typically pay nothing. The harvest and implantation is the financial responsibility of the recipient(s).


The question in this particular case is now moot.

That doesn't mean it's not a good idea to pursue the idea in the future, though!