Hunters can soon trap animals for fur

Fur takers in Ohio can begin hunting and trapping animals such as raccoons and weasels this weekend.
Associated Press
Nov 11, 2013


The state’s Department of Natural Resources said hunters and trappers are expected to encounter good populations of fur-bearing animals when the season begins Sunday.


   Ohio is among the nation’s leading producers of raw furs.


   The state said 22,520 fur taker permits were sold in Ohio last year. The state currently has 69 licensed fur dealers.


   Fox, raccoon, opossum, skunk and weasel hunting and trapping seasons are open today through the end of January. Mink and muskrat trapping seasons are open today through February.


   Other information about the season and permit requirements can be found at  .


VTX Rider

Why? Isn't the overabundance of fake fur satisfying enough? You must kill an animal for just it's fur? What are we, cavemen and women. And go.....


Most trappers DO keep the carcasses for food or donate to family, etc. If you have never eaten muskrat, you don't know what your missing!! They used to always have a muskrat feed at the old 800 club years ago. Where do you think the meat came from? Trappers..


I understand killing to eat. I DON'T understand killing for vanity. It's only made worse when you consider the cruelty of most traps. Fakes are so good now that there's quite literally no excuse to torture and kill a living, breathing creature for something you don't even come CLOSE to needing!

4-wheeler al

animals gets over populated when this happens they start to get sick[rabies] and it spreads too other animals. why we have hunting seasons. to help balance nature.

nosey rosey

The only animals that are over-populated are humans. If we hadn't destroyed their environment and killed the natural predators due to fear, mother nature will take care her own. It's time to end this barbaric and antiquated form of entertainment.


^ THIS! ^


An old black lady fixed raccoon one day. While it was shoe leather tough, the taste of it reminded me of an old milk cow that was put down. She ate it out of need yet to me she was clever. We need to use items on this earth to get by.

sandtown born a...

Blah blah blah complain about making poor animals suffer in traps, wait until that coyote walks off with your toy dog then you will be crying about that. Hunting/trapping helps balance things out. DUH