Ohio to offer 255 specialty plate designs

Ohio motorists will soon be able to choose from 255 different specialty license plates.
Associated Press
Nov 9, 2013


Gov. John Kasich will add three more to the collection when he signs a new bill into law later this month.

The Dayton Daily News reported the measure will create specialty plates for “Nationwide Children’s Hospital,” ‘‘Power Squadron” and for holders of the Combat Action Ribbon or the Combat Action Badge.

Ohio drivers can already shout out their support for cops, cattlemen, firefighters, freemasons, scenic rivers, coal and more. They can tell people to “Celebrate Kids,” ‘‘Choose Life,” ‘‘Donate Life,” ‘‘Share the Road,” ‘‘Support Our Troops,” ‘‘Fish Ohio” or “Visit Our Zoos.”

Ohio also offers 58 different plate logos for colleges and universities. The Ohio State University is the top seller.


Good 2 B Me

How about bringing the colorful farm scene back! It was nice to see a good looking plate for once.

Good 2 B Me

Where can we see all of these lovely designs?


You can look at them at oplates.com

Good 2 B Me

Thank you!