Southeast Ohio to get new area code

Parts of southeastern Ohio will get a new area code in 2015, state regulators said.
Associated Press
Nov 8, 2013


There aren’t enough numbers in the current 740 area code to accommodate the demand, so the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio said it will have to introduce a new one, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

The state is looking at two options. The overlay option would allow those in the 740 area code to retain their number, but they’d have to use all 10 digits when calling within the area code. New numbers would be assigned the new area code.

The split plan would divide the geographic area in half, with half of them assigned the new area code.

The public will have until Nov. 27 to vote or comment on which option it prefers. The public utilities commission will then make a ruling and implement it.

The 740 area code is used in most of southeastern Ohio and some areas around Columbus.


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