Kasich’s JobsOhio under legal fire

Opponents of Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s privatized jobs agency said Wednesday the state’s Constitution will be left defenseless if their politically diverse coalition is not granted standing to proceed with its constitutional challenge.
Associated Press
Nov 7, 2013


In oral arguments before the Ohio Supreme Court, a lawyer for the liberal policy group ProgressOhio and two Democratic lawmakers who brought the suit said the law creating JobsOhio contained almost insurmountable legal hurdles.

That included a 90-day window to sue that closed before the office could have had any impact on a potential plaintiff.

“It appears as though nobody has standing if the plaintiffs here do not have standing, and this causes judicial review to evaporate in instances like this,” attorney Maurice Thompson of the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law told the court.

Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor appeared skeptical: “So you’re saying by virtue of the fact you pulled the trigger (and sued JobsOhio), that gives you standing?”

State attorney Stephen Carney argued plenty of parties had a legitimate right to sue JobsOhio, they just chose not to.


Erie County Resident

Way to go liberal policy group ProgressOhio and two Democratic lawmakers.
Got to stop progress and any hope of getting a new job by killing the place to look for work.
And these clowns say the Republicans are the problem.

Waiting for piddles to come in and try to change that around.. lol

Pterocarya frax...

If JobsOhio with all it's secrecy was put in place by a Democrat, all the conservatives would be screaming to no end, so I guess in your eyes, it is only a violation of the constitution when liberals do it, huh. Maybe you should read up on Jobs Ohio and see what they really did to keep us from finding out what they are doing with our tax dollars. I guarantee if you look objectively at it, you won't like it.

By the way, this article does a horrible job of pointing it out but another one of the parties suing the state over this is the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law. They are a very conservative organization...the ACLU of the right, if you will.


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The Hero Zone

This organization has a certain conflict built into it. Some companies they may entreat ask for confidentiality as it looks around the state to possibly build or relocate. There are numerous reasons for this practice which from what I understand is quite standard. But, as a public entity there are certain disclosures, expenditures, etc. that other offices/services are expected to produce. JobsOhio is an odd hybrid. They operate for the public (and in its own way private) good. They court job makers or even help retain businesses who may otherwise move.

But, a lot of this information is expected to be kept private until the company makes an announcement (or info is leaked publicly). So where is a good, middle ground? How can we create this hybrid interface between private and public "sectors"? I guess we will stay tuned to find out.


For those of us unfamiliar with the details:

Why are these groups suing? What is their objection(s) to JobsOhio? By the same token, if there's some conservative objection(s), what are THEIR grounds?

On the surface, it's a great idea. Bringing businesses into the state and thus jobs can't be a bad thing! Unless, of course, there's "small print" that's UNDER the surface. What's the small print?

(Yes, I could probably spend time Googling the matter and look it up, but it's faster to query those here who actually know what they're talking about — which admittedly eliminates COUPLE of regular posters — but it would be nice to have your take published HERE where it's convenient for all.)