Bill would let drivers keep dead feral hogs

Ohio drivers who kill feral hogs on the highway could keep them under a bill passed by the state House.
Associated Press
Nov 1, 2013


The measure also would let drivers take home any wild turkeys or wild boars that become roadkill.

The bill cleared on a 94-1 vote Wednesday, sending it to the Senate.

Motorists who want the dead animals would have to report the accident to a wildlife or law enforcement officer within 24 hours. The officers would be required to investigate and give the drivers certificates for legal ownership.

The bill would let another person, institution or charity take unclaimed wild turkeys.

The measure also adds feral hogs to Ohio’s game list.


Darwin's choice

Honest Officer, those aren't bullet holes, they're from the bumper of my truck......

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Yep, just the size of a deer whistle : )


feral hogs are open to hunt year round with no limit.

getit right be4...

Why is there a need for a law for this? If there is no law against it than it is lawful.

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The Hero Zone

I thought it was illegal to hit Wild Turkey while driving...


It's illegal to drink wild turkey!

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The Hero Zone

Heh, not a fan of it? What's your bourbon of choice?


Pappy Van Winkle