Ohio Lottery readies video-style game

The Ohio Lottery has developed a video-style game alternative to illegal electronic raffle games offered by veterans’ and fraternal posts.
Associated Press
Oct 29, 2013


The game announced Monday by the lottery will allow players to watch the game unfold on a video screen.

Players will receive a ticket at the end of the game and can cash it out or use it to play at another machine. The lottery says it’s finalizing the prize structure and is considering a cost of about $1 to play.

The state has authorized 1,200 of the machines, with a maximum of five for each location.

The post, designated charity and gaming vendor initially will split about 85 percent of net revenues, and the lottery gets the rest.

The Ohio attorney general considered the electronic raffle machines illegal slot games.




They don't allow smoking in these places (and I AM NOT a smoker), have fined them and taken "skill games" away from the clubs that once added extra income for the business, and closed down (or at least are in the process of doing so) all the internet cafes. Gotta love the gov't.

I WILL NOT participate in this or any other lottery game (Keno) that is offered at any public or private club for those reasons, and encourage everyone else to do the same.

Stop It

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