Ohio GOP Senate leaders want income tax cut

Republican leaders in the Ohio Senate want savings from a Medicaid program expansion to finance a 4 percent state income tax cut.
Associated Press
Oct 28, 2013


Senate President Pro Tem Chris Widener, a Springfield Republican, introduced the legislation.

According to the measure, an Ohio resident making $40,000 per year would see a cut of about $38 under 2014 individual income tax rates.


Ohio Senate GOP spokesman John McClelland said the proposal reflects projected savings from reduced hospital payments and many state prisoners now qualify for Medicaid.

McClelland told The Northeast Ohio Media Group the state will collect in additional sales-tax revenue and additional federal reimbursements for some previously ineligible enrollees.


   The left-leaning Policy Matters Ohio said such a tax cut would mostly go to affluent Ohioans while other needs are left unmet.



Do Republicans EVER want to accomplish anything except lower taxes?

A far better idea: earmark the savings to Ohio's public schools, to restore the huge losses in their annual budgets caused by Kasich's cuts to the Education budget.

After all, it's been local taxpayers - you and I - who have had to make up for that shortfall through higher school levies in our local school districts.


Isn't it - you and I - that pay State income taxes?

What is the difference if one pays it local or filters it through the State?

And saying Policy Matters Ohio is "Left LEANING" is a severe understatement!


How dare those Republicans wanting to cut taxes for the working class in Ohio, better to give it to the far left wackos that thrive on the public give a ways.

Dr. Information

Spoken like a true liberal coasterfan. Liberals, they do not want you to have more of your hard earned money. Look at what this liberal out of touch poster just typed. This is the mentality killing this nation. Why should everyone have to pay for school systems inept failure to live within their means? Oh, thats right, this statement above is coming from a ex communist teacher who is enjoying their plush retirement benefits and pay at the ripe old age of what? Late 50s? Get a life. I heard walmart is selling them. Isle 50.

Darwin's choice

Well, you phony jerk, read the news about the liar in chief knowing full well that up to 80% of people insured would NOT be able to keep their Doctors, or their current insurance policys!!!! You rotten lying democrats are solely responsible for this! There are 49% of Americans who have been forced to put up with this liar, good luck from here on out, lying democrat!!!!!

The Big Dog's back

durwoodhead, take your meds.

Darwin's choice

And another turd polisher. Big dog, stop licking them while you polish.


Coaster says: "Do Republicans EVER want to accomplish anything except lower taxes?"

Seems to me your hero, Pres Obama, lowered/withheld SSI taxes for the years 2011 & 2012. The one fund that really needed the money and Pres Obama halts it.

Dr. Information

Shame on those Republicans for wanting to give more of our hard earned money back to us. Shame on them (insert sarcasm). Republicans, the people who actually care about you and want you to have more money in your pockets to enjoy life a little better. How could anyone complain about this?

Darwin's choice


Try to twist out of this weasel!

Obama=failure and liar!


I'm all for tax cuts. But I'm also all for government getting its own spending under control, and with Obamacare, there will be HUGE expansions under Medicaid and Medicare. Sure, the feds are picking up the tab for most of the costs of expansion (like they can afford it, but that is apparently beside the point), but it's temporary. As the states have to kick in more and more of their own money, any cuts will be reversed and hikes will follow shortly thereafter.

We already pay too much in taxes. But however much we pay, the government spends it all and then some. Why don't we stop the out-of-control spending so that tax cuts can result in real savings for the average citizen? Then again, since "average" now means "gets government assistance" (look it up; less than 50% of the country supports the rest of it now, the very definition of "unsustainable"), it's going to be all about government goodies. Wonder what they'll do when the taxpayer pocket is empty and the goodie bag gone?