OVH aide allegedly spits on WWII veteran

Spit hits fan at vets home
Courtney Astolfi
May 8, 2014


An Ohio Veterans Home hospital aide was arrested Tuesday for allegedly assaulting a World War II veteran on May 2.

Gene Beese, 49, of the 5000 block of Columbus Ave., was charged with one count of patient abuse, a fourth-degree felony.

Two other nurses were helping the 87-year-old Army veteran get ready for the day around 7 a.m. on May 2. They got the man up and into his wheelchair, but as they tried to put his shirt on, the man became agitated for some reason, Ohio Veterans Home police Chief Gabe Ferencz said.    

The aides backed off and gave the man some time to settle down. Meanwhile, one was called out of the room to take a phone call and Beese apparently stepped in to take her place.

The veteran was still agitated, however, when Beese began assisting him. Beese then allegedly struck the man’s chest with his forearm — hard enough that the other aide heard a loud thump, Ferencz said.

The blow also tipped the man’s wheelchair backwards, almost knocking him over.

In response, the veteran spat at Beese. Beese then spat in the elderly man’s face, Ferencz said.

The second aide informed her supervisor of Beese’s action and the complaint was forwarded to the OVH police office for criminal charges.

Nursing staff later examined the man, finding no injuries or bruises, Ferencz said.

Officers interviewed Beese about the incident, but Ferencz could not disclose whether Beese admitted to the abuse or not.

He was arrested Tuesday and taken to the Erie County jail.

The home placed Beese on unpaid leave pending an administrative investigation.

Ferencz said Beese has had no recent disciplinary action.



that is disgusting. Beese should be fired! there is no excuse. a lot of these men don't realize what they are doing. It takes a special person to take care of them. Beese should have someone like himself take care of him someday!


He is so stupid the men and women the fought for our freedom and they deserve to be treated like kings and queens


Hey slugger,don't call someone stupid , unless you have enough intelligence yourself to judge others in that capacity!


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I guess its his way of saying thank you for serving this country. But if he wanyed to do anyghing he should have just said it and went on his way .


Once again someone who takes the word of one reporter and you are God.....


I'm completely appalled by this and I can't really put into words just exactly how I'm feeling. Even if he wasn't a veteran, he was someone older than Mr. Beese and he should have been given respect for that reason alone. My mom just passed away 2 months ago tomorrow from Alzheimer's and about the 5 or 6 months before she passed were sometimes a lot different for her. She wasn't always the same person and she did things out of character for her but never in any way did she do or say anything that made me want to forget that she was someone other than a person that still deserved my respect. OVH should demand that this guy take some type of counseling that covers not only mental health, anger management and then if they have something like elder abuse and then once he's successfully completed those programs, FIRE HIM!!!!! If they don't they're just as guilty of elder abuse as this guy is!


Sorry about your mom and to the rest of your comments I say EXACTLY!


This is why newspapers should gather all the facts prior to releasing stories like this. Some narrow minded enough, to not allow Mr. Beese a fair defense, by passing judgment with comments like yours, should really acquire all the facts as well!


First of all this P** will pretty much will be fired..They fire you there at the drop of a hat. He will then be put on the Abuser list for life!! This does not surprise me at all due to the pressure that OVH puts there employee's under while working there. Trust me I am surprised someone has not went (postal) and went in there and shot it up.


And capcap can walk on water too! Get all the facts....!


And he chose to work there...everyone knows OVH'S reputation as a hard place to work. ..if it gets to be too much quit as simple as that..there are many other nursing home jobs around...not as well paying as there..but do not stay if you can't take the heat...


......take the heat? Seems to me there are more hidden problems at this place than someone cares to share. Oh and register, get the facts straight. They weren't nurses, they were nurse aides, aides, ...still learning! Hmmmm....reporting what they thought they saw and heard. Hmmmmmm.....


well now that's uncalled for but just because you're a WWII veteran does not automatically make you a nice person and he probably is hard to care for. abuse and neglect goes on in many nursing homes and care centers and goes undetected for years. it's not right but it does take an exceptional person to deal with it and many are not suited for it.


Yes it's appalling. But come on people a felony of the 4th degree (up to 18 months in prison) for hard shoving and spitting AFTER being spit upon?!

Wall street bankers stole millions if not billions from veterans and the rest of us and maybe pay a fine while we pile on the working poor and lower middle classes with felony criminal charges.


Caring for elderly patients isn't easy. There are times, I'm sure, that frustration gets the better of virtually ALL caregivers! That being said, there's a simple solution: Walk away until you get yourself under control. YOU'RE the one who's supposed to be sane. YOU'RE the one who's supposed to be responsible. YOU'RE the one who signed on to do a tough job.

Hitting somebody hard enough to rock the wheelchair is EXTREMELY concerning. My initial reaction to the spitting is, "What, are you, like, TEN?!" But that, too, is reprehensible albeit not as potentially harmful.

Maybe Mr. Beese isn't cut out for this kind of work. There's no shame in that. God knows I couldn't do it (I'm betting I'm not the only one, either)! The shame lies in doing something you really CAN'T do (for whatever reason) until damages have been done.


The weight of good this individual has given the past 8 years in care giving on a minimum staffed floor, and the continued lack of hiring more help ,play a great deal to these alleged charges. Gene is a veteran too and I personally know he would have never given it a second thought. Theres a day in court entitlement to everyone. Know the whole story before passing judgement!


I agree. Also, it's interesting that the Home has all kinds of money to employ double dipping law enforcement officers who have to justify their jobs by overcharging and arresting people but not enough money to adequately staff the facility with patient care givers.

Isn't one of those former police officers officers the disgraced Alan Jenkins of protecting gun stealing Perkins PD cops fame?

I still can't get over that this scenario merits a felony of the 4th degree and an arrest rather than an investigation, and later summons rather than arrest if criminal charges are truly indicated.

Ralph J.


Julie R.

There's a ton of abuse going on with the elderly in Erie County but the courts and the prosecutor don't want anybody to know about that. What those dirty attorneys and those crooks from two financial institutions did to my mother during the eleven months she was in that stinking nursing home owned by Erie County wasn't just criminal, it was downright vicious. The money from her side of the family that was lost alone because of all those criminal transfers of money and changes to all of her contracts (including securites) was absolutely despicable.

Once again, the jokes in the county don't want anybody to know about that kind of abuse.

Ralph J.


Ralph J.

If the patient was agitated, how could Beese's use of his forearm be considered abuse? Maybe the forearm was used to control the agitated patient so that he would not flip the wheelchair over. If Beese would have used his fist and the patient was injured, then I could understand the felony charge. The patient had no injuries so where does the felony charge come in? Agitated patients in hospitals have been charged for spitting on health care workers. Spitting on somebody will create a quick reaction from someone who was spit on, often without thought. What is the physical harm to the patient?

According to Ohio law, “abuse” includes “knowingly causing physical harm or recklessly causing serious physical harm” to a person through physical contact or the inappropriate use of physical or chemical restraint, medication or isolation.


What really needs to be asked, "Why is O.V.H.jumping for conclusion, even prior to a hearing"! Only hear-say ! Your allowed due process, anywhere in this country.


Perhaps, and I'm just speculating, the patient was agitated because he had previously been 'handled' by the employee and had no way of communicating that except by his body language, that is, spitting on the guy. The felony charge may have been due to the fact that said patient was helpless to do anything to defend his person.

Disclaimer, I'm not judging, I don't assume to know what happened and my opinion is not a statement of fact.


Before this guy even came into the room, it was reported that the gentleman was highly agitated. Instead of just letting him cool off they wanted to get him dressed and ready for the day. NO, he should not have armed him (but maybe the man was trying to get up and would have fallen if not stopped.)and definitely not spit in his face, but sometimes it is a immediate reaction, but still should not be condoned. Think the punishment might be a little him and let it go, but ovh probably covering their butts so they don't get sued. You know that is the thing to do now days. But, GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THOSE THAT SERVE AND HAVE SERVED.

Sal Dali

I don't know about everyone saying this guy spitting on a war veteran is not that bad. Would you want him spitting on your father or grandfather? I highly doubt it. I would take issue with that and the forearm. If he isn't happy where he is at--an employee of the state, receiving benefits and a decent wage, then he should look elsewhere for employment, not take out his frustrations on the elderly. Being a caregiver takes a special kind of person and those who would lose their temper and react to an old man like that should not be caregivers. I also noticed the article stated "Beese has had no recent disciplinary action." Does that mean he has previously had disciplinary actions? How recently and for what if he has? He looks like a awful big guy to be landing a forearm on the chest of an 87 year old man who is probably less than half his weight. Just because there was no bruising, does not mean he did not intimidate this elderly man by his actions. There is no excuse good enough to justify his actions.


OK, but a felony of the fourth degree for arguably defending himself against what is also considered an assault?!

You missed the points that other aides called him into the room because he was already agitated (probably women who couldn't control his assaults on them and they needed assistance) and that he spat on the aide BEFORE the aide returned fire so to speak.

Now it's not acceptable behavior to spit on a patient but neither is it acceptable for a patient to spit on an aide.

Again, IMO this is a complete over reaction and waste of resources by on staff law enforcement officers who are trying to justify their jobs.


sounds like someone needs anger management