Top state commander resigns post

His resignation goes into effect later this week, ending a five-plus-year run as superintendent.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 9, 2014


A top state commander — overseeing former Buckeye State-based military personnel, which included supervising activities at the Ohio Veterans Home in Perkins Township — recently surrendered from his post.
Ohio Department of Veterans Services director Tim Gorrell on Wednesday accepted Ohio Veterans Homes superintendent Rick Hatcher’s resignation letter.

A dated letter came one day after the Register submitted a public records request seeking an update on Hatcher’s status.

His resignation goes into effect later this week, ending a five-plus-year run as superintendent.

Hatcher earned about $110,000 a year, managing Ohio Veterans Homes in Perkins Township and in Georgetown, near Cincinnati.    “Rick is leaving us to pursue other opportunities, but he, and everyone in Ohio, can be proud of his many accomplishments as superintendent,” Gorrell stated in a release.

Among some of the more notable and recent improvements at the local Ohio Veterans Home under Hatcher’s watch:

• Revitalizing the cemetery, consisting of razing, realigning and replacing about 4,200 headstones. A $799,000 federal grant covered all expenses.

• Starting demolition on six condemned cottages. Construction started this fall and should wrap up by April.

Gorrell named Fred Stratmann, the state veterans services department’s chief counsel, to assume superintendent responsibilities on an interim basis.

In related news, state officials on Tuesday abruptly “removed” human resources manager Buffy Andrews, who earned about $98,000 a year. State officials first hired Andrews in January 2012.

“As a rule, we do not comment on personnel matters,” spokesman Mike McKinney said.



This is such a crock of bull! Mrs. Andrews was fired because she saw the unethical/deceitful behavior by OVH Administration among other things; and she reported it to Director Gorrell. Guess what she got for coming forward???? FIRED This place has been run so badly for so many years and some of the rank and file employees actually thought Mrs. Andrews had Director Gorrell's support. If it will make bad press for the State we can't let the cat out of the bag! Thank You Mrs. Andrews for trying and I hope you aren't going out without a fight.
I sure hope the SR is going to investigate this issue. The veterans deserve at least that. If it wasn't for our veterans we wouldn't have Freedom of the Press.


I personally want to say good luck to Mr. Hatcher. I have been here a long time and have seen first-hand the improvements he has created. Years ago, we had employees bilking residents out of money and all kinds of waste and favoritism going on. Hatcher put an end to this. The food is soooo much better and our money is being put into the buildings for new floors and other stuff instead of in the pockets of politicians. I love this place and appreciate the hard work all of the staff provide. I think Hatcher will be missed. Semper Fi!


citizenkane you must be one of the top administration staff bilking taxpayers out of money by changing your job title and getting large pay raises for it. What the heck is more on target.


CitizenKane sounds like a Marine that holds a administrative position at OVH. You can put in all the new floors in and make improvements to make things look pretty, but the residents/veterans are not getting the quality of care they deserve. OVH spends more money on new floors and décor than on the nursing staff needed to care for our veterans. They have to mandate the nursing staff to work so much overtime just to get to the Ohio Department of Health minimum staffing levels. It is questionable if they even meet that minimum daily. Now we have just a few nursing staff who enjoy making all that money in overtime. I know of a nurses aide who pulled down $50,000+ last year in overtime and who knows what that person made this past year. Those numbers are not out yet. So if you are going to miss Rick Hatcher then you are not in the trenches hands-on caring for the residents. You have to be a administrator. If you are going to miss R.H. then you aren't the employee that is getting mandated to work 16 hour shifts. You MUST be the administrator that can hire family members to work in supervisory positions. That is real ethical! If you are going to miss R.H. then you must be one of those administrators who goes to conferences out of state representing the Ohio Veterans Home and you get so drunk that you have to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. Then you don't show up at any of the sessions the whole next day. Now that behavior is bilking the residents and the tax payers of Ohio. You are getting paid to attend those conferences to learn and bring back that knowledge to the facility. Oh and didn't one of you get locked out of your hotel room in the buff? Now what were you doing to end up in that situation? What about the other administrator who sexts pics of herself to men who work at the agency. These are the people running the OVH. What? So I guess if you are going to miss R.H. you are one of these people. The waste and favoritism is still alive and well but not by the rank and file employees. It's the people running the place. Is that why they ousted Mrs. Andrews? Because she was on to the corruption. All of you need to tender your resignations and pray for forgiveness.

STHU's picture

You must work in nursing at the O.V.H to be so bitter, not everyone in cut out for nursing, you may want to make a job change yourself. I have had an uncle live at the Veterans Home and was taken very good care of. The other reason for your bitterness could be you are a friend of Mrs. Andrews, she may have made some bad decisions regarding her job, only Mrs. Andrews knows and I am sure won't reveal. I hope whoever comes in next just continues to do good things!


Im thinking it mrs. Andrews herself who else would know these things?


Ms. Andrews seemed like a very honest and caring person. I have talked to her several times about issues at the home. She is THE ONLY member of admisitration who ever seemed to sincerely care about the workers. She was fired for trying to do the right thing...plain and simple. Ms. Andrews may have rubbed some of the adminsitration the wrong way with her "call it how i see it" approach to issues but yuo always knew exactly were you stood with her. I have been an employee here for 22 years and she is the only person I have encountered in administration who seemed to genuinely care about employees at ovh. I know of several c0-workers, myself included, who were going to talk to gorrell about some of the unethical things we have witnessed. Not now! Director gorrell has shown us what he will do to anybody that comes forward. Ms. Andrews was at least trying to make things better for us here which in turn benefits the residents. This has never been an easy place to work but it has never been as bad as it was under hatcher's "leadership". His mistake was listening to the other clowns in administration and following there "dont care about the worker" viewpoints. if what is posted by whattheheck is true, the drunk person at tjhe conference needs to be looked at for theft in office. Ms. Andrews you deserved better and I hope you dont let this end here. Good luck to you. By the way, is citizenkane the same person who became a marine because if he didnt he would have gone to prison? This place has a very bad rep in the community because of the staffing issues and how management treats the employees. The behavior at the conference and the texts sent by the other administrator needs to be checked into. I demand it as a tax paying citizen. OVH Administration=Corruption. By the way, why did ovh release the part about Ms. Andrews being let go abruptly in the first place? To get in a final dig thats why. Shame on you director gorrell. A person in your position should have more class.