Sandusky man injured in motorcycle crash

He ended up underneath a parked silver Cobalt, bleeding from injuries to his head.
Melissa Topey
May 26, 2014


A local man is recovering after a motorcycle crash Sunday evening.

Michael Fantozzi, 39, of Sandusky, was transported after a Sunday evening crash to Firelands Regional Medical Center with head injuries.

Fantozzi was driving south on Huron Street on his motorcycle when he was struck by Akeela Mayfield, 20, of Sandusky who was traveling west on Adams Street, said Ohio State Patrol Sgt. Joesph Wentworth.

Children in the back seat of Mayfield’s Ford Taurus SES were not injured, and remained at the scene with Mayfield.

Fantozzi was launched in the air by the impact. His motorcycle came to a stop in the yard of 218 Adams St.

Fantozzi ended up underneath a parked silver Cobalt, bleeding from injuries to his head.

Fantozzi was discharged from the hospital emergency room, according to staff at Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Mayfield was charged with failure to yield from a stop sign, Wentworth said.

Arthur Wilson was a passenger in a yellow Cruisin City Taxi vehicle driven by Billy Tucker.

Tucker called 911 while Wilson checked on Fantozzi, finding him unconscious, Wilson said.

Fantozzi soon regained conciousness and pulled himself out from underneath the car.

Cindi Leinen, who also saw the crash, helped bandage a gash on Fantozzi’s head with his bandana.



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