Crash kills Norwalk woman

Norwalk woman dead, three injured in Tuesday crash (Updated with photos of crash scene, vehicles. WARNING, may be graphic for some)
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 16, 2014


A Norwalk woman died Tuesday morning in a two-vehicle crash on Whittlesey Avenue that left two others with serious injuries.

Holly O’Neal, 37, was pronounced dead following the collision.

O’Neal was driving her Honda Civic north on Whittlesey Avenue just before 7 a.m. while Mylinda Johnson, 39, was heading south in her Dodge Nitro, according to Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers.

On a stretch of pavement just north of Lais Road, O’Neal lost control of the Civic and traveled left of the center line, troopers said.

The Civic struck the oncoming Nitro head-on, with both vehicles spiraling off the roadside and coming to a rest.

Kayla Johnson and Luke Johnson, both 14, were passengers in Mylinda’s car. Luke suffered non-incapacitating injuries, but Kayla and Mylinda were both severely injured and rushed to Fisher-Titus Medical Center for treatment, troopers said.

Kayla was not wearing her seat belt at the time and was riding in the front passenger seat. Troopers said there is no indication drugs or alcohol were factors, nor were weather conditions.

Read Holly O'Neal's obituary by clicking HERE

O’Neal was taken directly from the crash scene to Evans Funeral Home in Norwalk.

She had been employed at Industrial Powder Coating in Norwalk and was a 1994 graduate of St. Paul High School.

A funeral Mass is at St. Paul Catholic Church on April 22, and visitation is being held the night prior at Evans Funeral Home.






Her car may have drifted off the edge and she may have over-corrected herself and lost control would be my guess.


I travel that road rather often. Sure has a lot of bad wrecks for being such a straight stretch.


Did they check if she was on the cellphone?


To the SR, I do not understand why it is necessary to post these pictures. The pictures serve no purpose to the general public. Shame on you Sandusky Register..this isn't reporting.


No worries crazymom tomorrow they'll have a feel good story about the accident victims. That's how they always do it.


Y'all are insane. She went off the road, no no , she over corrected is my guess, no no , was she on her cell phone???? No no it had to be this , no it was that........ Show some respect for the families of this horrible nightmare. This is someones mom, daughter, granddaughter, wife, ext.... My prayers are with u


AE, you need to get over yourself as this is a public forum for opinions. No one is being disrespectful. If you don't want to read stuff, stay off the site.


To those who are complaining,
These kinds of pictures will hopefully serve as a grim reminder to those who do not drive according to the weather.
The sign may give a speed limit, but that does not mean you should travel at said speed in all conditions.
You may be in a hurry, but it isn't worth this price. Would you rather be slightly late or have your family find you like this?
If there is snow / rain / ice, please slow down. You are not only putting your self at risk but others on the road as well.


This is My friend you people are talking about. Show some class and respect for Her. She was a dear friend and co-worker who will be dearly missed. It's a shame you people get on here and make guesses at to what happened. REST IN PEACE HOLLY.