Man killed in Route 6 accident

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says a 22-year-old man was killed when he slammed his car into the rear of a snowplow.
Associated Press
Mar 3, 2014


The patrol said Daniel D. Johnson of Helena was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident just before 9 p.m. Sunday on U.S. 6 in Sandusky County in northern Ohio.

Johnson was wearing his seat belt when he crashed his 2002 Pontiac Bonneville into the 2006 International truck driven by 54-year-old Donald E. Schlea, who was injured and taken to a hospital. There was no word on his condition.

Sandusky County Sheriff’s Department, Sandusky Township Fire and EMS, Fremont Police Department and the Ohio Department of Transportation all assisted at the scene.

The crash is still being investigated. Troopers don't believe alcohol was a factor.



They should put flashing strobe lights on the plows so we can see them


ODOT plows do have flashing strobe lights. I don't know how one could not see a plow unless they were distracted or not paying attention.


That's strange all the ODOT plows I've seen were pretty hard to see with all those green and white strobes on them flashing!


Sarcasm, it's not for everyone I guess.


We've had more snow this year than any other year ever recorded. I've seen a plow or 2 this winter, they look like a F'ing night club.


hey, I'm the queen of sarcasm, but I didn't get that you were trying to be sarcastic.


I forgot to hit the sarcasm key on my keyboard. I always forget that. <----- sarcasm here as well.

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My observation based on the limited information provided is that this was “not” a rear end collision if the plow driver was also hurt!
And as I have said in numerous posts here in the SR that RT 6 needs to at least have a center turn lane added because of the large number of accidents that happen on that road.


This happened at SR 19 and SR 20 between Clyde and Fremont. It may technically be RT6 as well, but it's not really RT6


I am pretty sure this happened on the other end of Rt 20... Where you are talking about Rt 6 has not entered yet and that is not Sandusky Township. This accident happened on the other side of the bypass on the WEST side of town, where the bypass is "ending". On the west side of Fremont most of the "shared" highways start and split off. (I live over here and travel it almost daily)


I apologize, I saw on the news it was at 19 and 20. Having lived in Clyde for 19 years and Fretroit for 7, I instantly thought of the intersection at Fishers carry out where at least one person dies a year. I am/was wrong.


So many get all those added roads mixed up. The NEWS PEOPLE especially!

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How dare You call my home Fretroit! Wait a second, it is starting to look like fostoria..........when your mayor and such walk arm n arm with one of the reputed biggest drug suppliers in the area.


BabyMomma some around here are like Sheldon they can't tell when it's Sarcasm.

my oh my

The correct location is on the bypass around Fremont closest to the OSP barracks near SR 19 North...The highway is US 6,US 20,SR 53 and also SR 19.It was in eastbound lanes...


BabyMomma: Please explain how sarcasm would be an appropriate thing to use, in the case of a fatal accident. You seem to be going out of your way to prove that you're among the 50% of people who, statistically, are of below average intelligence.


Oh, please, don't go throwing your Democratic statistics at me. I'm smart enough to know you're an idiot, I win.

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Tell 'em baby momma, you don't need statistics to know that you're below average intelligence.


A family has lost a loved one. I think our sympathies and consideration is what is needed. Many prayers for this young man's family and loved ones.


+ 1 on that Juzzmytake........sarcasm has its place. Hope like mad he wasn't busy texting ~ that would be a sad, sad, sad waste of a life for something so incredibly stupid ~ not to mention that the plow driver has to live with what happened regardless of who is at fault. Thoughts and prayers to the young man's family.


if somebody runs into me & i didn't do anything to cause the wreck, i would have no problem living with it.


It's real easy to get caught up in the stupid remarks on here. People that remark and bicker on here do not realize the damage they are doing. Juzz +2. Hope the families can find peace and some closure to their loss.


I was on Rt4 going south yesterday, yes the plow trucks have lights and lots of them almost too many at night blaring at you. But the day time travel, I almost got hit twice, the trucks were over the center line, almost hit the ditch once moving over into the un-plowed side of the road. I was on my side of the yellow line, the plow trucks were not and they did not care or even try to slow down.


You know BabyMomma, I've been reading some of the other posts you've commented on and I've come to the conclusion you are just a plain moron. What you spew from your keyboard is not sarcasm, it's just plain cruel and tasteless. Oh wait, what was I thinking, you're a Republican-that partially explains it!