Tow-truck driver hit by SUV

A tow-truck operator suffered serious injuries Thursday morning when an SUV struck him as he worked to clear a disabled vehicle from Ohio 2.
Courtney Astolfi
Jan 24, 2014


Scott Farrell, 55, of Sandusky, was listed in stable condition at a Toledo hospital Thursday afternoon, just hours after sustaining a life-threatening leg injury, Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Anthony DeChoudens said.

Farrell, a Sandusky Towing employee, was standing on the roadside at about 9 a.m. as he hooked a disabled Chevy Silverado to his tow truck in the westbound lanes of Ohio 2, near Ohio 13.

Highway Patrol troopers were already at the scene at the time, having responded after the Silverado slid off the road and into a ditch.

As troopers stood by and Farrell hooked the Silverado to his tow truck, a Dodge SUV lost control on the snowy highway and struck Farrell.

The Dodge came to a rest in the middle of the highway, trapping the severely-injured Farrell underneath, DeChoudens said.

A trooper dragged Farrell out from under the vehicle and enlisted Huron firefighters to transport him to Firelands Regional Medical Center. From there, Farrell was flown by medical helicopter to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

The SUV’s driver, Jessica Hellisz, 30, of Cleveland, was charged with failure to control.

DeChoudens reminded drivers to slow down on snow- and ice-covered roads, even if it means driving below the posted speed limit.

Ohio’s move-over law also applies to tow trucks, in addition to emergency vehicles, he said.

“The law applies to wreckers on the side of the road,” DeChoudens said. “You are required to move over and slow down”




Señor Clown

Charge her with attempted vehicular homicide. It's not as if this is the first snow of the season.


Yeah, then send her to prison. (Don't want to be soft on crime, now do we?)

Let's see, what all will that accomplish?

a) Another $45,000 per year prison expense for the taxpayers to pay;
b) Possibly break up her family;
c) Probably create more welfare expense looking after her kids.

But, boy we were tough on someone who lost control on an icy road.


mimi's word

No instead she probably
1) Racked up $100,000 in medical bills
2) Possibly a break up of his family
3) Create a disability charge on us for his life threatening injuries

And it has not been determined that she just simply lost control...was she on the phone?, was she going too fast?, Was she just plain being impatient and tried to get around the previous accident and didn't forsee hurting someone else?


JMOP's picture

You'd be a scary judge Señor Clown. Lol


I did not see what company the driver of the tow truck driver was from , I know it said Sandusky , but who did the driver work for ?

And I am not sure if anyone recalls tow truck driver that was killed a few winters ago on that same state highway .


"Sandusky towing" is the actual name of the towing company


So sorry Scott~GODSPEED! Heard he will lose his leg~prayers he does not. What was this woman thinking???


She should have her license taken away because she is like most women that cannot drive.


??? Was she on a Cell phone? Texting? Applying make-up? Speeding? Eating? OVI? Driving in Winter REQUIRES Your FULL ATTENTION. With Both the OSHP and the wrecker having flashers on, this appears to be Attempted Vehicular Homicide, NOT an accident. The accompanying picture also shows a trucker violating the MOVE_OVER Law.


I was in the towing and Recovery Industry for over a decade and chose to get out of it after being hit by careless drivers numerous times. I like being able to come home after my shift. I always slow down and switch lanes to give the emergency crews room to do their job and be able to do it safely. Hopefully everyone learns to follow that simple considerate rule of the road.

Baba Booey

Here is guy trying to make a living and put food on the table and roof over his families heads and get's struck by a idiotic route 2 driver. People need to learn to slow down and take caution in the winter especially when you see flashing lights. I drive down route 2 everyday and people won't just go the speed limit they go way over even with the bad road conditions.


I know Scott personally and as far as I know he is fine and am sad to say he will loose his leg but otherwise he is completely