Somber anniversary for Sandusky officer's death

Today marks the three-year anniversary for the death of Officer Andrew Dunn
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 19, 2014


It was three years ago today Officer Andrew Dunn was shot and killed by Kevin Randleman while Dunn was on patrol on Tyler Street in Sandusky.

Watch videos of the vigil for Officer Andrew Dunn and when his name was added to the law enforcement memorial in the players below

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Why does it have to be somber? Celebrate the man's life. I am sure he can be remembered for something other than how he died.

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If only Cabana Jack's walls could talk... Ain't that right Jody Showalter?

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If police would quit acting like an ounce of tin pinned to their chest gave them more rights than everyone else this kind of thing would not happen.

More peace officer and less law enforcer please...


If more people acted like civilized human beings instead of crazed animals, there could be more PEACE. Everyday you read about people killing, beating, raping, stealing, or somehow hurting each other. How would you supposed we fix that? Or deal with it? Seems you have issues with the law, judgmental or just bitter?

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You are eight times more likely to be killed by a cop then by a terrorist...
Most of the people that do the beating, raping and stealing wear badges and are protected by the state that they kill, rape and steal in the name of. I challenge you to debunk this sad fact.

Not to mention if as many people acted like 'crazed animals' as you say, Andy wouldn't have been the 1st officer killed on duty since SPD was founded in 1825.


Thanks Winston this doubles if you are a minority. The samething NWA was talking about about in Fu** the police.


So what you are saying is you don't like the police?

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Or ignorant statists that think empowering a small group of people with a 'legitimate' use of violence is somehow going to create an atmosphere of less violence.


You must still be butt hurt about Rodney king huh?

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What about Sean Bell or Amadou Diallo or Dwayne Dyches, Brian Hall and Pete Hopkins or Abner Louima or Timothy Thomas or Danny Reyes or Kathryn Johnston or Robert Davis or Timothy Stansbury or Oscar Grant III or John Thompson and let's not forget about Kelly Thomas.

Zach, you're a moron...


Shame to you Winston, Contango, or whatever you by. Decent human life needs valued.

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Shame on you for allowing your apathy and comfort to blind you from history repeating itself... repeating itself... repeating itself... repeating itself... repeating itself... repeating itself... repeating itself... repeating itself... repeating itself... repeating itself... repeating itself... repeating itself... repeating itself...

...and if you want decent human life to be valued you may want to rethink consenting to a protection racket that assumes it's legitimacy with a monopoly of violence.

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Here are the 14 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, March 19, 2014:

Fresno, California: A police detective has been arrested and is accused of taking a bribe. Federal investigators say he accepted a $20,000 bribe from a marijuana distributor and made that person a confidential police informant.
Maricopa County, Arizona: A deputy is accused of speeding down a street and slamming into the side of a vehicle, killing the driver. He was traveling 81 mph in an unmarked SUV with no emergency lights or sirens activated when he crashed into the other vehicle.
Update: San Antonio, Texas (First reported 01-08-13): A now-former police officer was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison followed by two years of supervised release for theft of honest services by wire fraud. He offered to not file a marijuana possession charge in exchange for $500.
Orange County, Florida: A man is suing the city and a police officer in federal court after he says he was arrested and put in jail for shooting video of an arrest on his phone.
Hickory, North Carolina: A police officer has been indicted in connection with an alleged beating of a female that the officer had in custody. He has been indicted on a charge of assault with inflicting serious injury.
Melbourne, Florida: A police sergeant and now-former officer are accused of burning a boat and then filing a fraudulent insurance claim. The sergeant collected $45,066.72 on the boat, but investigators said they believed the men conspired to burn the boat.
Update: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (Previously reported 01-03-14): A police officer was fired for driving drunk and for other alleged incidents of misconduct. The city council voted 7-0 to terminate the officer.
Charleston, South Carolina: A police officer was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.
Brandenburg, Kentucky: A grand jury has indicted a former state police trooper and a former police officer on sex abuse charges. They are accused of sexually abusing a 15-year-old. “We protect and we serve, to the best of our ability, and at times thing happen that may not represent our agency the way we want it represented,” said a state trooper.
Update: Collinsville, Illinois (First reported 03-17-12): A judge has ruled that an officer will stand trial for unreasonable seizure, false arrest, and unreasonable search after reviewing video of an incident.
Jacksonville, Florida: A detective has been charged with attacking his wife and father-in-law. When deputies arrived on the scene, they found the officer “extremely intoxicated” in the front driveway.
Update: Bloomington, Illinois (First reported 11-20-13): A now-former police officer pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol. He has resigned and is awaiting sentencing.
St. Paul, Minnesota: A man is suing the city, along with a current and former police officer, after alleging that police entered his home and pepper-sprayed and tased him while responding to a call about loud music.
Cecil Pennsylvania: A police chief was arrested by state police who said he used his debit card to take more than $10,000 from his department, sometimes to gamble. He has retired from his position.