Randleman released from hospital

(UPDATED AT 5:24 P.M.) The man accused of shooting to death a Sandusky police officer earlier this month has been released from the hospital and placed in jail.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 4, 2011


(UPDATED AT 5:24 P.M.) The man accused of shooting to death a Sandusky police officer earlier this month has been released from the hospital and placed in jail.

Kevin D. Randleman, 50, was released from the University of Toledo Medical Center on Tuesday and transported to the Erie County jail by sheriff's deputies.

He will be arraigned Thursday morning at Erie County Common Pleas Court.

On March 19, Randleman, of Sandusky, used a Colt "Detective's Special" .38-caliber revolver to shoot to death Sandusky police Officer Andy Dunn after a traffic stop on Tyler Street, investigators said.

Dunn, 30, was patrolling near Tyler Street and Hayes Avenue at 2:59 a.m. Saturday when he spotted Kevin D. Randleman, 50, riding his bike in the street with no lights — a violation of Ohio law.

Dunn tried to talk to Randleman, who evaded the officer, investigators said.

Dunn turned his cruiser around and activated his overhead lights, pulling Randleman over. As Dunn exited the cruiser, Randleman allegedly started firing.

According to an autopsy, Randleman hit Dunn with five bullets, four of which tore through both lungs and other vital organs.

After Dunn suffered critical injuries, the officer returned fire from his .40-caliber service pistol and hit Randleman twice in the arm, authorities said.

Emergency room doctors stabilized Randleman, who was then flown by helicopter to the University of Toledo Medical Center for more treatment.

Since the incident, Randleman has been under guard at the hospital.

Randleman faces charges of aggravated murder, having a weapon under disability and carrying a concealed weapon.

If found guilty, Randleman could face the death penalty.

Because Randleman faces capital murder charges, two attorneys certified to represent indigent defendants in capital cases will be appointed to defend him, prosecutors said.


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Bada Bing



Now that Randlemans all healed up, at our expense no less, the next three steps should be simple.





Just Thinkin

Saw him coming home in the cop van, Hope he saw the salute I gave him ,Think a Fried chicken dinner is on the menu tonight, why so many vehicles? they afraid he'll fly the coop ? LOL


Hopefully this waste of space won't make it to court...eye for and eye, you kill a cop-you should die.


Fry this guy..one less idiot out of sandusky...let it ber a sign for those thinking they can get away with everything...beacuse these hoodlums around there have no respect for anyone...show them we wont stand for anything...DEATH TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I dont think its right that he gets 2 lawers at our expense and plus a free hospital stay.this world has got to the point the criminals have more rights than the law abiding citizens do what a load of crap.

Dick Tracey

We can only hope for a staff infection now.


Kevin Randleman is mentally challenged, he has documentation proving so. It' s unconstitutional to execute a mentally challenged person in the state of Ohio, he also can't go to prison, he will be sent to a mental ward if he' s  convicted.  So everybody can stop with the death penalty talk. Do your research before you talk.  Why you think the prosecuter didn't refile their charges against him the first time?  As far as the register stating he' s been to prison twice, he' s never been to prison, he's been to the mental ward multiple time' s.  So the Register needs to report the fact' s before they report anything.



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really allmoneyin???

randleman knew what he was doing! what kind of "mentally challenged" would ride a bike at the butt crack of dawn? Plus, why would a "mentally challenged" person would have a illegal gun on him, that he also wasn't allowed to have any guns on him, which was also not registerd...... oh ya, he's really mentally challenged, this sick person is going to die! if he some out does get out of this (which he won't) he's going to be a dead man walking!


r.i.p Officer Andrew Dunn

Captain Gutz

"Kevin Randleman is mentally challenged, he has documentation proving so."


I want a second opinion.


Why don't you ask baxter he had him evaluated twice before. He got's documents.  Do your research, you might find alot of thing' s you don't wanna hear.


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Comrade Boose
allmoneyin says

Your the one that has mental problems if you don't think that this P.O.S. isn't going to get the death penalty. Why do you think they released him from the hospital with the IV still in his arm, so it would be so easy to administer the lethal injection when he is put to death!!!


For everybody who keep on talking about the youtube video posted, if you knew who  Kackle was, you would know that ain't his girlfriend.



re allmoneyin I think thats a load of crap and he deserves the death penalty just because hes mentally challenged  supposly if he knows the difference between right and wrong he knew better than to do this.Isnt that what he gave officer Dunn The Death Penalty.I get so tired of people getting out of things because of excuses tthat no one else can get away with.Death Penalty for this waste of space.





For everybody who keep on talking about the youtube video posted, if you knew who  Kackle was, you would know that ain't his girlfriend.


Dick Tracey

@allmoneyin  Your buddy Kackle got a 67 on his IQ test, anything under 70 is considered mental retardation. You are correct on that part. However there is more to the evaluation than that, first there is a 10 for plus/minus, meaning the number used for execution is 60, which your boy passes!!

So basically a 67 score is a FORREST GUMP, which means, he knows right from wrong, he can hold a job, for example a Walmart greeter, or dishwasher. He can get a drivers license or motorcycle endorsement. He knows how to work the system, by not working, filing for welfare, applying for social security, he remembers which days his check comes in the mail. He can post a facebook page. He is resourceful, for example he found a gun when it was illegal for him to have one and came up with the money to purchase one. He can go into Big O's and know how to make change and buy a drink. He can live and function in everyday life, without the help of a guardian, or care taker.

There are many factors and tests taken into account, it is not just the number 67.

In Texas 6 people have been put to death for their crimes and all 6 scored less than 70.

Sorry, but don't get your hopes up. 


RE: dick tracey

This ain' t  Texas, it's a big difference.

Dick Tracey

@allmoneyin  Again you are wrong. Bailey tried that in his first trial and it did NOT fly!

Bailey also questioned Randleman's mental capacity, citing the testimony of a psychologist who described him as borderline to mildly mentally retarded.

Sorry, but that is just a dumb excuse for crime, as dumb as the Twinkie defense, it did not work last time and it will not work this time.


RE: Dick Tracey  Not making excuses, I say he' s innocent, self defense.  Tell the police to release the video and stop trying to cover this up, like they did at lion's park.

here in ohio

Hay ALLMONEYIN.... you no this guy ? Is he your buddy ? so you say he has been in the mental ward multiple time' s? really and they let him back out ? WOW so now he will go back for what 2 maybe 3 years and then back on the streets again to kill ?? He is NOT mentally challenged he is a scum bag that is a COP KILLER and needs to pay the price ! mentally challenged YEAH RIGHT !!!!!


ALLMONEYIN, His mental disabilities did not hamper his ability to obtain a gun, put bullets in gun, conceal gun, ride a bike, pull trigger while aiming at officer, nor did it hamper his other past exploits. So cry my a river, tired of hearing this crap. I beez suhh stoopid, iuhz dint knowzah whatsa iuhhs waz dooin.


If everybody paid more attention to what was going on, you would know they just signed a bill a few day' s  ago to get rid of the death penalty in Ohio.  So what death penalty are ya' ll referring too.  The one that' s not gonna exist by the end of the year.


If everybody paid more attention to what was going on, you would know they just signed a bill a few day' s  ago to get rid of the death penalty in Ohio.  So what death penalty are ya' ll referring too.  The one that' s not gonna exist by the end of the year.


If you can't complete a proper sentence or have normal grammer, you need to stop trying to stick up for this loser. He's just as much of a lost cause to society as you are. On the real!

Also, there is no need to use an apostrophe just because a word ends in the letter "s"...



A bill was introduced last week  to abolish the death penalty in Ohio. It has not been voted on yet.


re: allmoneyin.

FYI Your boy will fry.



re allmoneyin I have a question for you .do you think its right what he did.Do you think he should get away with it.


Re louie I don't know what happened, I haven't seen the video



If Kackle is killed by anyone, living by an eye for an eye it will never end. This City will be turnt upside down.  May god be with us all.


To bad noone took his life before he got back to Sandusky.....If he did that to my husband that yellow belly thug would be dead by now.


re allmoneyin why havent you answered may last question




Allmoneyin you must be as crazy as you say  he is!!!!! WHY didn't his attorney  go for the NUTS case before? Let me..... guess you gave to the "FREE RANDLEMAN" Defense fund? Lets see who is gonna get that since we have to foot the bill for that looser! Maybe you should of givin to help pay his hospital bill. I can only guess how much he cost the real good people. It would be nice to say "I refuse to pay the taxes for that low life to live" Go back to giving the prisioners bread and water. Giving people death penalty is wrong???? Are you kidding me!? All these appealies they get to file? Where is Officer Dunns?


RE: juggalo7  I pay taxes and so does every black member of my family. Your not good cause you look down on people, and pay taxes your heart is filled with hate and revenge. If you believe in the death penalty, you can't believe in a higher power.  I don't know no religion  that preaches revenge and death.  Good people?? Are you kidding me!?



what does being black have anything to do with what i just said? i treat every person just as equal until you piss me off or you hurt or KILL a friend of mine. anyone who shots a cop, i have lost all respect for you and he deserves death... how can i believe in the death penalty and not believe in God? what have you been smoking? i believe in god and the death pentalty. there is NO WAY in hell randlem shot Officer Dunn in self defense.. You must support all cop killers. Get a life. randleman is going to be on death row soon and won't be waiting to long in there... I believe in an eye for an eye. if you kill someone, you don't deserve to live..

r.i.p Officer Dunn


Dick Tracey

BREAKING NEWS!  My dog just got his IQ test results back! He scored a 68!

 WoooHooo that is one point higher than Kackle!

Next week I am taking him to get his CCW permit, so that he can strap on his gun to protect me when we venture down Hancrack Street on our walks! With a LEASH of course!


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allinthemoney, Theres a difference between mentaly retarded and uneducated, or lack of brain cells from living the good old thug life! His actions would say otherwise, past and present. If we have chaos in our city, it will be the direct result of Randlemans actions to kill a cop. So give us your rational answer why it was ok for this turd to kill a cop, hold on we are all in for a bumpy ride! I pray he gets a swift execution, may God strike that poor boy down.


re allmoneyin how come youre the only one defending this waste of space.Are you his mouthpiece


RE Louie Trust there is alot of people defending him. Many people and Black organization' s.  Just wait till the video come's out.

Taxed Enough Already

 Like I posted on another one of these sites, I am going to start the lethal injection fund for Randleman.  As long as the IV is still in it probably won't cost as much.  I will put the first donation in.


Are you saying we are bad people because we support the death penalty in this case. News flash, Good people dont murder cops!! Let Randleman make peace with God, I am all for sending him to his maker.

Taxed Enough Already

 @allmoneyin...You "don't know no religion that preaches revenge and death"?  really??? it's called the Christian Religion.  An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.  Translated in Randleman Version...a life for a life.


RE: not taxed enough I've been a christian for 20 year's and a life for a life is to be decided by god, not man.


As a Tax payer, I would rather pay for this mans death. Then his Legal Defense. My question is if the jury could take back there verdict from years ago would they? Rest in Peace Dunn justice will be served either on this earth or when this man burns in the firey depths of hell.

Taxed Enough Already


 allmoneyin....read your Bible AGAIN.  God will sort him out in the afterlife.  That's called The Judgement.

Dick Tracey


If there are a lot of people defending him, along with Black Organizations, why haven't they hired a REAL lawyer for him?


@ dick tracey  he hasn't been able to have contact with anyone on the outside till now.  Stay tuned to the upcoming events.


awww what a shame cackle hasnt had contact until now with his family....guess what neither has Andy Dunn.....hope this POS ROTS IN HELL!


It sickens me just knowing he is back in our town.   Officer Dunn didn't stand a chance so why should Randleman.   I can't understand anyone, and I mean anyone, sticking up for someone who took anothers life.   ALLMONEYIN....Since you seem to believe in the higher power....what exactly do you think his thoughts are with Randleman?   It's just ok that he killed Officer Dunn?   GOD help us all... if it would have been the other way around....I can hear them all now.   Also....tell me....what in the world is "turnt'?



money you are lost...Randleman won't make it to prison. Amazing how people have been attacking Andy and berating him on SR but those comments don't get removed. I tell somebody to kiss my butt and it gets removed...what a joke


Okay,allinthemoney,what proof is there stating that Randleman is mentally handicapped?So we are suppose to let this guy off because he is mentallly handicapped with another visit to the mental ward.Why so he can work his way around the system and walk the streets again?I don't think so.I can sympathize with those with mental problems because I've been there.But to say he didn't know what he was doing,that is a bunch of hooey.He knew he didn't have a light on his bike.I'm sure he knew if was illegal to carry a gun,being a criminal or having a mental handicap.I'm sure he knew there was a warrant out for his arrest.But you say he should be returned to a mental hospital where chances are he will be released again.No Way!!!!Where is the compassion for the Dunn family?I don't believe in the death penalty but I do agree he should be put in a hole somewhere to live out the rest of his days without any  priviliges or appeal.Officer Dunn will never get to appeal his death sentence and neither should Randleman.If that is an eye for an eye,that so be it.


Self defense for murdering an on duty officer, conducting a stop...LMAO...LMAO!!


do not  pass go do not collect $200 dollars  :)

This POS  worthless creep shot a man in the  BACK!!!    I have a problem with that...Only cowards shoot people in the back. 

 Dust off and FIre up  Old Sparky an and send him to HELL!


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Andy was NOT mentally or physically challenged in any way. You need to tell your sister's husband to shut his mouth and to stop being an idiot!

Dick Tracey

@sanduskyfinest I can not beleive that you just said that! Please get that off of this site immediately! You should be ashamed of yourself! If it is true that your brother in law said that, please tell me his name because I will tell him to his face how disrespectul he is toward a brother on the force!

You just got on here and said that officer Dunn is dead becasue he is reterded!

This infuriates me, worse than his friends comments!

Please delete your post NOW!


All money in:   You must be a total idiot with no remorse for law enforcement of life in general!!  You talk all this trash about the video!! Wanna know the truth right now?? In the video, Officer Dunn was executed!!!! Do not even ask how I know that, it is none of your concern at this time.....Also, I hope everyone on here is supporting a fallen soldier, not something that mold would not even grow on!!!


Unfortunately I think you're right, this POS will get off and get to live a life at the tax-payers expense, and the suffering of the Dunn family. No justice will be done and I think we all are coming to that realization now.


What an honorable name those beautiful boys will carry on. God Bless and hold them.


Sandusky's Finest. I take it you didn't know Andy with a comment like that. I'm not sure who's side your on.


Let the trial begin.  It will be months before this thing goes to trial.  His lawyers (yet to be appointed) will have to have time to launch a defense.  The problem is, whether they used diminshed capacity or not he will be tried for several things:  carrying a concelled weapon under disabilty, possession of an unlicensed firearm, possession of a firearm under disability (felons cannot possess firearms), murder of a police officer. 

Whether this man is mentally challenged or not, whether he was in fear or not, he fired upon a police officer, killing him. 

I think, with the heat in this area, the lawyers will have to ask for a change of venue....move this case OUT of this county.  The chances of getting an impartial jury in Sandusky will be non-existent. 

He HAS been in jail before, whether he was in a psych ward or not, he was under arrest.  He has a prior violent history. This is all FACT not fiction. 

What I would love to hear, and never will, is WHY he did it.  Why did he shoot?  What did he think he was being stopped for?  Had he done something else before Dunn stopped him?  Was he worried about being arrested for gun possession? 

Unfortunately, we will never hear it from this defendant because he never has to take the stand in his own defense.  How unfortunate for Dunn's family that is. 

It is pure, plain and simple....he shot and killed a police officer and in this state, right now, the dealth penalty is what he will get.  Even if it is abolished, this state, this community will be paying for his housing for the rest of this man's life. 

How sad a state of affairs this all is. 


What in the world are the defenders of Randleman going to do if this video is released and they find out Randleman blatantly killed this police officer without provocation? 

How will they defend him then?  Why do certain people in this community: both black and white, assume that the police are trying to cover anything up ? 

It is sad that respect for the law is non-existent.  Abviously Randleman had no respect for the law or he wouldn't have been carrying an unregistered firearm on a bicycle without lights at 3 AM.  He must have known that carrying that gun would land him back in jail...that's why he shot. 

It has nothing to do with anything more than some people believing they are above the law and say stupid things in defense of a criminal act. 

How sad a world this has become.  I was against releasing the tapes, but hearing some of the comments on here, perhaps it would be the best thing for all concerned if it WAS released.  It would certainly put a stop to all this speculation, now wouldn't it. 


to Dick Tracey.....relax.  You can preach until you are blue in the face and some people will not listen to facts.  It is sad.  Some people will believe anything that is said, but that doesn't make it fact.

I, too, am infuriated about some of these postings, but if ignorance was bliss, some people on here would be the happiest idiots on God's green earth. 

You cannot help ignorance by demanding a post be removed.  Let these idiots spout off...they are only securing their place in the stupid's hall of fame. 

Those of us who knew Andy know that none of this is true.  When all is said and done. they will be looking back asking how they could have been so wrong. 


These Randleman supporters need to pay his hospital bill too, it would have been much cheaper had he bled out, would have eliminated the middleman too. Some of these people twist this around to make it sound like Officer Dunn was the bad guy,so tell again,who was the ex convict with a gun, that has murdered before and was roaming around at 3am? Trash like that, make me kiss my ccw. Randleman took everything from Dunn, now I hope the courts take it all from him, including his breath.


   This scumbag has "supposedly" shot and killed a police officer. Well the problem with this "supposedly" crap is they have all the proof they need to fry him so do it. No wait, even better yet, stop footing the bill for this piece of trash and take him downtown or to tyler street where he wanted to act like a thug, and have a public hanging, just like they use to for criminals. And for all those that show up or want to disagree with it they get a stoning. I feel that would let everyone know this is not a laughing matter and to think twice before they act. 


It's great to see "most" of you on here support reality and the truth!! I have my lighter waiting, anyone got some gas??


I just reported SANDUSKYS FINEST...it should be deleted soon.   That comment was as low as you can go!  




allmoneyin: If you "don't know no religion" that condones the death penalty, you're apparently unfamiliar with most. Allow me to refresh your memory:

The Old Testament (applicable to Jews and Christians) mandates death for a variety of "crimes" including murder, witchcraft, homosexuality, and adultery. (And don't start the Jesus-changed-that nonsense, either, friends and neighbors. In Matthew, Jesus is very SPECIFICALLY quoted as saying, "I came to FULFILL the law, not to change it.") Islam mandates death for even more reasons. I'm sure there are comparative religion courses online that you can review so as to get your facts straight, assuming you can type in an URL without putting inappropriate apostrophes every-freakin'-where!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm obviously talking about religious laws (or mandates) here, and NOT Constitutional laws which are frequently different (and thank whatever god you believe in for THAT!).

sanduskyfinest: Let me get this straight. Your brother-in-law (the alleged cop) isn't in danger because he's not retarded as he apparently told somebody who told somebody who told you that Andy Dunn was. Given your claimed closeness to a police officer, you'd know that you have to past both written and physical tests to get the job (although if your brother-in-law really said what you claim he did, I'm kind of surprised he passed the written part!). But for the sake of argument, let's pretend you're right. What you're THEN saying is that killing retarded people is a lot more acceptable than killing smarter folks, or that retarded people pretty much are ASKING to be shot and killed. Hmmm... maybe it's not your brother-in-law OR Andy who are mentally challenged, eh?

Hey, I have an idea! Let's find out if Kevin Randleman is mentally retarded once and for all. Let's see if he can pass the test that Andy did!

Actually, the defining line for that kind of thing (diminished capacity) has been pretty clearly drawn in courts, and numerous precedents have been set (including those that determine whether or not to try a juvenile as an adult). It's really, really simple: Did the person who did the bad thing know that he was doing a bad thing? Given that Randleman apparently knew that having the firearm under a disability was a bad thing (why else would you open fire during what should have been a simple traffic stop?), I'm going to go out on a limb and say that yeah, he knew. Heck, the average THREE year-old knows hurting somebody else is a bad thing, and nobody's gone so far as to put Randleman at THAT level!

The bottom line: It doesn't matter that Andy Dunn was or wasn't a genius. It doesn't matter that Kevin Randleman is or is not a black man, or that he is or is not a Mensa candidate himself. It doesn't even matter that Andy Dunn was a cop (although what he did on patrol while he was alive certainly does!). It matters that one man shot and killed another man without provocation, and that some people seem to think that's okay and are busily making excuses accordingly. I'm frankly more worried living in the same town as some of YOU as I am than that Randleman will ever see the light of day again!



I cant believe any human in his right mind would believe he is innocent....SELF DEFENSE???  Did he have a conceal carry permit??  The video will come out and I am sure morons like you will come up with some other excuse as to why your boy killed a cop....and maybe you should pay closer attention to the news, we STILL have the death penalty, there are just some bleeding heart liberals who think its too harsh, well in cases like this, it isnt harsh enough.  As for your religion comment, last time I checked, God kinda looks down on cop killers, which is what he is....he is a waste of human flesh and he wil lose, ESPECIALLY with Jeff Whittaker at his side...wow!!! He's done!!


Hopefully "Kackle" (wtf?) will get a change of venue. I can find no mention of an Erie County, Ohio jury handing down the death penalty. So hopefully this will go somewhere where the jurors aren't a bunch of pansies and adminsters justice with a needle.

Comrade Boose

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Tool Shed

@ AllMoneyin...............education, education, education.  Get some!!! A mind is a terrible thing to lose.  Don't do drugs!  Happy days are soon to come when Randlewoman, who hid like a coward in the bushes, is put to death!

Dick Tracey

LOVE the new mugshot! 

The family & friends, along with Dannie Edmon have been complaining that they havn't got to see Kackle in ten days! 

Well here he is aren't  you so proud?

Matt, you know Dannie is not going to like you using his mugshot, again! He'll be calling to say how unfair this is!

I can't wait till Dannie goes to the jailhouse and gets to the bottom of this, the suspense is killing me.

Mr. Info

You are correct, SamAdams. Christianity also mandates death for premarital sex for women (Deuteronomy 22:20-1), working on the Sabbath (Exodus 35:2), fortunetellers (Leviticus 20:27), cursing your mother or father (Leviticus 20:9), people whose parents commit crimes (Isaiah 14:21) and many other things as well. It's a long list!


the defense team for randleman has received a copy of the video as part of discovery. Having seen it they requested the judge seal it and lock it down till after the trial.


absolutely RIDI...

I hate that so many people are on Randleman's side. I understand that he has a family and friends, but he took a man's life. He left two innocent little boys without a father. A wife without a husband. Parents without a son. Sibling(s) without a brother. Life long friends without their friend. And for what? Because if Andy Dunn would have searched Randleman he would have found an illegal weapon. NEWS FLASH RANDLEMAN! A weapon charge would have been WAY better than a GD murder charge. I know that Randleman's family and friends want to mourn, and that is fine... but that's the type of mourning you need to do in PRIVATE. Don't go public with it. Don't post youtube videos about him talking about "he's a funny guy" and all of this other crap. There have been a lot of tragedys in the world, and hardly anyone mourns for the person in the wrong in public. CUT IT OUT, AND LET ANDY DUNN REST IN PEACE AND LET HIS FAMILY MOURN. THEY ARE THE ONES THAT REALLY LOST SOMEONE!


@ allmoneyin and dannie:

Poor "Cackle" hasnt been able to see his family??? WHAT A TRAGEDY!!

NEWS FLASH FOR YOU BOTH: Andy Dunn will NEVER get to see his wife EVER again, he'll NEVER get to tell his two precious lil boys he loves them or get to play with them, watch them grow into young men, marry, have children, etc...he'll NEVER get to see his dad. mom or siblings, never get to make any more memories with them, celebrate milestones with them, he will NEVER get to see his friends and comrades from SPD, never be able to hang with them as they celebrate things in thier lives.....HE WILL NEVER AGAIN GET TO TALK TO HIS FAMILY OR FRIENDS EVER!!!  SOOOOO if you're looking for sympathy you will GET NONE!!

You both should be ashamed of yourselves! Oh yeah and BTW OBVIOUSLY you don't read much because you were on here talking about how all these agencies will back Cackle up well if I read correctly yesterday the NAACP said they DO NOT SEE A RACIAL MOTIVE concerning what happened that night and Larry Garrett said the same thing....SO STUFF IT!

My kids are bi-racial and if they are EVER out here doing crap they shouldn't be doing and get pulled over by police...I SWEAR if the first thing out fo their mouth is they pulled me over because I'm black (thats what is says on their birth certificates) and not because they were doing stuff they KNEW was wrong I will KNOCK THE TEETH out of their mouths!!!

Andy R.I.P. you deserve to...and JUSTICE will be doen for you and your family!



@ allmoneyin:

First off I want to know what lawyers office do you work for? Because you seem to already have the jury's decision in hand...OBVIOUSLY you DON'T know WHAT your talking about...my son also has an IQ of 68, which by the way normal intelligence is 70 and above so this BARELY makes my son or your "boy" Cackle retarded..they more or less have a LEARNING DISABILITY...my son went to Sandusky City Schools and GRADUATED with an Auto Mechanics Certificate and pretty much attended regular classes with only special help regarding testing...that is FAR from the retard you're trying to make your friend out to be and my son also holds a FULL-TIME job, has a DRIVERS LICENSE, and lives on his own...and guess what?!? HE ALSO KNOWS RIGHT FROM WRONG!!!! 

Your friend had a full-time job here in Sandusky too didnt he? He was a pharmaceutical salesman right? He knew enough to load and carry a gun and KILL 3 INNOCENT people in COLD BLOOD, he knew how to work the system, doesn't sound like he was that mentally handicapped to me....but alas..he WILL get HIS day in court and I hope he gets what he deserves!

This is the 3rd person your lil buddy has killed and I hope the court finally sees this idiot for what he is.....A COLD BLOODED KILLER!!! He's no more retarded than you are mr allmoneyin...but I'm sure you being the legal expert you are know better than the rest of us what he's in store for...although contrary to what you've been spouting on here take a look at this lil tidbit I dug up for you and everyone else who don't believe he will get the death penalty:

Frank Spisak was executed in Ohio on February 17, 2011. Spisak was executed for the murders of three men and was characterized as a Nazi sympathizer. After his execution, his lawyers said "The media will focus on the 'nazi' propaganda of the prosecution...the truth is [Spisak] was seriously mentally ill and committed the crimes because of this mental illness, not because of hate." (Cleveland Plain-Dealer, 2/17/11)   Yes Sandusky there is a Santa Clause.....Ohio HAS and WILL execute the mentally ill and insane.....



To those who claim and maintain Randleman's innocence: You are all idiots. Self defense? I'm laughing hysterics over here.


Well I heard today that things are looking up for Randleman. A group of his followers have organized a fund raiser for his legal defense and seem to be doing quite well. With over 315 people attending they have aquired quite a substantial amount of funding. As of 10 am today the amounts total are:

$5.17 CASH





His defense fund will gain substantial cash come Friday (check the date)

Dick Tracey

I also heard that all of his followers are getting football jerseys with the number 67 on them, because they are all so happy, thinking that number is going to set him free!!


00SEVEN, although your comment was highly judgemental and full of racism, I can't help but laugh my butt off. Thanks!


 This is a terrible story, and as much as I'd like to see justice served, I fear that we might all have to settle for life in prison.

As an attorney, I'm pretty familiar with the, and based on the Supreme Court's ruling in Atkins v. Virginia, it's unconstitutional and illegal to execute someone with an IQ lower than 70 or 75. If it's true that Randleman's IQ is actually 67, I think it's pretty likely that we'll see him get a life sentence.

As for the coment that he won't go to prison, he'll go to the "mental ward" - that's not accurate, unless he's able to prove that he's not guilty by reason of insanity, and that's not what we're talking about here.  

Sanity and mental retardation are two totally different concepts. There's nothing unconstitutional about sending someone with a low IQ to a maximum security prison for the rest of his life.

I've also heard people locally express fear that he'll get off again, like he did in 1991 because he might be lucky enough to draw one of these local idiots who are proclaiming his innocence on his jury.

The register was a little hazy with their reporting, so I'm not exactly clear on what happened in his first trial.  It said something to the effect of the jury was unable to reach a unanimous decision, which implies that there was a hung jury. Yet it also said that he was acquitted on grounds of self-defense.

Again, those are two distinct concepts. The judge will make the jury keep deliberating so that they can reach a verdict, if possible, to avoid a mistrial.  Perhaps what happened was that the jury was initially divided, but during deliberation several jurors changed their mind and decided to acquit.  Therefore, if he was acquited, and it wasn't a mistrial, Baxter didn't have the option of retrying him, due to the double jeopardy rule.

In this case, the facts look very clear. Even if Randleman is lucky enough to draw a jury of local idiots who think he's innocent (which he probably won't, because my guess is that many of these idiots are not registered voters), there's really no way he could get jury composed entirely of idiots, which he'd need to constitute an acquital.

Absolute worst case scenario (with a jury half-composed of idiots who think he's innocent): Mistrial, and they'd retry him, and he'll eventually get convicted.

But here, the evidence looks really strong. This guy isn't getting off.

My guess, of what will ultimately happen: He'll get convicted of agg. murder, and recieve the death penalty, which will be vacated on appeal due to his mental retardation, and he'll spend the rest of his life in state prison.

Also, FYI, I realize that not everyone with an IQ under 70 is retarded, and it's an offensive, insensitive term, but I use it as the Courts have used it; to define someone with an IQ under 70.


Allmoneyin, you are truly an idiot, or delusional.  Self-defense?????  Not a friggin' chance.  Had Andy (a TRAINED shooter) drawn first, Randlepunk would have 12 holes in his lifeless carcass.  That POS caught Andy by surprise...no room for doubt.

And how can he be innocent when just HAVING the gun was a felony?

The five sweet words I long to see in the Register, and the sooner the better:



Even with all their baggage, maybe New Orleans Police have it right. For many many years they bragged that no one who ever shot a cop ever lived to make it to trial.....


Someone asked what kind of name is "Kackle"  ...... well, if my memory serves me right ..... chickens kackle

Dick Tracey

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This picture of this animal just makes me want to vomit. What a piece of work. Whether he gets the death penalty or not, or is "mental" or not, all I know is karma is a mf..and he will get his. RIP Andy...justice will be served.



Chickens cluck ... witches cackle.


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LOL!! My thoughts exactly on those nostrils. What a freaking loser. I hope he rots to the max.


Is anyone asking the question "Would he have shot the cop if the cop was black?"  I'm guessing that the answer to the question is no.  And, if so, that makes Cackle the racist, doesn't it?  Thus, this should be considered a hate crime, which then puts it under Federal Jurisdiction, yes?

Jesus, help us all.




Noticed Mr. Randleman is no longer wearing his diamond earring. Could it have been pawned to help pay for his emergency medical transport, hospital bills, transportaion, security and attorney fees? Mmmmm.


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Ohioan1982--thank you for your comment---extremely informative!


Something that I have not seen mentioned on here...the death penalty would not even be on the table at this point if there was not sufficient evidence to warrant it. I am sure the video(s) were shown to the grand jury for them to decide the death penalty option. That is not an option to take lightly, so I can only assume the crime was clearly shown on tape, as well as who the victim and who the criminal was in this case. For that matter, has Mr. Randleman even plead yet? What will his supporters do if he admits to this? There are a million different scenarios that have yet to be played out. We can all speculate, but none of us really know what will happen next. We can all only hope that justice will be served.


he was supposed to appear in front of the judge today, that would be when he'd plead guilty or not.

DEEPsix's picture


This guy WILL BE THE FIFTH... he is boarder line, and with the "objectivity" testing both sides will request, he will be judged as FIT to die...  FOUR APPEALS COURTS, and FEDERAL HAVE ALL UPHELD THE "objectivity test" as acceptable when applying death sentences.. 

Kackle all you want, this GUY WILL GARGLE THE SOUR TASTE OF DEATH... Which will be "sweet justice" for Andy Dunn, and family.



You said earlier that the 10 comandments said "tho shall not kill" right? And that sentencing someone to death was wrong. How about this   Exodus 21:12-14 "Anyone who strikes a man and kills him shall surely be put to death. 13However, if he does not do it intentionally, but God lets it happen, he is to flee to a place I will designate. 14But if a man schemes and kills another man deliberately, take him away from my altar and put him to death.



The current state of the law in Ohio is that we are permitted to put certain persons convicted of specific crimes to death.  I believe in the rule of law.  In fact, as a believer in the rule of law, I also believe in the presumption of innocence and due process.  If we were to simply execute this man without due process of law, then we have anarchy, i.e. no rule of law, and then none of us could rely on our Constututional rights being afforded to us.  I interact with many law enforcement officials in many different jurisdictions, and as a general observation, they too believe in the rule of law. From what I've read, Officer Dunn was no exception. 

I am not commenting on whether this man deserves the death penalty.  It would be entirely premature to do so.  I prefer to let the facts come out at trial and let the trier of fact-judge or jury, decide guilt or innocence.  He will then be sentenced accordingly within the confines of the law.

I do take issue, however, with the commenter that incorrectly argues that the Bible somehow supports the death penatly.  It cannot be any more clear than "Thou Shall Not Kill".  As for the Exodus passage:  isn't purposely injecting a lethal dose of chemicals into a person's bloodstream, killing him, analogous to striking a man and killing him?  And if so, doesn't that passage say that the executioner should "surely be put to death"?

Our system of laws was inspired by many non-secular ideals and writings, especially the Ten Commandments.  It was also inspired by the Code of Hammurabi, one of the earliest examples of the death penalty. 

If Randleman is convicted at trial of the specific offense that calls for the death penalty, then there is no reason under the law, as it stands today, why that sentence should not be carried out.


perfect !  sandusky99   high 5



And to make matters worse RepTerry Boose wants to end the death penalty! Call his office and tell him he needs to re-evaluate his stance on this. hers his office number  (614) 466-9628

Julie R.

Still can't figure out how this d-bag Randleman ever got out of that 1990 murder. According to Baxter, it was the lead investigator's refusal to testify that hurt the case. So why did Maschari and the prosecutor's office ever allow the lead investigator (Weber) to get away with ignoring a subpoena? Makes no sense. Especially since ---- didn't the Court in Toledo (a few months ago) have Krista Harris thrown in jail the night before a Hearing in the Dewitt McDonald case just to make sure she honored a subpoea and showed up to testify?

Maybe the attorney Ohioan1982 knows the legalities behind why the Court allowed this in 1990 --- were the laws different back then or what?   




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Bedelia Buckeye

 This isn't a race issue. It's not an intelligence issue. It's not a handicapped issue. The issue here is right and wrong. My cousin is handicappable with an IQ far less than 70. However, he knows right from wrong. He knows it's not okay to hurt someone. Randleman knew what he did. He murdered a police officer, and if he hadn't been stopped by Andy, he would have probably taken that gun and practiced "self defense" on another innocent person (speculation, but rightly so, I believe).  Whether he admits it or not, that's up to him and his legal team. But I truly hope justice will be served. For my family (the family of Andy Dunn's wife), and the family of the young man Randleman murdered 20 years ago, justice must be served.


We may not know exactly how things went down that morning, but we do know that one man is dead and one man is alive. The living man's bullets were in the dead man's body, and the living man's gun was in the living man's hand. A child could figure this out. 

Kottage Kat


I am so sorry for your loss, and I pray for the Dunn family everyday. Justice will be served. May each of you know that Andy will never be forgotten. God Bless each of you as you struggle through the days ahead.

sandtown born a...

First off what kinda name is Kackle? Reminds me of spackle another useless thing used to fill unwanted holes Im sure there are some potholes around town he could be stomped into. I am sad to see how race is being played out here race didnt have a part in this crime until Spackle supporters brought it up. The large majority of the black community are sickened by this whole mess he has created. I for one will be supporting the community to heal from this tragedy, Look up the supporters most if not all are thugs themselves I went to school with alot of these supporters and they were robbing and stealing back in the 80s and some things never change birds of a feather flock together.


I agree sandtown!!!  I also went to high school in the eighties with "the thugs". Nothing has changed except for the worst!  They only got older and not "smarter"..............

Tool Shed

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Kevin is looking old for 50.  It must be all that clean living.  I see the SR is posting a poll for the death penalty.  But, it is hardly scientific, very biased and very prejudicial because of the current events.  Trust me, this entire liberal state is for abolishing the death penalty until something happens where it affects someone YOU know.  Then it is suddenly different.  I remember when Randleman was younger.  After being acquited for MURDER the last time, he suddenly obtained that "tombstone courage" or "fearless life" attitude and would fight at the drop of a hat.  All that life of crime has aged Randleman, but he has FAILED to "age out" of crime.  Most reasonable people begin to look at their lives and try to make better decisions to improve it.      


 they gave him first aid because that's their job.  Everyone should thank the police and paramedics for it too.  they put aside feelings and heartache, to do their job.  Good Job to the SPD and all involved because of this. 


Name                                PIN Sex Race Age Cell Faci Pod Out Fac          Lastevent          Eventdisc

RANDLEMAN KEVIN D 10691 M B        50    054 EC    AD   N

as you rest in the erie county hotel breath deep. for each breath you take is closer to your last. may god have mercey on your soul.


 What is this youtube video that some people are speaking of?


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Left Sandtown

The video is now on rbgtube.com.Click on video link and go to about the 3rd page of videos.When you go to this site just beware what you see and hear.Then on the flip side go to a site called chimpout.com.Then pray for our world!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He didn't like dat police man.

Well, Sandusky doesn't care too much for you either Randlewoman.

Dem Policemans aint goin nowhere anytime soon!

And soon, you'll be seein' your maker, you loser.


Left Sandtown

Video is on the 5th page of rbgtube.com.


Isn't  D. Ed late on his taxes?


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Waterstreet:  Oh yah, IRBY???  CROOK---seems to be a pattern here, great person for little kids to look up to,right????


i'm surprised that Randleman's defense team hasn't called for the trial to be moved to another city yet. it seems like everyone in Sandusky (and other cities and towns in Erie County) has chosen a side and will stand by it regardless of what facts come out of a trail here. they will not get an unbiased jury selection in Erie county. so i wouldn't be too concerned with Erie county handing out the death penalty, but i'm sure another county will.


ps @SamAdams high five for the Wiggin quote in your signature.

Dick Tracey

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Tool Shed

Ok MINE, is this better for you???  To the people who have to babysit Randlewoman, (whether you work for the public or private sector you have a job) please spit in Randlepukes meal every day he is still alive.  Bubba will take care of the rest.