Numerous funds set up to help Dunn family

There's multiple ways to donate to Officer Andy Dunn's family, from T-shirts to pancakes and haircuts to more conventional fundraising methods.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 25, 2011

How to donate


PNC Bank

The family opened an Officer Andrew S. Dunn Memorial Fund on Monday at PNC Bank. Anyone can go to any PNC branch and donate to the fund. For more information, contact the Sandusky PNC Branch at 419-621-2912


T-shirt fundraiser

The Fraternal Order of Police has set up a T-shirt fundraiser through Pelz Lettering Shirt Shack on Milan Road to raise money from Officer Dunn's family. All proceeds will go directly to Officer Dunn's wife and two children.

The shirts are $10 apiece. Interested parties can pick up order forms at the Lunch Box restaurant on Columbus Avenue, by visiting the Shirt Shack at 5003 Milan Road, or by contacting

Shirts run from small through XL. Any larger shirts may slightly increase the cost.


T-shirt fundraiser

To purchase an Andrew Dunn Memorial T-shirt, visit one of several local establishments. All proceeds will go to Officer Dunn's wife and his children.

The shirts cost $20, and are available in children's sizes extra small, small, medium and large, as well as in adult sizes ranging from small through 5XL.

Residents can pick up otder forms at the following businesses:

• Foster Chevrolet (Sandusky)

• Knucklehead Saloon (Huron)

• Studio One (Sandusky)

• Castalia Flower Shop (Castalia)

• Mr. Smith's Coffee House (Sandusky)

• Corso's (Perkins Township)

• Jim's Pizza Box (Huron and Milan)

For out-of-towners, if you e-mail Lisa Cassell at, she will provide you with an order form. Out-of-town shipments may cost an extra $5.


VacationLand Federal Credit Union

Interested parties can donate to the Officer Andrew S. Dunn Memorial Fund at VacationLand Federal Credit Union. Anyone can go to any VacationLand branch and donate to the fund. For more information contact the Sandusky VacationLand branch at 419-625-9025.


Ohio Bike Week fundraiser

Ohio Bike Week will donate $2.50 from every registered rider in this year's Founder's Day Parade. An additional $2.50 will go to fund research for ALS, a disease Wil Roeder is fighting.

"Many years we have bikes that just jump in the middle of the parade," said Bike Week organizer Steve Ernst. "We are hoping more people register this year to help these worthy causes."

Ohio Bike Week also will donate $5 from every paid All Access Pass purchased for the 2011 event. See for details.


Water Street Bar & Grille

All proceeds from Wednesday’s sales at Water Street Bar & Grille, 101 E. Water St., Sandusky will be donated to the family of Officer   Andy Dunn. Hours are 11 a.m.-2 a.m.


Pancake Fundraiser

The Knights of Columbus in Huron will host a pancake breakfast from 8 a.m. to noon on Sunday at St. Peter Catholic Church in Huron.

Part of the proceeds will go to Officer Andrew Dunn's family.

No prior resgistration necessary — just show up.


Haircut Fundraiser

Oliver's Hair Salon at 5500 Milan Road near Wal-Mart will host a cut-a-thon April 10 to raise money for Officer Andrew Dunn's family.

The Dunn family were regular customers, the store said.

Haircuts will cost $10, and the cut-a-thon will run from noon to 5 p.m.


Sandusky Rotary Scholarship Fund

The Rotary Club of Sandusky has seeded an education scholarship fund for Andrew Dunn’s children with $2,500.

The Rotary established a fund at Citizens Banking Co. called “Education Fund for the Sons of Officer Andrew Dunn.”

It is the intention of the fund to provide assistance during grade school, high school (uniforms and tuition), trade school and college. Most likely the educational assistance coming from other sources will not be sufficient, and Rotary members hope this fund will be able to provide the needed funds.

Checks should be made payable to and mailed to: Educational Fund for the Sons of Officer Andrew Dunn, Citizens Banking Co., 100 E. Water St., Sandusky, OH 44870.


Tool Shed

I think all the officers who are being paid to attend Andrew's services should donate every penny they are being paid to Andrew's fund.


I agree with you .most of these cops only want over time to keep for themselves. lets see who donates and who doesnt. each officer will make aproximately  20-50 per hour during this funeral. remember pay starts when they leave their police department .For instance a toledo police officer has aproximately 1-1.5 hours drive time payed one way and aproximately 2-3 hours for funeral. which comes out to aproximately 6 hours of time to be paid =  at 20$ hour @ time and half 30 $ an hour X 6 hours equals ==$ 180.00 in pay  higher command 30 $ hour @ 1 1/2 pay X 6 HOURS = $ 270.00 to attend funeral..


another thought why so many police cars? who pays for their fuel for this?

1 guess the TAXPAYERS !!!!


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CatWoman says

I think all the officers who are being paid to attend Andrew's services should donate every penny they are being paid to Andrew's fund. do you know they are not?



Officer Dunn was hired as a full-time patrolman by the Sandusky Police Department on May 16, 2008, with a one-year probationary period, according to his personnel file. The file indicates Officer Dunn was a well-respected officer with few problems. He was late for work several times, and at least two complaints were filed against him during his three years as a full-time officer. An Oct. 23, 2010, review stated that Officer Dunn "takes calls without complaint and is willing to offer assistance to others. He is always looking for ways to improve his knowledge and is active in his drug enforcement." The same review stated the young officer did have room for improvement. "Officer Dunn is eager to do his job and he should be commended for this, but at times it appears that he may be treading in unfamiliar waters that could place him in jeopardy. He needs to remember that officer safety is the first priority at all times."


@catwoman and concerned citezen: being you are so concerned with what the police officers are doing with their money and what they are doing and may have possibly already done, brings me to the question, how much have you donated? How much have you done for the Dunn family and how often have you put your life on the line for the people of Sandusky at your job?? Perhaps you should focus on doing something for the community yourself.

Tool Shed

@ Readytocrap First of all it was just a suggestion that I had hoping to inspire the officers to donate that money to HELP THE FAMILY!  I have donated my time and money to the cause.  I also will be there today and tomorrow in support so stick a sock in it Readytocrap!!  And just to let you know....any officer who drives a unit to the services, is on the clock.


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@concerned citezen

Ignorance at it's finest.

Officer Dunn died while protecting us. Your brother died while protecting us. They are both true American hero's. For you to insinuate that Officer Dunn is not a true american hero is just sad. Randleman was carrying a loaded gun. For all we know, he could have been on his way to kill someone else, or multiple others. Andy could have saved someone else's life. He could have took the bullet(s) so someone else didn't that night.

I'm sorry you are bitter that people are donating to Dunn's family and not the person you are talking about. Maybe you could have started a benefit so his family could have been helped? 

I think it's absolutely incredible that police officers from around the state are coming to pay their resects, paid or unpaid. It doesn't make a difference to me. It's a brotherhood between them. They are their own family. The support that will be their will be incredible.

RIP Andy and the man you are talking about.

Both true American hero's.



I got as far as Concerned Citezen's comment before I had to excuse myself to vomit. Absolute ignorance.

I am grateful for all soldiers who have protected this country and given their lives. It is a tragic thing to read of the daily deaths of our troops. But to bring  hateful remarks to one of the only positive things that could have come from this tragedy - a brokenhearted community coming together to look after Officer Dunn's wife and children - this is even more tragic.

God bless our troops, Officer Dunn, and the thousands of people who protect our streets and nation every day. I pray for their families as well.


Concerned Citizen: What you don't know is that MANY of the officers coming to pay their respects to Officer Andrew Dunn are doing this on thier own dime. MANY are not being paid by their respective departments to attend the funeral. It makes me sick to think all you care about is overtime during this tragedy. Quit spewing TRASH on this website and have some respect for the people that protect you!!!

Ziggy Rules

How great is this. The community support is wonderful. I truely hope ALL the money raised does go to the family. I have seen the shirts that the Sandusky Police Department are selling, they look great.

I will be getting one. God Bless all of those involved in these fundraisers.




 I really think that this is not the story to spew negativity.  This story is about POSITIVE work being done by individuals in the community.  If you don't wish to be a part of it, just don't.  No need to disparage the fundraisers or the police.  There are other forums to do so.  This is simply to inform the many people in the community that have a sincere desire to express gratitude for Ofc. Dunn's service and sympathy for his loss.  My family recently moved out of the area, but had a real desire to help in some way so this article was very helpful to point us in the right direction.  We are donating to a couple of the fundraisers to show our respect for the dedication and sacrifice given by so many in Law Enforcement, especially Ofc. Dunn at this time of tragedy. 

 You have a right to have dissenting opinions, all I ask is that you not seek to vocalize them on this particular story and allow this story to be a "help thread".


Concerned Citizen and Catwoman: You are wrong - dead wrong. Law Enforcement agencies regarless if they are State, County, Local or Federal will not pay officers to attend funerals. They don't have the money for one thing. Officers will go to the funeral of a fellow officer on their days off no matter what day of the week it is. Many of them try to get the day off just to attend the funeral because they can't go while they are patrolling the streets of my town and yours to keep all of us safe from scum bags like Randleman. Hundreds and hundreds of officers will attend Officer Dunn's funeral and although many officers will be allowed to take their department squad cars, they will not get paid for it and they will have to pay for the gas in the cruiser. They do it out of repsect for the officer who was killed doing his job and of respect for their profession. Until you've walked in their shoes, don't judge. That's the biggest problem in our country today. There are bigots everywhere and they are every color in the book - black, white, yellow, red - you name it. Try showing respect for your fellow human being and we'd have less murderers like Randleman who killed Officer Dunn.



Concerned Citizen: If you're a police officer who hasn't had a complaint filed against you, you're not doing your job.  People get mad at the police most of the time because the police have caught them being donkeys.  They are embarassed and lash out at whomever they can.  If they're facing serious time they will file a complaint to try to break the credibility of the officer.  They may also complain about you if they don't get the resolution they expected, even though said resolution would not be fair to all parties involved.  I'm not trying to compare these two professions but I can tell you that no matter how hard you try to please someone in the hotel field you are still going to get people who will complain about you.  It doesn't mean you've done a bad job, it just means they think they can get a full refund if they drag your name through the mud.  Similar but different.

And if being late to work a couple of times is a measure of a man's character than the whole world is lost.


btw, does anyone know how to obtain the window decals that depict the SPD badge with Andy's name on them?


Ok first you are so uninformed- they are not paid for this- unless they are working it. not attending it (example- traffic control).

Secondly, the moron that sites and officer being late for shift as a reason to paint him in a negative light- needs to understand that "late" could of been literally 90 seconds late, when they are on probation they are very picky.

As far as "complaints" filed against him, I refer back to the piece of work that calls herself chicago- do you really expect us to to take complaints from people like this seriously? (Afterall it is everyone elses fault she is a convicted felon, not her own) People get mad when cops enforce the law- it happens- so they look for reasons the cop was wrong to rationalize, and it makes them feel better to file a complaint. Did any of those lead to an investigation, or diciplinary action- think not.

Finally, every cop is a rookie once- the file you are looking at is from 08. He would not of been permitted to come off probation if he was a danger to himself or others- there are hundreds of unemployeed cops looking for a department to call home- departments have the the ability to be picky. Officers who are not up to par, are let go. In the years since, I am sure he had continuing education and training, plus lots of practial experience.

So before you start trying to dishonor a fallen hero- check your facts! (I sure wanted to call you people some names, but didnt want to have my post deleted-props to me for self restraint)

Tool Shed

Ok well, my husband is getting paid as soon as he pulls the unit out on the street and he IS donating every cent to the family.  Now you can put your size 11s in your mouth. 


 Hey, just thought I would let everyone know, I have started a benefit auction for Officer Dunn on Facebook. I have about 100 sponsors, it is ending tomorrow at 8pm. So far I have raised $1,119.50


If you would like to check the auction out, please go here!


FYI: Your total is up to $1441.00!!! Great job Tiff! :)

Just wanted to let everyone know there is an auction going on where all proceeds will benefit Ofc. Dunns family.

First go to, and 'Like' this page:!/pages/OneTwoThree-Shop/128150117251201

Then go to this album to view items/bid:!/album.php?fbid=142335035832709&id=128150117251201&aid=29633




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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines

Tool Shed

@ Readytocrap.........  maybe if you weren't such a negative person with sooooo much hate you wouldn't have to pick apart everybody's comments grow up.  I gotta go to the service for now.  I hope you get your needed therapy Readytocrap.


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Beauty is, as beauty does and you are far from it.


All you selfish people on this blob should be ashamed of yourself .You all complain about the cost of this and the price of that . Well did it accure to any of you  to volenteer your life to help protect people , and even the worse people that sandusky as well as other towns  have to offer .I dont see any of you taken up and placeing your lives on the line . So stop bad talking a person who pay the highest price man can pay , His life .

I am dishearted to know that people can dishonor a man that places the safety of the resdents above his own Like this Fine and in my book one of the finest officers did .So instead of nick-pickin about little things , be glad  andrew  and his father as wellas others are here .They are here to protect us and they deserve more respect and appreciation as well.

And just remember that ontill you have walk a mile in there shoes , dont be so quick to judge .when you wont take up the gap he has left behind .



I served my country and seen my fellow comrads pay the ultimate price.

For these officers to use taxpayers vechiles and get payed is the problem.

these officers dont care they only care for the money

thats the bottom line

says stone cold 3:16


I served overseas in Iraq and I am proud to say that I love this country no matter how messed up it seems to people. This country is in need of more men like Officer Dunn. Willing to put it all on the line to make the world a little bit safer at night. What if every person who has posted a comment on here had to step into his shoes and a perp pulled a gun and fired at them? What would they do? Food for though everyone....



I also agree with Joker and Bottom.line. It seems as if people are forgetting that an officer of the law that has worked diligently to keep the city of Sandusky from going bananas has DIED! This day and tomorrow are not meant to be used bickering over whether the cops are having to pay to use cruisers or whatever these people are discussing on this forum. These next few days are meant solely for reflection and respect. What if this suspect did not shoot a police officer but someone's grandmother or someone's teenage daughter? Would it be more meaningful to the people commenting and bashing policemen and women? I am a proud father and I would be infuriated if someone were speaking as ill about my children the way they are speaking of Andy on here. He was a father of two beautiful boys and a husband and also a son. Please show a bit more respect in what you write on here. If you have nothing better to do than to sit on your computer and bash a fallen officer, whydon't you go become a cop yourself and see how easy the job really ISN'T!!!!!! If you can't stand behind the police and back them in doing their jobs, please stand in front of  them and make yourself useful.....


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really? wtf does her financial status have to do with anything? Get a life and do something positive for the community. Sheesh....