Randleman may face death penalty

An Erie County grand jury has put the death penalty on the table for Kevin D. Randleman.
Sarah Weber
Apr 4, 2011

An Erie County grand jury has put the death penalty on the table for Kevin D. Randleman.

The grand jury met Wednesday morning and returned a three-count indictment against Randleman, 50, for allegedly gunning down Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn on Saturday.

Erie County Sheriff's deputies initially charged Randleman with one count of aggravated murder on Sunday.

Following the grand jury session, Randleman faces two additional charges and the death penalty.

Randleman is now charged with aggravated murder — an unclassified felony — as well as having a weapon under disability, a third-degree felony, and carrying a concealed weapon, a fourth-degree felony.

Typically, aggravated murder carries a possible sentence of life imprisonment.

The grand jury in this case, however, decided to include a death penalty specification because Dunn, 30, was murdered as an on-duty police officer, prosecutors said.

The grand jury also included a firearm specification, which adds a potential seven years to Randleman's sentence if he's found guilty.

Randleman has previously been convicted of a felony, which automatically bars him from carrying a firearm.

Randleman, of Sandusky, used a Colt "Detective's Special" .38-caliber revolver to shoot Dunn five times during a traffic stop on Tyler Street, investigators said.

Dunn returned fire after suffering critical injuries. Two of the 12 shots he fired from his .40-caliber service pistol hit Randleman in the arm, investigators said.

Randleman is now recovering at the University of Toledo Medical Center, where sheriff's deputies are standing constant guard.

He'll be moved to the Erie County jail once medical personnel approve his release.

Deputies drove to Toledo on Wednesday afternoon to serve Randleman with his new charges.

Because Randleman now faces capital murder charges, two attorneys certified to represent indigent defendants in capital cases will be appointed to defend him, prosecutors said.


For more updates on the investigation, see Thursday's edition of the Register.

For details on the funeral procession, a public showing, community reaction, fundraisers and other information, see Thursday's edition of the Register.



That headline must be changed!

Randleman gets death penalty he doesn't deserve anything else. 


"with one county of illegally carrying a concealed weapon and one count of having a weapon under disability."

with one COUNT....somedays I wonder who proofreads these articles.



Nobody, more often than not, I suspect. Unfortunately, there are bigger problems here than typos.

Randleman ALLEGEDLY shot, or is ACCUSED of shooting, Officer Dunn. Until a JURY determines Randleman's guilt or innocence based on evidence presented, the media simply cannot responsibly word it any other way. (You and I can have our personal opinions, but let's be honest: Those opinions simply don't carry the weight of any news outlet, even The Sandusky Register.)

Yes, computers have spellcheck (whether anybody chooses to use it or not). They apparently don't, however, come equipped with Journalism 101.

Way to further taint the jury pool, SR...

Dick Tracey

RE: Danny Edmon's comments on Live Chat

Danny, I hope that when you re-watch this video, you are truly ashamed of yourself. Listening to you made me sick to my stomach.

What is most bothersome and sickening is that because of your previous status as commissioner, some people will listen to you and believe everything you say.

All colors aside, your ignorance came shining through. A hung jury is NOT an acquittal. A charge of murder is not a conviction of murder. Criminal history is public record. The Register did not print it all, the bloggers did. Just to name a few. I've listened to your comments twice now and you have so many facts wrong.

You state that (the Registers job) "is to be a beacon in the community and to help our community move forward". NO, Danny that is NOT the job of the Register. The Register is a privately owned business that makes money by selling advertising and news, PERIOD! They do not owe you any answers for the decisions they make!

As a former city commissioner, YOU should be doing more to unite the community, not come on here and spew racial rhetoric.Your slave comment is obviously your go to answer for everything.


We can't move forward, while getting shot in the back.


Sam Adams....you sound just like Danny Edmons.

Rest assured, if you EVER consider running for office again, I will go door to door reminding people of your support for a cop killer. You will never represent the citizens of this town.


Resident 51:

All I said was that ethically worded MEDIA reports need to assume innocence until guilt is proved. If you're asking me what I PERSONALLY think, I'm happy to share: Guilty, guilty, guilty, and the death penalty is far too good for him.

Feel better now?


Im not passing judgement till someone in the black community has seen the video to verify what happenend, there is just to many thing' s not adding up, and the story is inconsistent. Only god can judge him. In the Bible it say' s thou shall not kill, and there trying to give him the death penalty. The US Goverment kill's innocent civilian's everyday, an eye for a eye is a sin, so you people who are for the death penalty are gonna have to face god a the end of the road. Good Look, may god have mercy on all your souls.


So glad we have "Matlock" "allmoenyin" to help us understand the legal side of this issue... (Sarcasm)

With a more serious tone... That is honestly the most ridiculous comment I have ever read in any comment section. In that 1 run on sentence "allmoneyin" single-handedly summed up the stupidity of an entire generation.

You should be ashamed of yourself for even posting that comment but with the surplus of ignorance you obviously maintain, you are undoubtedly unaware of your intellectual shortcomings.


I was just letting you know how the majority of the black community feels, about the situation.  I am not trying to offend nobody, nor disrespect the fallen officer or his family. God Bless his soul, Only god can judge man not man.


I just saw part of Danny Edmon's conversion on between the lines. What a joke. This man made a fool of himself.

Does Mr. Edmon think he is Jesse Jackson, III or rev. Al Sharpton, Jr? He is neither and all he did was proove that he is an _ _ _ clown with no class who sounds unintelligent when he attempts to sound enlightened.

Who is this man? Is he educated? Does he have a job?


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No Sympathy

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"there is just to many thing' s not adding up, and the story is inconsistent"

really? because it seems pretty cut and dry. what would you like clarified?

why he was stopped? he was riding his bike without a light, similar to being pulled over with a headlight out.

why was he shot? well he tried to run from a routine traffic stop, and pulled a gun on a police officer.

why is he being charged with murder? he shot a man in the back several times and that man died.

anything else you need cleared up just ask.

and why does it have to be somebody in the black community that HAS to see the video? are you racist?


to allmoneyin ..you have GOT TO BE KIDDING !!?? US GOVT kills thousands ?? Give me a break .. then you try to get Biblical ? Let me begin ... 1st lets keep in mind that you havent got a clue ... A police officer was gunned down, period !! Cut and dry .. the "black community" including myself btw doesnt need proof .. and, get this because i know it will disapoint you: THIS ISNT THE SIMPSON CASE!! This is about a person carrying an illegal firearm that was the basis for this terrible tragedy .. Most gun related deaths in the US are caused by illegal firearms .. and DONT get me started on national statistics for gang gun related deaths .. Many intelligent ppl, including me , white or black KNOW that Randleman is wrong .. his record speaks for itself .. he had no problem in 1990 going home, getting a gun then RETURNING back to that bar and killing Mr Everett so what makes anyone think like you that he's not capable of doing it again ? Which in this case he DID .. so stop trying to exonerate a murderer PLEASE !!

Julie R.

@ Falcon43:

I don't agree with your comments about the SR. Have you watched the Toledo news and other coverage on this? There's also comments on officer.com where a Flordia police officer blamed the judges in the county. 

I'm not blaming anybody but Randleman himself.


allmoneyin:  You're an idiot.  Stuff a sock in it while you head back to lay down in your cardboard box.

Kackle is gonna crackle when the switch is flipped on 'ole Sparky!!!!!!!


hope one day it the headline will read

"Randleman to be sentence to death"


Reverse Discrimination, and the Non-Racist white people are getting sick of it.

I don't care for the disrespectful attitude I get from some in the Black community.

It's the attitude not the color.

I get along with everybody regardless of color as long as you don't get an attitude with me because I am white.



I also am so sick of "THE BLACK THING" .  REALLY...."THE BLACK COMMUNITY"  GET REAL.!!! I had a few choice words for them and my last entry was taken off..Reverse racism is exactly it..Can you imagine if we had a white fashion show at the mall like the african american one..The city would be on fire..I think they need to focus on getting jobs and getting educations instead of feeling sorry for themselves..It is sad you honestly cant treat them fairly, you have to be kinder and watch what you say or they will claim you are racist..I WAS the farthest thing from racist but that is quickly changing. There are many good black people out there and it is unfortunate they will get grouped into the same category as you..AND they are nothing like you..


Randleman, 50, is suspected of shooting to death Sandusky police Officer Andy Dunn on Saturday morning

Suspected Really, I think this paper needs to do proofreading and actually getting facts straight before putting them in print. It is molre than clear that he did it.  In a different article you say he is accused maybe you should look at everything you have put it print before you put new stuff in print.

The video doesnt need seen by a news person and I find it funny that we cant comment to asons mailbag about that ..... way to try to make the register look repextable for trying to go after a viedo of a horrible thing to see.  There are police reports that are clearly detailed enough.  Why is it you want to see this video its not asked for in other cases that you poorly cover.   I cant believe the disrespect being shown to the family.

The man is clearly guilty and Ill leave it at that



I was about to comment on the same wording.  It never ceases to amaze me how someone can confess toa  crime, be on tape committing a crime, or have an eyewitness 2 feet away see them commit a crime, and  the "suspect" will plead "not guilty" in court and require a trial paid for by taxpayers. 

BW1's picture

Sam, the media is under no legal obligation to presume innocence.   Only the state is.  The only limitations on responsible journalism is that news should contain facts and opinions should be left to the editorial page.   A newspaper can print an editorial expressing the writer's belief that a suspect is guilty.  In addition, there's nothing unethical about a reporter reporting things he witnessed first hand, that may later be matters of contention at trial.

The catch here is that no reporters were there when it happened. THAT is where the need to say 'alleged' comes in - all the reporters know first hand is what someone them, i.e. what someone alleged in their presence.  UNLESS the reporters see the video, in which case they they can report what they saw.  There's no need to say 'alleged' at that point.  






I honestly think the only people claiming that this is a race issue are, in fact, racists. Maybe they don't even realize that they are, I guess that's not their fault. They are just morons. If it had been 2 white men involved in this, it would be just as tragic, and the community would still be out for the blood of the killer, but I doubt allmoneyin would be commenting on it. Would the black community need to see THAT video before believing what the police reports said? And I think it's extremely ignorant to say "the black community" that seems to be lumping a lot of people that wouldn't want to be associated with you into that group...or do you mean the racist portion of the black community?

Bada Bing

I say fry the trash.and thats what he is..TRASH


White people aren't bashing him because he is black.

It's because he killed a police officer with an illegal gun by shooting him in the back.

(The black community brought up the fact that he was black)

So what have we learned:

Why he didn't just drive his car? he didn't have a license because of a bad choice

Why didn't he have a permit to carry that gun legally? Because he made bad choice.

Why didn't he just co-operate with the Officer...Because he has a history of making bad choices

And why did he kill that Officer? ..your guess is as good as mine but it's a choice that will get him fried.

THIS IS A QUOTE FROM THE ARICLE ABOUT THE TEXAS MAN THAT RECEIVED A FACE TRANSPLANT AFTER AN ELECTRICAL ACCIDENT THAT REMOVED HIS "After the accident, Wiens said ''he could choose to get bitter or he could choose to get better. His choice was to get better. Thank God today he's better,'' Peterson said. THATS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT  REAL MEN DO.



I just hope Judge Binette gets the case and not Tone. At least Judge Binette has experience with murder trials. Judge tone has NEVER EVER presided over a murder trial and he has NEVER EVER even tried a murder case as a Lawyer. 7 years on the bench and NO experience at this as a lawyer or a judge worries me that like many other cases of his, they will be reversed on appeal! I as a taxpayer really do not want to pay for more and more defenses based on something that went wrong the first time. Just saying.........

Sandtown Rez

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