Randleman may face death penalty

An Erie County grand jury has put the death penalty on the table for Kevin D. Randleman.
Sarah Weber
Apr 4, 2011


An Erie County grand jury has put the death penalty on the table for Kevin D. Randleman.

The grand jury met Wednesday morning and returned a three-count indictment against Randleman, 50, for allegedly gunning down Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn on Saturday.

Erie County Sheriff's deputies initially charged Randleman with one count of aggravated murder on Sunday.

Following the grand jury session, Randleman faces two additional charges and the death penalty.

Randleman is now charged with aggravated murder — an unclassified felony — as well as having a weapon under disability, a third-degree felony, and carrying a concealed weapon, a fourth-degree felony.

Typically, aggravated murder carries a possible sentence of life imprisonment.

The grand jury in this case, however, decided to include a death penalty specification because Dunn, 30, was murdered as an on-duty police officer, prosecutors said.

The grand jury also included a firearm specification, which adds a potential seven years to Randleman's sentence if he's found guilty.

Randleman has previously been convicted of a felony, which automatically bars him from carrying a firearm.

Randleman, of Sandusky, used a Colt "Detective's Special" .38-caliber revolver to shoot Dunn five times during a traffic stop on Tyler Street, investigators said.

Dunn returned fire after suffering critical injuries. Two of the 12 shots he fired from his .40-caliber service pistol hit Randleman in the arm, investigators said.

Randleman is now recovering at the University of Toledo Medical Center, where sheriff's deputies are standing constant guard.

He'll be moved to the Erie County jail once medical personnel approve his release.

Deputies drove to Toledo on Wednesday afternoon to serve Randleman with his new charges.

Because Randleman now faces capital murder charges, two attorneys certified to represent indigent defendants in capital cases will be appointed to defend him, prosecutors said.


For more updates on the investigation, see Thursday's edition of the Register.

For details on the funeral procession, a public showing, community reaction, fundraisers and other information, see Thursday's edition of the Register.



That headline must be changed!

Randleman gets death penalty he doesn't deserve anything else. 


"with one county of illegally carrying a concealed weapon and one count of having a weapon under disability."

with one COUNT....somedays I wonder who proofreads these articles.



Nobody, more often than not, I suspect. Unfortunately, there are bigger problems here than typos.

Randleman ALLEGEDLY shot, or is ACCUSED of shooting, Officer Dunn. Until a JURY determines Randleman's guilt or innocence based on evidence presented, the media simply cannot responsibly word it any other way. (You and I can have our personal opinions, but let's be honest: Those opinions simply don't carry the weight of any news outlet, even The Sandusky Register.)

Yes, computers have spellcheck (whether anybody chooses to use it or not). They apparently don't, however, come equipped with Journalism 101.

Way to further taint the jury pool, SR...

Dick Tracey

RE: Danny Edmon's comments on Live Chat

Danny, I hope that when you re-watch this video, you are truly ashamed of yourself. Listening to you made me sick to my stomach.

What is most bothersome and sickening is that because of your previous status as commissioner, some people will listen to you and believe everything you say.

All colors aside, your ignorance came shining through. A hung jury is NOT an acquittal. A charge of murder is not a conviction of murder. Criminal history is public record. The Register did not print it all, the bloggers did. Just to name a few. I've listened to your comments twice now and you have so many facts wrong.

You state that (the Registers job) "is to be a beacon in the community and to help our community move forward". NO, Danny that is NOT the job of the Register. The Register is a privately owned business that makes money by selling advertising and news, PERIOD! They do not owe you any answers for the decisions they make!

As a former city commissioner, YOU should be doing more to unite the community, not come on here and spew racial rhetoric.Your slave comment is obviously your go to answer for everything.


We can't move forward, while getting shot in the back.


Sam Adams....you sound just like Danny Edmons.

Rest assured, if you EVER consider running for office again, I will go door to door reminding people of your support for a cop killer. You will never represent the citizens of this town.


Resident 51:

All I said was that ethically worded MEDIA reports need to assume innocence until guilt is proved. If you're asking me what I PERSONALLY think, I'm happy to share: Guilty, guilty, guilty, and the death penalty is far too good for him.

Feel better now?


Im not passing judgement till someone in the black community has seen the video to verify what happenend, there is just to many thing' s not adding up, and the story is inconsistent. Only god can judge him. In the Bible it say' s thou shall not kill, and there trying to give him the death penalty. The US Goverment kill's innocent civilian's everyday, an eye for a eye is a sin, so you people who are for the death penalty are gonna have to face god a the end of the road. Good Look, may god have mercy on all your souls.


So glad we have "Matlock" "allmoenyin" to help us understand the legal side of this issue... (Sarcasm)

With a more serious tone... That is honestly the most ridiculous comment I have ever read in any comment section. In that 1 run on sentence "allmoneyin" single-handedly summed up the stupidity of an entire generation.

You should be ashamed of yourself for even posting that comment but with the surplus of ignorance you obviously maintain, you are undoubtedly unaware of your intellectual shortcomings.


I was just letting you know how the majority of the black community feels, about the situation.  I am not trying to offend nobody, nor disrespect the fallen officer or his family. God Bless his soul, Only god can judge man not man.


I just saw part of Danny Edmon's conversion on between the lines. What a joke. This man made a fool of himself.

Does Mr. Edmon think he is Jesse Jackson, III or rev. Al Sharpton, Jr? He is neither and all he did was proove that he is an _ _ _ clown with no class who sounds unintelligent when he attempts to sound enlightened.

Who is this man? Is he educated? Does he have a job?


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No Sympathy

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"there is just to many thing' s not adding up, and the story is inconsistent"

really? because it seems pretty cut and dry. what would you like clarified?

why he was stopped? he was riding his bike without a light, similar to being pulled over with a headlight out.

why was he shot? well he tried to run from a routine traffic stop, and pulled a gun on a police officer.

why is he being charged with murder? he shot a man in the back several times and that man died.

anything else you need cleared up just ask.

and why does it have to be somebody in the black community that HAS to see the video? are you racist?


to allmoneyin ..you have GOT TO BE KIDDING !!?? US GOVT kills thousands ?? Give me a break .. then you try to get Biblical ? Let me begin ... 1st lets keep in mind that you havent got a clue ... A police officer was gunned down, period !! Cut and dry .. the "black community" including myself btw doesnt need proof .. and, get this because i know it will disapoint you: THIS ISNT THE SIMPSON CASE!! This is about a person carrying an illegal firearm that was the basis for this terrible tragedy .. Most gun related deaths in the US are caused by illegal firearms .. and DONT get me started on national statistics for gang gun related deaths .. Many intelligent ppl, including me , white or black KNOW that Randleman is wrong .. his record speaks for itself .. he had no problem in 1990 going home, getting a gun then RETURNING back to that bar and killing Mr Everett so what makes anyone think like you that he's not capable of doing it again ? Which in this case he DID .. so stop trying to exonerate a murderer PLEASE !!

Julie R.

@ Falcon43:

I don't agree with your comments about the SR. Have you watched the Toledo news and other coverage on this? There's also comments on officer.com where a Flordia police officer blamed the judges in the county. 

I'm not blaming anybody but Randleman himself.


allmoneyin:  You're an idiot.  Stuff a sock in it while you head back to lay down in your cardboard box.

Kackle is gonna crackle when the switch is flipped on 'ole Sparky!!!!!!!


hope one day it the headline will read

"Randleman to be sentence to death"


Reverse Discrimination, and the Non-Racist white people are getting sick of it.

I don't care for the disrespectful attitude I get from some in the Black community.

It's the attitude not the color.

I get along with everybody regardless of color as long as you don't get an attitude with me because I am white.



I also am so sick of "THE BLACK THING" .  REALLY...."THE BLACK COMMUNITY"  GET REAL.!!! I had a few choice words for them and my last entry was taken off..Reverse racism is exactly it..Can you imagine if we had a white fashion show at the mall like the african american one..The city would be on fire..I think they need to focus on getting jobs and getting educations instead of feeling sorry for themselves..It is sad you honestly cant treat them fairly, you have to be kinder and watch what you say or they will claim you are racist..I WAS the farthest thing from racist but that is quickly changing. There are many good black people out there and it is unfortunate they will get grouped into the same category as you..AND they are nothing like you..


Randleman, 50, is suspected of shooting to death Sandusky police Officer Andy Dunn on Saturday morning

Suspected Really, I think this paper needs to do proofreading and actually getting facts straight before putting them in print. It is molre than clear that he did it.  In a different article you say he is accused maybe you should look at everything you have put it print before you put new stuff in print.

The video doesnt need seen by a news person and I find it funny that we cant comment to asons mailbag about that ..... way to try to make the register look repextable for trying to go after a viedo of a horrible thing to see.  There are police reports that are clearly detailed enough.  Why is it you want to see this video its not asked for in other cases that you poorly cover.   I cant believe the disrespect being shown to the family.

The man is clearly guilty and Ill leave it at that



I was about to comment on the same wording.  It never ceases to amaze me how someone can confess toa  crime, be on tape committing a crime, or have an eyewitness 2 feet away see them commit a crime, and  the "suspect" will plead "not guilty" in court and require a trial paid for by taxpayers. 

BW1's picture

Sam, the media is under no legal obligation to presume innocence.   Only the state is.  The only limitations on responsible journalism is that news should contain facts and opinions should be left to the editorial page.   A newspaper can print an editorial expressing the writer's belief that a suspect is guilty.  In addition, there's nothing unethical about a reporter reporting things he witnessed first hand, that may later be matters of contention at trial.

The catch here is that no reporters were there when it happened. THAT is where the need to say 'alleged' comes in - all the reporters know first hand is what someone them, i.e. what someone alleged in their presence.  UNLESS the reporters see the video, in which case they they can report what they saw.  There's no need to say 'alleged' at that point.  






I honestly think the only people claiming that this is a race issue are, in fact, racists. Maybe they don't even realize that they are, I guess that's not their fault. They are just morons. If it had been 2 white men involved in this, it would be just as tragic, and the community would still be out for the blood of the killer, but I doubt allmoneyin would be commenting on it. Would the black community need to see THAT video before believing what the police reports said? And I think it's extremely ignorant to say "the black community" that seems to be lumping a lot of people that wouldn't want to be associated with you into that group...or do you mean the racist portion of the black community?

Bada Bing

I say fry the trash.and thats what he is..TRASH


White people aren't bashing him because he is black.

It's because he killed a police officer with an illegal gun by shooting him in the back.

(The black community brought up the fact that he was black)

So what have we learned:

Why he didn't just drive his car? he didn't have a license because of a bad choice

Why didn't he have a permit to carry that gun legally? Because he made bad choice.

Why didn't he just co-operate with the Officer...Because he has a history of making bad choices

And why did he kill that Officer? ..your guess is as good as mine but it's a choice that will get him fried.

THIS IS A QUOTE FROM THE ARICLE ABOUT THE TEXAS MAN THAT RECEIVED A FACE TRANSPLANT AFTER AN ELECTRICAL ACCIDENT THAT REMOVED HIS "After the accident, Wiens said ''he could choose to get bitter or he could choose to get better. His choice was to get better. Thank God today he's better,'' Peterson said. THATS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT  REAL MEN DO.



I just hope Judge Binette gets the case and not Tone. At least Judge Binette has experience with murder trials. Judge tone has NEVER EVER presided over a murder trial and he has NEVER EVER even tried a murder case as a Lawyer. 7 years on the bench and NO experience at this as a lawyer or a judge worries me that like many other cases of his, they will be reversed on appeal! I as a taxpayer really do not want to pay for more and more defenses based on something that went wrong the first time. Just saying.........

Sandtown Rez

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this is for TYPICAL (which is an appropriate name for you) You are truly misguided .. you need to read more .. you're one of those ..hmm let me see oh yes 'typical' people who put ALL races in the same pot ..Inventors, soldiers , doctors , lawyers, teachers, writers .. i guess these are jobs us 'typical' people cant get , huh ? I feel sorry for you because you represent ALL thats wrong with this country .. how 'TYPICAL' !!!!!


The United States is 236 old .. and yet we are supposed to be a beacon of equality for the rest of the world. i'm in my 40's and i see that the US is still behind as far as race relations go ..Obama was elected because someone (as usual .. a black guy) had to be the fall guy for BUSH's mistakes (see Iraqi war or Katrina) WE ALL NEED TO LOVE AND RESPECT EACH OTHER AND TAKE BETTER CARE OF THIS PLANET for our future generations to enjoy & stop living in the #$%^ past !! Prejudice is the reason for all wars and conflicts whether its race(U.S. MiddleEast) or religion (MiddleEast & Ireland). Maybe that can change if everyone is willing to try ... men like Dr. King and the Kennedies and even Anwar Sadat have tried for peace and died for it .. because to them it was worth the risk ..


Watched this video and I think the laughing is inappropriate. There was mention of the funeral procession being on the Register website but since I can't find it, I looked elsewhere for the information.  Also, if comments can't be read or the comments section is closed, the SR should mark the comments as closed. For instance there are 10 comments about the live video but you can't  read or post there.  Found the funeral procession on TV 8's website and have posted it.

TV 8:

A private funeral service for Officer Andrew Dunn is being held at The Chapel Church on Galloway Rd. in Sandusky, Ohio, March 25, 2011, at 1 p.m. The memorial is only open to family members and law enforcement officers. However, community members wishing to show their support are being asked to line the procession route.

The route is as follows (From The Chapel Church): 

     Right onto Galloway Rd. to Hull Rd. Left on Hull Rd. to Milan Rd. Right on to Milan Rd. to Sycamore Line. Right on Sycamore Line to Meigs St. Left on to Meigs St. to Water St. Left on Water St. to Jackson St. Left on Jackson St. to W. Washington St. Left on W. Washington St. to Columbus Ave. Right on to Columbus Ave. to Perkins Ave. Right on to W. Perkins Ave. to Sanford St., and a right into Calvary Cemetery. textSize()



This city should not rest until the paper reads "RANDLEMAN DIES AT LUCASVILLE"


The suspect should also be charged with the original misdemeanor of riding a bicycle without a light. It's only a misdemeanor but it's what apparently started this whole tragedy.  Shows the catastrophic, devastating reaction and escalation of what was otherwise a very minor issue.


reverse discrimination is getting to be as big a problem as discrimination has been, how long do the white communities of america have to pay for the wrongs of our ancestors? political correctness has gone to the extreme, white people have to walk on eggshells, while black people will call us anything they want do anything they want, and if anything happens to them of they get into trouble, they scream racism or profiling.... don't get me wrong, its not all black people, or even a majority of them, but it seems, just the most vocal.... the truth of the matter is, white people today have never owned a slave, and black people today have never been one...

i hear black people say that they have drug and drinking problems because they are poor and feel put down... well in this country, if you feel that way, it is up to you to get up and do something about it, everyone has a chance to go to school, its up to you to use it, its up to you to not use drugs and alcohol, and its up to you do the best you can with your life.... that goes for white people too



Thanx for the procession route JOSIE...I know I will be there along the route somewhere!

Well Bunnyboo you are wrong! Most of us do not agree with that statement about needing to see the tape. The black community DID NOT do this! Comments like the one you just made are what is upsetting us. All the comments about all blacks are the problem, thugs, and criminals...and the people who believe them.....are the problem.  I am black and a productive member of society. Never been to jail and don't have a criminal history. I'm married to a wonderful black man that can say the same. Have a wonderful black mother who raised me as a single parent who holds a Master's degree from Ashland University Seminary. I know plenty of other black people that are productive members of society. My husband and I are raising two little black children to be the same as we are. To say we are all "savages" or "hang them all" as some comments have said on here is wrong. Black people are not taught to hate, so we can't understand why everyone is putting so much effort into making their point known about Randleman and who is wrong instead of trying to bring a hurting community back together. The black people that do feel that there is a problem with the way this is being handled have to be fed up with the subtle racism (that is now so evident on these post) that we have been dealing with and living with here in Sandusky for all these years. I just think they picked the wrong incident to try and make their point. I don't think anyone IN THEIR RIGHT MIND can think it is ever ok to shoot a Police Officer period. I went to school with Andy and he was an awesome person and God knows I hate that this happened to him. I am still praying for his family. I am also praying for Randleman's family. They had no idea what he was going to do and now have to live with the horrible things that some of you are saying about them. They had nothing to do with his actions. As far as Randleman himself I WILL NOT judge him, I will leave that up to a judge, jury and God.

RE: Mrs. Brown

Thank You.

It's not about color. It's about the crime.

You sound like a great example of a compassionate human being.



Thank you.


Thank u MS. BROWN .. that long commentary you wrote hit the nail on the head .. God bless you for the most level headed post i've read since i've been on this website .. I served in two wars .. lived and bled for my country alongside whites , mexicans even a Korean !! I believe in my country and cherish the freedoms we all take for granted .. these very same freedoms that ppl in other parts of the world are executed for ... LOVE AND PEACE is needed .. war makes a person appreciate it .. GOD BLESS AMERICA .. STOP THE HATE !!!


did you see mrs brown where i put that there are many good blackpeople out there. It is a shame that it is happeneing the way that it is..But you too just said that there has been racism for years..Many of the blacks make it that way and this is coming from someone that has not been at all but many times i have been told i have said or done something only because someone is black..i have to turn away..And if randlemans family wants respect,,, then his GF  really should not have went on TV and said what she did.  I know first hand from a family member of his that he was" shot because he was black" its crap.. and the black people are calling it a black community..why can't it just be a community..??that is what we need


@ Bunnyboo,

Yes I did see your comment after I saw the post that I was responding to. I don't know what has caused the racism that I have experienced ( don't want to speak for anyone else), but I can't see any reason for mistreating anyone that you don't know because of skin color period. I don't think all white people are racist because some are; so why is it ok to think all black people are bad because some make dumb choices? Not that you do Bunny but some on here do that's all I'm saying. I can understand being concerned and learning from past experiences, but to come on here and make comments like the ones I've read is wrong. I just want all the hate to stop because if it doesn't things are going to get way worse before they get better and I don't want my family that obeys the law hurt because someone is angry at all black people. I don't believe that his girlfriend speaks for his family, and he was shot because he was shooting at a police officer. I go to church with family members and we prayed for the dunn family at church Sunday so that shows that she does not speak for his whole family, and the ones at my church are good people. I don't believe they support what he did yet they are being called names. It is wrong. I used the term "black community" because that was the comment I was responding to. Later in my post I said a hurting community meaning all of us.


Well put thank you


 In today's paper the police log states that at 1:30 AM a call stating that  2 "gunshots" were heard in the vicinity of Columbus Ave. and Neil St. *** I made that call.***  I also stated that no, these were "not" firecrackers...I was sure that it was gunfire. .The point is ....there was activity going on in the streets that involved obvious...violence.  I only wish that there had been 2 officers in that patrol car.  The elephant in the room is the fact that so much illegal drug activity is taking place on our streets via....cell phone and bicycle. The minute the weather broke it was rampant.  "Look outs" are on street corners with their cell phones in broad daylight.  Our streets are dangerous.  The cars that go around the block w/the "license plate shaking-off music" are the symbols of drug culture.  They have replaced the ice-cream truck w/music that summon children to the curb.  Sandusky must wake up and see these signs for what they are and become "pro-active" for the sake of everyone's safety.  Neighborhoods.....step up.  Officer Dunn paid the ultimate price , God bless him and his grieving family. 


I wish the mugshot of this scum would be removed!


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No Sympathy

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No Sympathy

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No Sympathy

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hey ALLMONEYIN its ok to take a life whever its convenient huh ? .. u act like you want to be Randlemans penpal already .. you cant see the trees to spite the forest .. it sucks to be you !!!


@ ALLMONEYIN ... and by the way .. WHERE was he going at 3 am with a LOADED ILLEGAL FIREARM ? oh i know .. to a bar to kill someone else in "self defense" thats as sarcastic as it gets thank you very much

  I am white – with many black friends who are using their common sense. They don’t see this as a race issue. They believe as I do – had the police officer been black…he would have been shot just the same. The perpetrator didn’t want to be caught by any police officer…no matter what color of skin or gender they were.    The officer wasn’t shot because he was white. Additionally, the perpetrator wasn’t being stopped because he is black. This happens in major metropolitan areas…and race isn’t an issue. But, Sandusky has to make it a race issue. Why? We really need to be smarter about this or more people will suffer.   I don’t agree with Mrs. Brown' post when she states she doesn’t judge people. We are human beings – we have emotions, therefore, we do judge people every day. You may not think you do…but, we do. It is unreasonable to tell us we shouldn’t judge someone who has taken a father, husband, son, friend…away from the world. Indicating you don’t judge people is quite self-righteous. Quite frankly, God doesn’t come into play with the judicial system and the death penalty. Nowhere in our Constitution does it say that everyone has to believe in your God anyway. Telling us we do…is yet another self-righteous statement. Human beings will be the judge and jury on this one….as we have been from the beginning of time. Perhaps, you would admit to judging him if it was your child who was taken away. 

Let it be said we need should not judge people themselves but we have to judge their actions. We do because there has to be consequences for his actions. Saying you do not judge people or will not judge this criminal is not true. I agree with Pragmatic, he will be judged by a jury of his peers.....it is his constitutional right.



@ Pragmatic

What I said is that I will not judge him. I never asked anyone to believe in "my God", but I have the right to state what I believe as all of you have. I believe that the judge and jury will judge him here on Earth and My God will Judge him on Judgement day. I thought that was understood, guess not. WHEN they come back finding him guilty then I will call him guilty just like our constitution that you brought up states we are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Thank my God it wasn't my child and hope and pray that it never is.


Maybe its time that the Register close down and block all the comments so that Officer Dunn can be remembered.


@ Eriecounty

I agree with you, and with that said I will not post on this subject again.


i Couldn't agree more...He was too good of a guy and would not want all of this going on..I think anger takes over and we lose sight of what has really happpened here.



"May?"  "MAY?"  There should be NO "MAY" about it!  This is a death penalty case, through and through!  I work 15 minutes from Lucasville, and know guards who works there.  It is the epitome of horrible state prisons.  I would love to hold a sign up on 23 and "welcome" this waste of flesh WHEN he ends up there. 


*double post.


eye for an eye  death penalty!   simple....



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2cents's picture


Last time was he judged by a ury of his piers? Oops! forgot the J as in OJ!   Just saying!  

allmoneyin, your kidding, right?  You honestly think this is some conspiracy to put a black man in jail?  Mind you a black man with a rap sheet as long as Perkins Ave.  The Lucas County coroner said he shot Dunn in the back 5 times!!!  I think this goes a long way in saying that Randleman wasn't shooting in self-defense.  Even if he was, HE WAS NOT allowed to own or possess a firearm as a convicted felon.  Sorry to bust your bubble but Kevin is an F*$#ing coward,  He shot a cop in the back, which tells me Dunn was probably returning to his car to either radio in or write a citation of some sort. 


 @ yAWWIN actually it was 3..be correct if your going to quote something. Also key question...WERE YOU THERE???


I Still say we should go back to the old days of firing squads and public hangings for people like randleman, also child molesters and sexual predators, none of these people should walk, not even on the 1st offense, no three strikes for these criminals, you mess up once your dead!!!!


ARCMAN ... Dude .. hangings publicly ? firing squads ? Hey hitler you're still alive ?? i guess youre all for rounding ppl up in train cars and sending them to the gas chamber ...PLEASE .. ONE Glen Beck is ENOUGH !!!


"""""arcman033 says I Still say we should go back to the old days of firing squads and public hangings for people like randleman, also child molesters and sexual predators, none of these people should walk, not even on the 1st offense, no three strikes for these criminals, you mess up once your dead!!!!""""

FINALLY a sensible post!!!  AMEN and AMEN again and again!!

The only thing I would add is EQUAL justice. Its NOT equal justice to apply the death sentance to certain profile murders. ALL MURDER IS EQUAL, execute the murderers who kill ANYONE, not just cops or those in public office.



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HIS TRIAL WILL BE IN EXCESS OF $500,000..... Typical Death case costs.... This trial will NOT BE HELD IN ERIE COUNTY... Change of venue is going to be their first move!!!! Sad, wish they'd try him right down were Andy protected the city!


To Danny Edmons....please, please run for office again. I will personally go door to door and remind our community how you supported a cop killer. It is your venom that you spew that is making this into a racial issue.

Dick Tracey

Apparently, Danny Boy, complained to Westerholt and had the comments removed from his story. He also made sure that his name was spelled correctly!

Why is he allowed to make such comments, and we are not allowed to give our opinion to his remarks. He comes on here, stirring the pot and  pretending to be Jesse Jackson and then demands that negative comments be turned off!

Well DANNIE Edmon,  I hope that when you re-watch this video, you are truly ashamed of yourself. I also hope that if you are employed, they watch this video and see your true color.  Listening to you made me sick to my stomach.

What is most bothersome and sickening is that because of your previous status as commissioner, some people will listen to you and believe everything you say.

All colors aside, your ignorance came shining through. A hung jury is NOT an acquittal. A charge of murder is not a conviction of murder. Criminal history is public record. The Register did not print it all, the bloggers did. Just to name a few. I've listened to your comments twice now and you have so many facts wrong.

You state that (the Registers job) "is to be a beacon in the community and to help our community move forward". NO, Danny that is NOT the job of the Register. The Register is a privately owned business that makes money by selling advertising and news, PERIOD! They do not owe you any answers for the decisions they make!

As a former city commissioner, YOU should be doing more to unite the community, not come on here and spew racial rhetoric.Your slave comment is obviously your go to answer for everything.


We can't move forward, while getting shot in the back


most intelligent thing i've read on here tonight


@dick tracey i mnt


 I watched the Between the Lines.  Edmon should've brought those issues to light-give me some history on Randleman-where did he work?  What are some positive things about him?  What good did he do for the community?  Where was the preparedness on Edmons part for such an interview?  Where was his plea to the community to stop the nonsense about race-this isn't a racial issue-its a violence issue.  A bullet doesn't care what color you are.

What exactly does he want brought to light-what facts does he want printed that havent been?  He left me pretty confused as to where his point actually was.    

Dick Tracey

Would have, could have, should have. DANNIE should have filled his quiver with plenty of arrows when he had the chance to go and defend a brother. Here's the problem though.

DANNIE, went in to the interview on the defensive. He could have taken some loving pictures of the accused with his family, and brought some awards and accomplishments and tried to show the accused in a different light. Which is what he claimed his purpose was.

The problem was, DANNIE, was ill prepared, lacked the facts, and intelligence to have a decent argument, and quite frankly ended up sounding like a ........ well you can fill in the blanks.

Obviously, these theatrics today were all about  D-A-N-N-I-E. He dressed and "thought" he talked the part.

Kudo's to Matt for not bi!ch slapping him, I don't know how he kept his calm.

Matt 1- DANNIE 0


  I agree 100% with you give us some postives there are many of us in the Community that do not know the positives about Randleman.  Has his family given this information to the Register to print if they wanted the Community to know what they knew about Randleman's character.  Edmons or whoever chooses to support Randleman to whatever extent they feel necessary has that right.  I leave only the one upstairs to be the true judge of Randleman's actions that night whatever they were because like Edmons said we haven't seen what really happened.  Not that I would like to view the footage.

  There is a time and a place for everything and while some may be upset about their loved one getting injured that night they can at least pray a 1000  nights that their loved one will one day come back home to them again.  The Dunn family could and will say many more prayers than that and they can never get their wish.  They will never see their Andy.  It hasn't even been a week, officer Dunn has yet to put to rest.  Is it so much to ask that we as a Community be by the side of the Dunn family so they can begin the most horrific journey of their lives laying their loved one in his final resting place?  There is a time and place for everything now is the time for Andy's memory and to be supportive of the one who will not be back in our Community even if Randleman may only be here temporarily.

  Edmons uses a lot of what ifs.  If Kevin Randleman is ever found "innocent" of this I am postive the Register will run a huge story, and the Community could line the streets during Randlemans home coming.  At least his won't be in a casket.


i tried to see both sides in this bottom line it doesnt matter if it was a race issue with the police officer you cant just go around shooting people and expect no one to have anything to say about it.  it's wrong to kill its wrong to pull out a gun on someone and shoot them dead in the streets black white doesnt matter its wrong


maybe if he would have started fowlling the law a long time ago the police wouldnt have reason to stop him but he just proved the police had every reason to stop him he had a loaded gun when he's not allowed and he had an illeagal gun at that plus he pulled it out and shot officer dunn 5 times killing him thats against the law now he has to pay because he wasnt smart enough to make the right choices in life. he had a second chance getting off on the first murder but i see he never learned . 


officer dunn is a hero he saved someone else from dying that night who ever it was i'm sure they know who they are better be very thankful to him


 I think it's nonsense when the people hired to protect the law breaks it. The dash cam from officer Dunn's vehicle is public record but still we're unable to view it..wow. All i can say is i pray for both the Dunn and Randleman family but the bottom line is no one truly know's what happened sat morning but the parties involved. 1 man gone and 1 fighting for his life also. Like they say their's two sides to EVERY story..so why can't the city of sandusky know the truth and not just the rumors or the things they decide to include in the register and on the news.

Rest in peace..Prayers with each family.

sleepy says

" I think it's nonsense when the people hired to protect the law breaks it. The dash cam from officer Dunn's vehicle is public record but still we're unable to view it..wow. All i can say is i pray for both the Dunn and Randleman family but the bottom line is no one truly know's what happened sat morning but the parties involved. 1 man gone and 1 fighting for his life also. Like they say their's two sides to EVERY story..so why can't the city of sandusky know the truth and not just the rumors or the things they decide to include in the register and on the news."

What? The ones fighting to NOT make that video public are Randleman's defense. The city WANTS to release it, but then everyone would see what really happened, and Randleman wouldn't get a fair trial around here. It's evidence in a murder trial, it doesn't need to be shown, certainly not to any of us. There are two sides to every story, I'm pretty sure we heard them both. Randleman has NO defense. He shot a man, in the back, and killed him. 1 man is gone, and one man will be fighting for his life, in the court room. Keep the tape supressed so he can get a fair trial this time. Or are you hoping for another mistrial sleepy?

and to everyone saying to hang him and an eye for an eye and all that, it sounds good on paper, but, to quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "That old law about an eye for an eye, leaves everybody blind"


Had the tables been turned and Randleman was dead there would be riots in the streets of Sand Town. Wrong is wrong and Randleman needs to face the consequences. The Good Lord above lets us deal with conseqences everyday. Kevin Randleman needs to own up to what he did and face the consequences. To his supporters, maybe if you would quit making excuses for him and blaming everyone else he wouldn't be in this situation and two young child would not be fatherless tonight. No one is asking you to stop loving him, but stop living in denial. Kevin Randleman is a killer and needs to face judgement by man than by God later!


I like the other headline "Randleman could face more charges".   How about the charge of 480 volts!

allmoneyin says

I was just letting you know how the majority of the black community feels, about the situation


Now I haven't read past this comment yet because I was just so outraged by this statement so if I'm repeating anybody else's words than I apologize but I have to ask this...does the majority of the black community feel this or does the majority of the ghetto community feel this?

First of all, clearly you're racist against white people if you aren't willing to take a white man's word for what happened. Isn't that exactly the same thing the "black community" is crying about, the racial profiling.

Second, how do you know that a black person hasn't seen the video? Do you know every single deputy with the Erie County Sherrifs office? I don't, I don't know everybody's race, religion or creed. Do you know every single person at the coroners office to know that there wasn't a single black person there to witness the video?

Third, this is clearly not the majority of the black community's opinion since yesterday on the front page of the paper where they asked the man on the street question there is a black man that said randleman deserved the death penalty.

Finally, there is not a single thing that doesn't add up. Maybe things don't add up to the rumors in the "community" but overall everything seems to be adding up to me. Every single story read at every single news outlet reads the exact same story. Not only that but seeing as how officer Dunn radioed in to dispatch to see if there were any warrents for Randleman, he radioed to them regarding the fact that Randleman was evading him. It sounds like he radioed every single step of the way. Then he wound up calling in a code 11 because he had been fately shot and the other person at the scene that was found after he had been shot and tried to run away was Randleman...please explain to me what needs cleared up to you and "the community".

Yes only God can judge us but until we go before him in that final judgement, man has to take that place because the family deserves something that at least resembles justice even though nothing will ever sufice and also if man doesn't pass judgement then there would be that many more Randleman's running around and that many more good officers paying the ultimate price.

true hearted

To Dannie Edmon, your interview is unbelievable.  Did you say something good should have been said about the suspect, like he is a father?  Maybe tonight when my kids are sleeping I can jump on my bike and ride around Sandusky at 3 in the morning.  Add a couple felonies, throw in an illegal firearm and maybe I could get the father of the year award.  What an idiot.   


Danny Edmon, you are one of the reasons this community is ill.  The young people of this community will not be able to heal as long as you are able to speak.  What rock have you been living under?  Every accused murderer has their mug shot shown on television, in newspapers, etc.  As far as trusting yourself, I would question most things you say.  Kevin Randleman has had numerous encounters with police officers.  He is not a squeaky clean citizen.  You say you don't want to take sides but you have clearly done that.  There is no reason for the tapes to be released until the trial.  As far as a profile of Kevin Randleman, what would you list besides his record?  You are really making yourself sound like a moron. 


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If anyone is interested to see what the creator of the pro Randelman facebook page has to say about this whole incident you can go to youtube and type in chicago72969 in the search window and see for yourself.


i just checked out the youtube. this lady has nerve and issues. chicago72969 nedds to grow up.


 Yeah-I watched the Youtube and wow-what an educated, respectful "defense"


I watched this video you low life P.O.S. Maybe if you got off the drugs, your head would be clear enough to see how F-ing stupid you are.  you make me sick

Dick Tracey

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 Although i believe that racism is down from where it was 40 years ago, that doesnt mean its gone completely! No two people are the same. there is different kinds of predjudice. predjudice out of hate, predjudice out of fear, and Superiority type predjudice!  Predjudice DOES still exist, But i dont believe that ALL whites are predjudice! Same goes a hundred years ago. if it wasnt for whites , there wouldnt have been an underground railroad!  And even though there may be racism in the system, you cant really say that EVERYONE along the way in the system is racist.  But what i think im trying to get at here IS,  there is rational and irrational fear type predjudice. When most of this Cities black youths are claiming to be THUGS and drugs and violence run rampant in our black community, its kind of hard for people to see the positive.  what i think people mistake as Superiorority Predjudice is just , um how do i want to put it? O^O  Safe assumptions, or rational fear!  Its kind of hard on the black race when our boys are Caught red handed and then want to say , its because they are black that they are arrested!  When that happens time and time again, the system gets tired of hearing it, and even the few innocent ones get caught up in with the guilty!  And basically, people think, the blk bro gots to be guilty, cause thats just what they do!   How are we as a black community going to change a negative mindset when it seems that all we are all about is drugs, theft, rundown properties, and bad attitudes!  We Cry RACISM, and give the white man every reason to be rationally racist!  Maybe the change should start with US as a black community! why turn Predjudice into a Safe assumption or a rational fear? 


 Also, I dont know what came about between those two, but Kevins actions was still EXTREME!  and whether the stop was racist or not, if kevin was clean and wasnt breaking the law, why the harsh reaction? I know Andrew, and since the shooting, ive recieved both positive and negative feedback, but at the same time, ive considered the source with some of it!  If kevin thought it was a racially motivated stop, he should have just yeilded, answered the officers questions, and been on his way, and later filed a formal complaint . But, as it went, he got caught up in a moment, his emotions got the best of him, and he Did something DUMB! Although, im not taking sides. As Stated, Kevin was KNOWN to have a record, and it was known he had killed in the past! AND if Andy was running his name to check if he had outstanding warrants, evidently Andy knew him too! And why Andy would ATTEMPT to apprehend someone with such a background BY HIMSELF is beyond my Comprehension! !   Isnt their Protocol for situations like that?  Like having backup BEFORE you pulled someone over with that kind of history?  Ive known Andy for years, and i like Andy, and I cried when i heard the news! BUT 

 OH Dear ANDREW, In Real Life, Superheros Do die!   Condolences to the Dunn Family! 

Sandtown Rez

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Danny does NOT speak for all blacks, only those with limited reasoning skills and those who continue to make excuses for their own personal failures.

I've posted MANY times the evil's of those like Jackson, Sharpton and Farakan who shove themselves in opportunist ways in front of the TV and say they represent the black community. THEY DON"T REPRESENT ME, instead I RESENT THEM and wish both would somehow vaporize and all memories of them would go with them! It seems Danny has learned or was born with the same attitude and level of racisim. Without racisim they would all be out of work. Do you sincerely think that people like Jackson, Sharpton, Farakon and Danny would hold their possitions of power if there wasn't racisim within the black community? 

Once agin, these clowns that say they represent me and the black community and they quote Martin Luther King constantly, but REFUSE to acknowledge that Martin Luther King was a REPUBLICAN, he was EDCUACTED and he fought for equal rights. Jackson, Sharpton and others have NONE of those qualities!  These clowns thrive on racisim because it feeds their egos when people chant for them and highlight their importance, not to mention giving them money! These people are not figthing for equal rights but ACCELERATED rights above all others. I am embarrased as a black person every time those clowns open there mouths.

This being said I can honestly say I believe the white community is becoming much like those mentioned, while the blacks need to raise themselves up I see the white youth becoming as a whole more irresponsible and into SELF instead of what is best for the community.  Both situations sicken me because until both see our personal needs for improvement it will continue to get worse. How sad.

Heres proof that these fools don't represent all blacks. Please, don't think I'm anything like Danny, Jackson, Sharpton and I even include Sanders in this list.

http://www.nbra.info/  THE most wonderful black woman in politics I've ever had the priviledge to meet. 


 @ Bailey  well said, hun  :)

C'mon people

Dick Tracey...spot on!  Mr. Edmon has the arrogance and stupidity to make his worthless interview a ridiculous joke.  And true...why was THIS man given the oppurtunity for a forum?  And, as another commenter posted...he is cancerous and is what contributes to particular problems in Sandusky.  He should be ashamed...as a potential role model for youth, he is blindingly judgmental and absolutely defensive of facts that have been presented.

Officer Dunn...never forgotten...never.


Michael M

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Michael M.

Please delete and repost!! WOW, something went wrong big time with the site.

Maybe the moderator could copy and paste it correctly...



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 Bailey, you cant classify all Sex offenders the same! and now with the new Adam Walsh act, The registry is even more Worthless! The judge has no more descretion over who registers and who doesnt!  The registry is weaved in with the plea or conviction! under the Adam Walsh act, some that wouldnt have been made to register several years ago, will have to now! So there is no determination of danger , its just automatic!  And we Seriously need to redefine what a Sex offender is!   As for murderers, its hard to judge there too, we never know what the full stories are in those cases!  I do believe the media Sensationalizes and its easier to Sensationalize with black and white, whether with gray areas!  GOOD GUY< BAD GUY!  In lots of Cases , both parties were wrong!  But what you usually get is the Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf Scenerio!  No doubt that is sometimes the case, but living as long as i have, thats seldom the case! 

Michael M

 Thanks Baily, This is the first time I tried this.  How do you delete?  I tried to post from a blog in word xp.  I am afraid people will stop reading after all the stuff in the begining.  I having been working on this way too long.  Need to go to bed.  Take Care.

Rude McGootch

I spoke with a lady who works in the medical building on Tyler today. She said certain "passerby's" feel the need to add their saliva to the growing mound of flowers and stuffed animals placed there in memory of Officer Dunn. Shows the lack of class, up-bringing, and morals of certain members of our society!

Rest in Peace Brother Dunn


OMG ...... seriously?  Could anyone seriously be ignorant enough to think that doing something so atrocious will gain them or the person they want everyone to "respect" any respect at all? Spitting on the memorial for a deceased man shows a HUGE lack of morals and also just how utterly ignorant whoever is doing this truly is. How could they even respect themselves? Spitting? really???? I thought spitting stopped at about the age of two? Isn't there a law ..... somewhere ..... that can remove these spitting creatures from our streets also? Inciting a riot? Anyone know the law? I got it!!!! The leash law!!!! Humans do not act THAT disrespectful and inappropriate .... they must be llama's. Gather them up and take them back to the barn they escaped from.



Michael M




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The Sandusky Register salivated when Danny Edmonds along with Dan Kaman and Dave Waddington were elected as Sandusky’s new policy makers and dubbed them as part of the “Fab Four”. 

Danny Edmond’s interview may be explicable to his constituents, but Kaman and Waddington scrambled the morning after the tragedy in Chief Lang’s office to plan a response.  If these policymakers were really serious about protecting officers, they could have had a dramatic impact on officer safety. The hypocrisy of our Mayor and our elected officials playing politics and spinning a response to this horrific tragedy is repulsive. 

My intent is not to compare our elected officials to a cold blooded killer nevertheless, no one has undermined the safety and security of our safety forces more than these individuals except for maybe City Manager Don Iscman who is at least intelligent enough to stay in survival mode and not come out of his bunker .

I apologize to the Dunn family, but I am still in the anger stage of my grief over this incident.  I have counted to ten every day trying not to respond, but Matt’s interview with Danny Edmonds has pushed me too far.



 SR why are you now removing every single post that I put up here? Send me an email as to why, what or who I ticked off. Jason, I really do not attack or swear on this website. Stop being an idiot over my opinions.


 Thank you Judge O'Brien for having the guts to bar disclosing the taped evidence until it can be examined further. Everybody wants to jump th judicial system for it's lack of toughness. This is toughness in the face of assurred critics. Thank you so very much. Give the system a chance.

Left Sandtown

Just viewed yutube tape and don`t know you,or what your trying to prove.It is plain to see why this world is headed where it is.He should not do anymore tape,he can`t even speak,did you not pay attention or just not go to school?Your views and there not even views are so off track,quite smoking and drinking all night,sleep,get up in the morning,when the sun comes up and see a world maybe in a differant way.I grew up on the southside of sandusky and now been gone 12 years,but someone got to step up,thugs and drugs seem to be out of control.SR cut my last post out ?Try not to save the world but save yourself and the world will be a better place.The community leaders years ago were a differant breed,it was more about need instead of greed,the people I looked up to have their names enshrined in your small town.Rather/Schirg/Seevers/Stovall/Kelly/do I need to go on,and their is some people behind your scenes now that are true leaders in your town White/Neil/Koonce.Call me a fool but the fiber that was is now ripped for all the wrong reasons.We may meet again,I just want to end with this,there was no need for what happen and to Andy`s parents Roberta/Matt our family is heart struck by this event and what you have to confront, go in closed ears for the waters will calm,and for what reason the Lord needed Andy at this time we can not question,I will say a prayer for those children tonight and many nights God willing continue the prayers. God Bless all of that community at this difficult time,and maybe just maybe through Andy`s death lives can be saved.


dreambro in your 12:35 post you are saying what i was trying to say, but said it better

its hard to get past racism, when a part of a community acts a certain way, then uses racism as its trump card in a loud way instead of accepting their own actions for what they are.

when that happens, it does makes hard for the white community to accept it, especially when they stand and say how much they hate us for keeping them down, how we force them to be where they're at, ie: uneducated, depedent on drugs and alcohol, thieves, killers and thugs, dependent on social services etc...

in the video that the randleman backer made, all i hear is a bunch of accusations of them being set up for things they never did, raids on their property for things they should have never been suspected of. but i did hear him, or her, i couldn't tell which it was, say they got a bunch of felonies and misdomeanors from it, so obviously, someone, should have been raiding them

this might stop when the youth of today, and i said youth,because its youths of all races, get away from the lawlessness, and feeling of entitlement they have that they can do anthing they want and pass the buck to racism, society, parental upbringing, and get slapped on the wrist and sent back out to "play"


MATT DID THE CITY A SERVICE WITH THIS VIDEO. Make no mistake, I’m not a fan of Matt Westerhold  but placing this video on the web has INFORMED us on how Danny thinks and how the logic of irresponsible people like him illogically reason things out in their heads.


Westerhold allowed Dannie to make a complete fool of himself when Dannie said that the register painted a negative picture of Kevin by printing his criminal record BUT painted a positive picture of Dunn. Lets see, Dannie, DUNN is an OFFICER OF THE LAW, Kevin is a professional KILLER and CRIMINAL and you want the register to ignore these facts or at least print negative things about Dunn? Dannie, I SERIOUSLY feel sorry for you, I honestly do. Your logic and mind is not right and I and I know others are in complete SHOCK of your lack of reasoning skills. Your logic is NOT normal or rational, seriously bro, get some help..


The Bible says CURSED is the man who calls evil good and good evil. Dannie might as well excused everything Randleman has done in the past and basically called Dunn evil for doing his job.  7:40 timer.  Strange and distorted logic.  


At 12:00 counter/timer Danny said it wasn’t proper to print his entire criminal record; revealing his complete ignorance of the law and its purpose, making information acceptable to society so they can  maintain checks and balances and protect themselves. After all, if it’s not a NEGATIVE picture then Randelman should be PROUD of it and have it on billboards! He’s done nothing to change his image for the better but has done everything to enforce our beliefs that he’s an evil person, (even if he didn’t murder Dunn, he’s still an evil person, but as the Bible said, many will deny this and God calls THEM evil). Dannie, the Bible says: Cursed is the man who covers his sins. In other words, you wanting the register and everyone to ignore what Randleman did is evil and a lie.



Dannie’s logic is why I as a black man get depressed with my race. To those who are white, try to imagine if a large majority of your race thought like Dannie, how would you feel? And Dannie is civil, not like those of Sharpton/Jackson whose reasoning skills are even more selfish since their livelihood depends on stirring the pot of racism.


Dannie at the end HAD to bring up slavery. Dannie, GET OVER IT or at least face the FACTS. IT was the southern DEMOCRATS that fought FOR slavery, the very party that the majority of Blacks support! Are you NUTS Dannie or are you just part of the majority that took the buy out from the democrats? Why not ask those in the Democratic party why they NOW want our votes when THEY were the ones who chained and sold us! After the war they bought us with handouts, which continues to enslave our youth even into the next century! With our votes bought by the Democrats, our race will continue to find excuses on how OTHERS are holding us down. Instead of parents demanding our children to study in school and become something to better themselves we are taught by those like Jackson that it’s everyone’s fault since the 1700’s that we are still enslaved. The TRUTH to why you believe we are still in some form of slavery is BECAUSE YOU CHOOSE TOO remain in that frame of mind and it’s easier to blame others than to work yourself out of it.


I’m thinking seriously of leaving these boards, it’s no use. You have Dannie, Brutus, MIME and others who logic is so bizarre and no matter what facts one produces they will come back with some form of lies or distortion. This MURDER is the final straw for me, people worried more about a known criminal who was found WITH A GUN that had spent bullets and Dannie said wait for the facts? What facts, that being shot in the BACK 5 TIMES isn’t enough to suspect someone? Dannie, someday you will regret what you currently stand for, maybe not in this life but certainly the next. You should be more concerned about the murder and not because Randleman wasn’t allowed visitors.


I thank Matt for placing this video on the web, it shows what America has to deal with.



Now look I'm all for giving anyone a fair trial. But Mr. Randleman is pretty much screwed. i don't know who chicago 72969 is but here is the response i have for you ....go to youtube at paste this in your browser.........

Billy Madison - Insanely Idiotic (Academic Decathalon)


God Of Thunder

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


Really sleepy? Three to the back, five to the back.  Who cares?  The fact is your POS homeboy killed a cop with an illegally obtained and possessed handgun.  He's gonna fry, and you can continue to walk around like the rest of your illiterate ilk and claim that it was a racial thing.  The poor defensiveless black man, misunderstood, beaten down, and oppressed.  Give me a break, until some of you get out of the past, you have no future.  But hey, if you didn't have that you wouldn't have an excuse for all those poor choices.


The Bible also says 'Thy shalt not kill'. If Mr.Randleman honestly confesses his sin to God he has a chance for forgivness. If man puts someone to death they take away the chance that person may have had to see their errors and repent. The Bible also says if you cause one of these little ones to fall woe to you. Jesus Christ sees mans heart and whatever good or evil lies within. What does He see in you? What have you done today to better mankind?

Tool Shed

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wow....really can't believe Randleman's family or friends made a facebook page saying that he is the real victim..how ignorant can you be? Dunn is the one who lost his life, so how is Randleman the victim?


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained profanity. Discussion Guidelines


@Yawwnn: Your comment right there is a prime example as to why some blacks still pull the racial card. Now I agree Sleepy's comment was ignorant, but I mean come on now. You saying 'homeboy" and "you can walk around like the rest of your illeterate ilk" is completely unnecessary. I agree alot of people do need to get out of the past, but your ridiculous statements are some of the reasons as to why they still are in the past. Evaluate yourself before you evaluate someone else.


I hope everyone views and flags Randalman's girlfriend's video on you tube- her screen name is chicago72969. The video is inflamatory, racist, hate speak- at least the parts that are cohearant, the rest is just nonsence. (How many times can she possibly say 'ya know what i mean'?)

It saddens me that this woman and Dannie are the  examples being set for the younger generation. How can we ever expect to solve our problems through violence, ignorance and excuses? Where is the accountability?

My wife is a lovely, educated, black woman- and my son sweet, seven year old bi-racial child. We teach him that although his past is an important part of history and that the actions of his ansestors are honorable, that it is indeed in the past and not anything we should dwell on.

My wife and I  agree that the racism that exists is mainly now against white people . If they tried to hold rallys for white youth, or host shows about the issues facing white people there would be a huge pubic outcry- yet other races can do just that- why? There are just as many at risk youths of the white race as there are of the minority races.  (I am not white, but hispanic by the way!)

But, back to the matter at hand; I think that anyone who is afraid of the local police, or thinks they are part of a big conspiracy- are either criminals themselves or have been influnced by a criminals misconceptions. I am not saying that there aren't some police officers out there that are dirty- but for the most part it is a thankless, hard, low paying job (considering you put your life on the line everyday) that requires a strong, fair, selfless person.

I wish that the whole thing would of went down differently- I wish Officer Dunn would of been able to take down Kevin instead of vice versa. I am sure that had that happened many of you who are supporters of him now, would of questioned his actions. (Go back to the other local shootings at the end of last year- you should all be ashamed)  I hope if nothing else it reminds you that when it comes to cops v. bad guys, sometimes the cops have to use force to protect themselves and the public. And maybe if (God Forbid) another local police officer has to be involved in a shooting, you will  remember this sad story and offer them support instead of critism. Split second decisions make the difference between life and death!

That being said, I have never been very fond of the death penalty, but if ever there was someone who deserved to pay for his crime with his life it is Randleman. He assisanated Andy- and we should do the same to him.