Officer Dunn remembered as selfless

Colleagues remembered Officer Andrew "Andy" Dunn as an eager public servant, and friends and family remembered him as warm, funny and devoted to helping others.
Susan McMillan
Mar 22, 2011


A bullet ripped Andrew “Andy” Dunn from both of his families.

Shot and killed in the line of duty early Saturday morning, Dunn will never return home to his young family or work with the uniformed brothers and sisters with whom he patrolled Sandusky's streets.

Dunn, 30, followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a police officer. Matt Dunn, a Sandusky police officer since 1987, didn’t push his children into law enforcement careers, but his son eventually became an officer and Andy’s sister, Nakia Stookey, became a dispatcher.   “All Andy ever wanted to do was be a police officer like his father,” said Dan Poggiali, principal of Sandusky High School.   He remembers the 1999 graduate as a good student, likeable and respected by his classmates. He remembers Dunn as someone who looked up to his father.   The Sandusky Police Department hired Dunn as a reserve officer in 2003 and made him a full-time officer in May 2008. He was briefly laid off last year in a round of budget cuts.   “He was so happy to be back on the force,” Sandusky city commissioner Dave Waddington.  “All he wanted was to be a police officer.”   Dunn turned 30 just last week. He and his wife, Julie, had two sons, a 2-year-old and a 5-month-old.   He considered himself a family man and earned a reputation as a “fine young officer,” Sandusky interim police Chief Jim Lang said.   “Every time when I walked in in the morning he would always say, ‘Good morning,’” Lang said. “He was always eager to go to work.”   Dunn worked his way into the department after earning an associate degree in police science and law enforcement from Terra Community College and gaining experience at other police departments.   One of those departments was based at Cedar Point, where Shawna Sweene Evans worked with him on the third shift as a dispatcher during the summer of 2000.   “He always tried to find the lighter side of things, even in the crappiest calls we had, noise complaints or something like that,” she said. “If you were having a bad day, he tried to cheer you up.”   Dunn worked the 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. shift in Sandusky since January, Lang said. It’s typical for officers to switch between day and night every year to avoid burnout.   According to Dunn’s biographical information listed on the department’s promotional materials, he enjoyed spending as much time as possible with his family, playing golf and participating in other outdoor activities.   Dunn’s loved ones huddled behind closed doors Saturday, grieving their loss.   Family member Beth Lawrence is organizing a candlelight vigil in his memory at 8 p.m. today at the site of the shooting on Tyler Street.   “He was just a very sweet person, caring, loving,” she said. “If someone fell he would run to get there to help them up. He was just full of life and full of love and full of heart.”     See Sunday's edition of the Register for more coverage of Saturday's tragic events including timelines, a profile of Kevin Randleman's criminal history and community and family reaction.



My hear goes out to the Dunn family. May god bless you and watch over you. Such a shame that a loving wife and 2 small children have to live with out a husband an father. Wow another example of how the worthless trash in this city strikes again. This man had a history of crime and killed before. A shame he was free. I hope his family would never try to stand behind him because trash is trash. I hope they are better. And i totally respect the law officers and firefighters for having a job not only so dangerous but mentally challenging. If i was an officer and this was a fellow officer i would have finished the job. May god forgive me i would have. And firefighters have a job to do and shows you how well they do it. Had i been a rescue worker on the seen this piece of trash would have died before ever getting any help from me. So i guess this was not the job for me. Again i am very sorry for the loss of the Dunn family and may the good lord heal your pain and watch over you.


As a deputy sheriff my heart goes out to the Dunn family. I truly know what your going through. From all us fellow brothers and sisters in the law enforcement  world God bless and thank you for your service. You will not be forgotten.


Molon Labe

I lost a friend today, its hard to hear but true.  It was just last week that I tried calling you.  The phone rang, and rang, you didn't pick up the line.  I didn't get to talk to you, perhaps I will in time.  You see, You work the night shift, and I work the day.  Its because of this we missed each other, and now you've gone away.  I wish I would have called again, just one more time.  Then maybe I would have heard your voice again, instead I hear only mine.  I guess friends, are friends, forever, regardless of how we part.  The joy of knowing you, my friend, remains within my heart.  I lost a friend today, its hard to hear but true. No! he's not "Just a Cop" but a hero to me, always an angel in blue.

I love you brother!!!

~Justin J. Gioffredo~

ex local

 God Bless the Dunn family.  I will be saying a prayer today at church for the family and the entire community for healing.


The Dunn family is in my thoughts and prayers.


My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Officer Dunn, and to the other officers of SPD who lost a brother and friend. May god comfort and strengthen you all.

Kottage Kat

Today a community is mourning, not only because he left us, because he touched us.

God Bless you Officer Dunn

Well done good and faithful servant.

Prayers for the Dunn family and the SPD


Words just cant express how I feel. All my best to the family of  Officer Dunn.


Does anyone know if a fund has been started for this young hero's family? I would like to donate. God Bless Officer Dunn and his family. RIP.


My thoughts and prayers are with Officer Dunn's family, friends, and fellow officers. To serve and Protect. Officer Dunn made the ultimate sacrifice, he gave his life to protect us. God Bless our public servants and their families.


 Another quick thought, raising a family without a father is going to be expensive. Please consider  donating to the family. The expenses are going to be insane and they will need the help of the entire community Officer Dunn served. I hope the Register can let people know where to donate to the family.


May his Family, and Brothers/Sisters in Law Enforcement find comfort.


"A Part of America Died"   

Somebody killed a policeman today,
and a part of America died.
A piece of our country he swore to protect,
will be buried with him at his side.

The suspect that shot him will stand up in court,
with counsel demanding his rights.
While a young widowed mother must work for her kids,
and spend many long, lonely nights.

The beat that he walked was a battle field too,
just as if he'd gone off to war.
Though the flag of our nation won't fly at half mast,
to his name they will add a gold star.

Yes, somebody killed a policeman today,
in your town or mine.
While we slept in comfort behind our locked doors,
a cop put his life on the line.

Now his ghost walks a beat on a dark city street,
and he stands at each new rookie's side.
He answered the call, of himself gave his all,
and a part of America died.


 You will be remembered and Missed. A Friend and Fellow Public Servant. ~Rob B~


Well, I'm am through the anger, and now I feel mortified about prior posts. I love Yawwnn's poem, although I find that I am crying. My deepest condolences to Andy's family and fellow officers. May God help us all get though this loss.


RIP Andrew Dunn.


You served your community well and because of a tragic incident you lost your life, a wonderful woman lost her husband and two baby boys lost their father. My heart goes out to Julie and the boys as well as the rest of Officer Dunn's family. May peace be with you all in this time of need and just know your in our prayers and if there is anything we can do to help, we are here.


First off, I want to say that I was a very close friend of Andy's and I will be praying long and hard for his family and SPD Officers.  What disgusts me, is that the SR put an article of this scum bags family professing his innocense on the same page as Andy's articles!!!  Let's look at the FACTS!!!  Scumbag, LONG criminal history, Andy....LONG law enforcement history...Scumbag out at 3 am with an outstanding warrant, Andy.....out patrolling the streets like he has done thousands of times......Scumbag is GUILTY!!!! Family will always want to deny the guilt of another family member, but Randleman is a coward and needs a gun to do anything....this scum sucking parasite is not worthy of taking another breath of the same air I breath, but I am guessing he will spend the rest of his sad pathetic life living off my tax dollars in some luxury hotel of a prison, while Andy's kids must go without their dad.....what is wrong with this world????


For some years, my own father worked with the police department in a relatively small town. Every time he put on his uniform, a small part of me wondered if he'd come home from his shift. But an even larger part of me was proud that he would perform such a job, day in and day out, where he believed all of the good he might do outweighed any dangers he might face.

I know what it's like to watch a loved one put on a uniform and a badge and worry. I can't imagine, though, what it would be like to know a man (or woman) in uniform will never be coming home again. I didn't know Officer Dunn or his family, but my heart bleeds for them.

I can only hope that the pride he had in his calling, and the pride his family doubtless felt in him, will provide some small comfort in the days and weeks that lie ahead. He did what too few are willing let alone able to do: protect and serve. To Officer Dunn and to every other policeman or -woman as well, THANK YOU. Your many sacrifices, including the ultimate one, are not unappreciated.

As for the "bad guy" in this case: There's a reason a man with a record like that was still able to freely ride his bicycle around town at 3:00 in the morning, armed and allegedly with bad intent. It's not the fault of the police, the lawyers, or the judges. It's the legislators who mandate sentencing. I suggest we do two things in memory of Officer Dunn:

1. We spend a little more time appreciating those who protect and serve; and

2. We contact our Ohio Representatives and Senators and tell them in no uncertain terms that sentencing guidelines need a good, hard look and some significant changes so that judges can truly "throw the book" at those who so clearly need to be removed from society.



Officer Dunn was a selfless man who gave his life protecting others. He is a hero and should be honored as such.

My prayers are with his family and community.


I certainly agree with you.  I have had relatives in the Sandusky Police Department and my husband worked for the Castalia Police Department.  Everyday they do  their jobs with pride.  The thought that murderers go free is horrendous.  We now live in Florida and I can't imagine being the wife of a police officer here.  But to have this happen in my hometown is beyond comprehension.  My heart breaks for Office Dunn's family and fellow police officers.  My prayer is that The Lord please protect our protectors.


@SamAdams- Beautifully put!


They think he is doesn't matter if it was a police officer. Kevin Randelman had a loaded gun, his intent was to shoot someone. How can anyone stand behind him and say he wouldn't hurt anyone. Why was he carrying a loaded gun for? He was up to no good. How in the world can anyone say he wouldn't hurt anyone. Wake up people !! Officer Dunn was shot nemerous of times, Randelman once.



As the spouse of a former law enforcement officer, I want to offer my deepest condolences to the family of Officer Dunn.  These brave men and women put their lives on the line every single day.  May God bless his young wife and sons, as well as all of his friends and family with His grace, comfort, and peace. 










GOD bless to all of the lives touched by this officer.


An Angel In The Sky Must Leave His Place Of Rest,

Gently Tucking  His Wings Beneath His Armored Vest.

For Duty Has Called, There Is  Alot To Do

Little Did He Know, This One Is Dressed In Blue.


Arriving On The Scene, He Knows Just What To Say,

"Follow Me My Fallen Brother, I Know Just What To Do."

"Your Duty Has Ended, Your Work Is Now Through."

"Come Hang Your Hat Beside Mine,  I'm A Cop, Too."


This whole situation just breaks my heart.Two little boys will never hear their dad's voice or laughter again.Two little boys will never get to play ball with their dad or learn the life lessons their daddy learned in life.A wife will never hear "I love you" or feel his kiss as he leaves the door.A family is without a son,brother,husband,daddy,cousin and friend.The Sandusky Police Department lost a brother and loyal employee.The community lost a person who took pride in his job and did it with dignity and compassion.Let's all remember that these next few trying days and the weeks until  justice is done and the person responsible is behind bars,where he belongs.

Left Sandtown

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My thoughts and prayers go to Officer Dunn's family. He has two small sons who will never see their Dad or play football or baseball with him. He was out doing what he liked to do and that is protecting the citizens of Sandusky. Officer Dunn will be remembered for protecting the City of Sandusky. Please keep the Dunn Family in your prayers. The Sandusky Register should list if there's going to be a fund started for the Dunn children. Rest in Peace Andy and God be with you.


Sandusky is always going to do some great thing for the community but never seems to bring it to reality. Maybe this city can get behind something like a new recreation center or major park or new city hall etc. that bears this young police officer 's name so no one ever forgets him and what he valued. Something done that serves the youth of this community that makes a positive impact on them so no police have to deal again in this community with the likes of Randleman. 

It time to stop arguing in this city and do something positive for young people and that can also be a lasting tribute to Officer Dunn.  Be great to see an entire city get behind a project and regardless of color , race, economic level, job etc. the whole city is involved in making it happen.


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@Sandusky proud say

Shame on you! You're no different than Mr. Randelman. Needless to say, It's obvious that you have a murderous spirit lurking upon you too.  I sincerely hope that you get yourself some psychiatric help.

Molon Labe

Matthew 5:9-  Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.


Well, Sandusky  have you had enough with the thugs and gangstas, now?  

Have you had enough of the gunplay,  and  shooting sprees, now?   

Have you had enough of the drug  dealing scum and trafficking  now?

Only your community can change it.  Only you  residents can change it.  Because if you don't- then , YES it will get worse...much worse.


Kottage Kat

Blessed are they that mourn; for they shall be comforted.

 Matthew 5:4

Jeff Taylor
My prayers are with Officer Andrew Dunn's friends, family, and fellow Officers. I am so sorry for your loss, to loose a person like him is a loss to the human race.

He will be truly missed.