Officers have their day in court

Two Sandusky Police Department leaders made powerful statements to the court before Erie County Judge Tygh Tone sentenced Kevin Randleman to life in prison without parole Friday.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 25, 2012


Two Sandusky Police Department leaders made powerful statements to the court before Erie County Judge Tygh Tone sentenced Kevin Randleman to life in prison without parole Friday.

When Sgt. Dana Newell went to the lectern, he turned the microphone around so he could see everyone in the courtroom, including about 30 fellow law enforcement officers.

Newell knew Dunn since he was a child, riding around on his tricycle with an SPD sticker stuck on the back.

“That’s all he wanted to do, was be a cop,” Newell said.


For more on what the officers said in court before Randleman's sentencing Friday, watch the video above and pick up a copy of Saturday's Register.



This guy has the nerve to sit there and say, "You better pray for yourself", when Off.Newell was finished speaking, and then you can hear him say "I'm ready to go"....NO RESPECT!!! I'm glad that this chapter is over for the Dunns, yet it makes me sick that "our" tax dollars will support him the rest of his life! 


Gotta agree with debinohio's statement about him having no respect. I watched this and all I could see was Randleman sitting there and interupting those making the victim impact statements.  You heard him say things such as "What about me?" and "I have rights, I am a human being.".  He very much in deed lacked respect for the Dunn family and I think he lacks any remorse for his actions that night even though he gave a apology. Sgt.Newell was right, he crossed the line that night.


I agree with other post that Kevin Randleman was disrespectful and appeared to show no remorse at all for what he had done. You could see how it was very hard for Sgt. Newell and the other officer to compose themselves while speaking because of how much they cared for Officer Dunn. I for one am very proud of our officers that serve the community and I will support them anyway I can. Thank God we have officers like Sgt Newell, etc. to protect the community. I pray the community can come together now and support the ones that protect us. Thank you SPD !!!!

old lady44870

the only reason randelman pled guilty was so he didnt have to fry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he knew he would have probably got the death penalty so he pled

to sit there and look like he is incomvieneced by having to listen is a total disrespect to everyone in sandusky. the j--ka-- knew he did wrong but now we have to pay for him the rest of his life. he needed to fry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think him interrupting the lady was a bit disrespectful but He should have said more than just he was sorry.  I thought he showed remorse and I still do not believe he set out to kill that man that night.  I am glad it is over too!


 1]  I think it says a lot about the professionalism of the SPD that Mr. Randleman wasn't shot and killed that night, but arrested and allowed to have his day in court when emotions were no doubt running quite high.

2] I think it says a lot about their continued professionalism that through taunts and probably fear (they're human, too, Mr. Randleman) that they haven't shot someone they pulled over by accident when the person moved too fast or acted cagey...just out of fear and self-preservation

3] I would like to think that Randleman's (I really hate to use the word "Mr") outbursts are indicative of the fact that he's a moron as his attorneys have suggested throughout his criminal "career"  and in this case. Is he apologetic?  Probably not in my opinion.  Even his apology suggests that he believes it was a "him or me" situation  He says "It could have been me."  He doesn't seem to comprehend that once he pulled the weapon on Ofc. Dunn that he created that situation.  And the idiots who think there was a "verdict" and not a guilty plea and that a person deserves to be shot for inconveniencing another person...well...they were probably interviewed outside the courthouse while waiting for their own hearings. 

Bottom line is Stupid doesn't give you a license to act like an idiot.  The SPD officers have continued to be professional and intelligent in protecting this community when any of the idiots who support the decision to pull a weapon on an officer who was talking to someone who was indeed breaking the law (he had a gun when he wasn't allowed to, that's breaking the law) would not have shown the same respect or restraint.  

Kudos to the SPD, heartfelt sympathy for the family of Ofc Dunn, and let's start healing and trying to make sure that nothing like this EVER happens again.