VIDEO: Full recording of Randleman's plea hearing

Click here for the full recording of Friday's hearing, during which Kevin Randleman pleaded guilty to killing Ofc. Andrew Dunn.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 27, 2012

Click here for the full recording of Friday's hearing, during which Kevin Randleman pleaded guilty to killing Ofc. Andrew Dunn.



I wonder what he meant when he said "it could've been me".  He didn't seem real comfortable with the word "aggravated".  I  would love to know what happened out there that night.  I know the obvious so don't even start but there is more to this story!


What an inconciderate Sum B****     His mother should have jumped up and slapped him silly for embarrasing her and her family like that!   I got more but i just can't express the emotion into words in this public forum!   I wanna appologize for him Mrs. Grandma Dunn for him being so rude to you during a VERY difficult and trying time in your life!  May the good lord heal your family's broken hearts soon!


I'm sorry Mr.Randleman are you bored?



 Not even enough respect to keep his mouth shut while that poor grandmother spoke about her beloved grandson.  What about him?  Pffttt........


deertracker there always is more to the story. 

watch the interview with boo boo (roberta) andys mom

we cant change the past            i feel sorry for thier loss.



That's not the story I am interested in.  I want to know why he shot and killed Dunn.  What happened that night.  To be honest,  the hearing was "interesting",  he didn't seem to fully comprehend what was happening.  Yes, he was guilty  and sorry but for whatever reason , he seemmed as though he thought his actions were warranted.   Don't bother with the nasty comments, I am just verbalizing what alot of us are thinking.


 I don't think anybody was thinking that. He was uncomfortable with the fact that he wasn't going to get off on this murder and he was actually going to have to go away for the rest of his life. He's just trying to justify in his head why he killed a man in cold blood for absolutely no reason. Then again since he's "mentally retarded" or whatever somebody was trying to prove and he couldn't even comprehend the simple instruction of shut up. Officer Dunn probably took out his ticket book to issue him a citation and he thought it was a gun. I don't think I've ever seen somebody so disrespectful in my life. The comments that were made during the victim's impact statements. Hopefully somebody in prison will teach him some respect since he clearly never learned it anywhere else. 

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. . . . .  wasn't going to get off on this murder.......Like He DID to the First Guy He Had Gunned Down  once  again  "IN  COLD BLOOD"????????????????+*+-+*+-+*+-+



I'm sure someone will take your bait on this one and lash out at you. I'm only going to say that it's pretty obvious that the defense wouldn't request that the footage remain sealed, if there was something on it that would cause others to believe what you are implying. It is what it is. A known killer had a gun on him and didn't want to go to prison. Conspiracy theories won't hold water here. 


They must have known Randleman was going to plead guilty for all moved so quickly and without hesitation on Friday. 

First he pleaded guility and immediately Tone sentenced him to life in prision. Normally, sentencing is set for a later date they did it immediately. Public records show Randleman was admitted on Friday, August 24th into the Lorain Correctional Institution. That is the centralized intake facility for this half of Ohio. Normally a prisioner is not moved to Lorain Correctional facility fill a few ways after sentencing,. Randleman was immediately that same day. The state prision system does not accept prisioners unannounced so prior arrangements had to be made that Randleman was on the way on Friday. They must have taken him to prision right after the legal proceedings at the Erie County Courthouse not back to Erie County Jail but direct to Lorain Correctional Institution.

It was clear that after the legal proceedings they wanted Randleman out of the county immediately.

Sorta a repeat of the day when Officer Dunn was killed. They life flighted Randleman to Toledo early Saturday morning to Toledo. His injuries did not warrant a life flight they were not  that serious but sure they felt a threat existed if he stayed even in jail here in Erie County .  So a $7000 + flight paid for by the taxpayers was done. Easy and fast way to remove him from Erie County that day via a helicopter.

If you remember they did not bring him back to Erie County jail form Toledo till quite a few days after the funeral. When he was brought back it was kept very quiet and only made public after he was safely behind bars in the Erie County Jail.

Guess there has always been a fear of whatever on this guy. Law enforcement wanted no part of that and can not blame them.

At least now he has the hospitality of the Ohio Correctional System for rest of his life.


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What are they (court officials) afraid of! For the DUNN Family, most of 'the worst case senario' has been done?  Why in the world would 'they' protect a viscious, evil, and previously documented murderer anyway? At least... Ummm lets see...7k for a helicopter ride, housing, meals, cable TV, Basketball? Yeah and we'll all be paying for his mistake until we DIE!!!!!!! Unbelieveable>> I think they should release the      Missing...hidden..... evidence... That was taken to Judge's Chambers. It should be made to be

Public Knowledge!!!!


it's not the first time that I have heard of that an inmate found guilty, is sent to prison right from court.


Time to go rot in your cage Kevin, as for the "conspiracy threorists" out there, stop watching so much CSI and join the rest of us in a little place I like to call reality.....go back to Hunting Wabbits Deertracker

Julie R.

The paper makes it sound like Baxter and Tone want all the credit for this. What a joke. The death penalty was taken off the table a long time ago ............ but then I don't believe it was ever really on the table to begin with. That was only done to appease the angry people.  Now they're tooting their own horns on how much money they saved the taxpayers, which is another joke I won't get into.

By the way, I thought Ron Bailey was also Randleman's attorney. If so, why wasn't he present at the plea hearing? He certainly must have known ahead of time what was going to go down.  

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Sorry CopKiller's only have one income...By way of Theft and Lies and Murder...That thing could not even afford  a Public Defender.


Why is it that if someone asks a simple question, they are accused of being a conspiracy theorist?  Where's the conspiracy Dorian?  Are you one of those guys that ignores logic?  I do believe that this outcome was the best for all involved and the only real outcome possible but I, like most of you  but are too chicken to ask, would like to better understand the process.  How can you be slightly mentally impaired to the point the death penalty is off the table but you can still assist in your own defense?  What made the crime "aggravated"?  Was it because Andy was a law enforcement officer or did he really stand over the guy like Knuckle says?  Have any of you seen the tape?  Why would the defense request the tape be sealed after their client had already admitted to the crime?  He pleaded guilty but there was no allocution.  Why?  I think he was VERY poorly represented.  That is just my opinion, which I am entitled to, and for anyone who has a problem with it, too bad, that's your problem!  Remember the first amendment?  That applies to me too.  Some had negative things to say about Traci's response to a question but she has first amendment rights too.  She does not have to "shut up".  It is important that things were handled properly to avoid him actually getting out one day because of someone's mistake.  Some of you can log in and go off on my comments but I DON'T CARE.  Don't waste your time!  Fact is I am in agreement with you on the most important thing but a question is a question.  The guy did not seem like he was in total agreement with the proceedings.  Jus sayn'!

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I just feel for him, during the whole hearing KevinCOPKILLER, was very rude, insensitive, astoundingly uncalled for behavior, and just for his actions at the hearing: HE SHOULD'VE BEEN CRUCIFIED VERY SLOWLY>>>A LONG AND DRAWN OUT LINGERING DEATH; much of which the Dunn Family will be facing until we all meet again in heaven>>>>    EXCEPT  YOU COPKILLER... WE ALL KNOW AND BELIEVE THAT EVEN HELL IS TOO GOOD FOR SOMETHING LIKE YOU... THAT'S Why I firmly believe you should have been left for dead from your little boo-boo, instead of wasting taxpayers'   money. 

I really thought Ohio still has the power judicially to enforce the Death Penalty.  But   I    guess     others    do     not     believe    that   killing     (in cold blood)     a    Beloved Son,     Husband,    Father,    Nephew,    Grandson,    Uncle,   Cousin,   Brother,  Fellow Officer,    Respected Community Member,      Friend    and    Decorated Officer of the Law;   D O E S      N O T    constitute  a sentence of  the Death Penalty?  What ever happened to an eye for an eye?   Or better yet:  He Who Lives BY the  SWORD    D I E S   B Y   T H E   S W O R D?????????????????????????????


Gardenman: No conspiracy or behind-the-scenes maneuvering involved, I don't think. Part of the plea arrangement was the sentence. The plea deal was already made in advance; the court appearance only cements it into the record. Therefore advance notice to prison authorities would have been easy enough without suggesting anything untoward occurred. Further evidence of the plea deal already done prior to the court appearance: The victims' statements.

As far as I'm concerned, life without parole isn't the ideal sentence. But like I said in the comments for another story, that's what Randleman would likely have received anyway given the extreme delays in executions thanks to years and years and YEARS and years of appeals, etc. So this is by far the cheaper (not to mention less painful for the innocents involved) option, and it does serve to ensure he will never threaten another law-abiding citizen again. So I'm living with it. I hope Officer Dunn's family is able to do the same, though even an execution couldn't possibly have mitigated their great loss!


Randleman's already gone from the County Jail, I hope the healing can start for the Dunn family and Community.


I hear ya Goosey but you do not know what you are talking about!

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Hey  D. ...  T..>>>> Just Checkout CopKiller's Timeline.....1990?????????????  Now who doesn't know what they are talking  about!!!!

Julie R.

I personally wouldn't watch that video cam for love nor money but don't the people at least deserve to know what happened that night? I wondered what he meant also when he said: "It could've been me." So why did he think his actions were warranted? I also agree that he certainly didn't comprehend what was happening at the courthouse --- all he was doing is what his attorneys told him to do. Better hope and pray that doesn't come back and bite anybody further down the road.


I've seen the police car videos, the Firelands Hospital videos, and listened to the officers audio recording...... Officer Dunn did absolutely nothing to incite Randelman to draw a weapon and empty it at him.  It was murder, cold blooded murder.


I find it disturbing to watch Randleman's behavior in the courtroom. He looked like he was bored most of the time, the rest he just looked obnoxious. I am happy to see him leave our community. Maybe now we can heal. Before that horrib le night it was pretty peaceful here. Every town has it's ups and downs Since Andy was killed, you hear gun shots fired all over town and a few times a week. Now we have 3 more murdrerers to put away,



What a disrespectful piece of crap.  Fingers crossed his end destination is Lucasville. 


 First, let me say that not living in Sandusky, I can't imagine the pain and tension that is being felt in your town. My parent was a Firefighter for 20+ years, and we had lost a member of our 'family' under tragic circumstances. It was devestating...

That being said, I have to agree with some on here that believe that Randlemann did not really know what was going on. He was obnoxious, yes, in his behavior, but I don't really think he knew the procedure as most of us would. His statements also lead me to believe that his lawyers just told him, "We will handle it, just say yes or no when we tell you to." As far as sealing all records/vid., I find it also disturbing.

With the past record of the "justice" system in Erie County, I truely hope that some Innocence Project  lawyer or anyone else, doesn't find that he was not properly represented or tried. That would be worse for the family/community than if it were all out there in the first place.

I DO believe he killed Officer Dunn, I believe he received the corrct sentence. But, was it done PROPERLY?

Sal Dali

Randleman hasn't always been like he was in court; this is what drugs do to a person. Why should society excuse someone because they've deminshed their own mental capacity to this extent by choice? I believe the two people here that said they've seen one or more videos of Andy's murder; they are obviously closer to this and know the facts of this case more than the rest of us.

Randleman was probably on some type of prescription drugs to tone him down for court because he was peed off that he didn't get off scot free. He listened to what he wanted to and then seemed to drift away, until something caught hs ear that seemed insensitive to him personally and he spoke up. When Andy's family spoke lovingly about Andy, it riled Randleman up, Andy's grandma seemed to really get him going. I hope his outbursts were not a ploy for his 30 day appeal because he didn't have adequate council or a habeas corpus review as was mentiioned. His coucil was just fine and did what they could given the evidence against him.

His attorney's (and probably everyone else) wanted that video evidence sealed because it would make many members of the community angry and insight even more hatred/tension within the community, perhaps endangering Randleman's family and the lives of more officers if something would happen. They did also mention in case a habeas corpus review were to come up.

Whether anyone here admit's it or not, many people were not happy with this plea regardless of who negociated it. Matt himself agreed with this for the family and community; no one wants more bad blood by releasing the video from the cruiser or hospital. I personally, do not want to see either. I'll take the word of those that know. The autopsy spoke volumes by itself. He wore a bulletproof vest... Violence like what has been described, is the kind that can make even the most passive people angry.  Sealing the graphic evidence is sort of anger management for the community and the best way for all to move forward and heal in some way in my opinion.


     The defense asked to have the records sealed!  Doing there job to keep it out of the hands of the public to protect there clients family! This is normal precedure in a high profile case such as this for the sake of many others!  It doesn't take much common sence to see that there is no conspiracy if the defense ask to seal this!  Some of you people here really need to pay attention to detail!


 I am sorry, but you can not just pick and choose which documents to seal at your whim. There are many folks I know that have made much less serious offenses, that would like evidence/records sealed or names not in the papers. If only to avoid embarrassment or reprisals from others. They don't get to keep it out of public records. I guess I don't understand the whole thing, b/c looking thru other trials like this, I haven't seen any( correct me if wrong) where everything was sealed and the defendent is obviously clueless. 

Like I said, I believe he did it and he got the sentence he deserved... But the WAY it came about bothers me. Once people start accepting secrecy from gov't., for "special" reasons, then where does it end?


You don't Gosey!!!!!!!!!!!!  Paul, do you really think the video was sealed to protect the Randlemans?  From what?  Get a clue!