Word on the Street: Community reacts to Randleman plea

We asked community members around town what they thought of Kevin Randleman pleading guilty to the murder of Ofc. Andrew Dunn.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 25, 2012

We asked community members around town what they thought of Kevin Randleman pleading guilty to the murder of Ofc. Andrew Dunn.

Click the video player to see what they said, and post your own reaction below.



 All I know is for the woman who said, he got what he got. Just remember, all public service is brothers in arms and when you need anybody and you will someday, it's going to be remembered what you said. Be sure you don't need the police though since you clearly have no use for them anyways. 

hmm really

I am at a loss for words with the hog in the red dress.  You have the AUDACITY to make a statement like that??!?  You are perfect example of Sandusky TRASH!  I know I am stooping to your level by even posting a reaction to your ignorant stupid no-brained words... but you are about as low  as the scumbag  that is going to rot in prison.  I saw your name on another blog before moderators removed it, and I sure hope that others did too so people know who you are.  I hope you're proud.  I pray for you that none of your loved ones ever have to explain to their children that they don't have a Dad anymore because he "got what he got". 




 #2, #3, and #5..................................................................................WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??

And we wonder why our city is in the shape it's in.......C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S!  What in GOD's name is wrong with some people?   The comment "the officer got what he deserved" .....GOD help us...we need it~something is terribly wrong with some.   Absolutely nauseating!

Sal Dali

When I watched this video, some wisdom from my parents came to mind; "Consider the source." Sandusky is not a tiny city, of all the residents that live here, why on earth would some of these folks even be asked? How dare anyone think that life in prison is too much and the death of an officer in the line of duty is "He got what he got." It's shameful. Race has nothing to do with his sentence, it was his crime and anyone of any color is lucky to to avoid the death sentence for murdering a law enforcement officer. He's lucky this didn't happen anywhere else, people that do this usually get the death penalty. The Dunn's were very forgiving to accept his plea.

I wonder if those people even considered if he would have gone to trial he might have gotten the death penalty. By agreeing to the plea, the Dunn family actually saved his life. How did he show his appreciation for that? By disrecpectfully chatting with his lawyers through the victim impact statements; he isn't remorseful and probably has no clue what remorse even is. It was the second time he killed someone.

Harassing him? It looks like the Randleman's own quite a large portion of the criminal records listed on the muni court site...geeze...wonder why an officer would take a second look at a guy with so many criminal charges riding a bike  without a light in a neighborhood where everyone was sleeping in the wee hours of the morning and coincidentally HAD A GUN IN HIS POCKET. Harassment...are you kidding me? I'm glad law enforcement is out there; law abiding citizens truly appreciate you guys and gals.


 Just watching all the posts on this artical. It just hit me, The Sandusky Register just wants to keep the bad blood in the streets between the black and white people of this town. All they want to do is sell papers (or eyes on the adds on this site). It's one way to keep an income. It's all about MONEY for you people. No matter what the cost of the city of Sandusky. More shooting, murders and fights in the streets It's all MONEY for you people. Why else would you run video of this kind. NICE WORK, HOPE YOUR PROUD OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING.


Here is just some of what the Families lost,

The Dunn Family- lost a young man who served the community, supported His family and was a father and husband that is sadly missed, mostly at home.

The Randleman Family- A man who should have been in the prime of his life.  I don't think He was taking care of a wife or kids.  Nothing in His record shows any community service.  In fact he has been a life-long drain to taxpayers.  When it come to taking a life he showed no predjuduce, he killed both a Black man and a White man.  No, Randleman was a loss to His family when He killed officer Dunn,  He was a loss at an early age and never showed any improvement.  Same man, two different incidents, let him run the streets and It would be number 3 or maybe 4 &5 too.  As a matter of fact, His third just might be in prison.  Who is to say He don't get one of them before they get him.


I am flabbergasted that black citizens believe Randleman was not guilty, or didn't deserve to go to prison.  No wonder there is so much crime in the black community.  They tollerate it.  Or is it just that if a black man shoots a white police officer, some how the officer deserves it?  This is not America.  This is some other country.  I am silly enough to think that black or white, murder is wrong, disrespecting a police officer is wrong.  Shooting a police officer is wrong.  Killing someone for no reason it wrong.  Oh my, oh my, oh my.  What is in the water over there in Sandusky?



Agree 100%, imagine what would have happened, had Andy been able to evade Kevins shots and was able to shoot and kill Kevin, the entire black community would be screaming for his badge, his freedom and his life.  His family would have been targets of attacks and harassment and there would have been riots everywhere....so you can please them....its always poor us, poor us.....Kevin was going to shoot someone that night, Andy prevented someone else, possibly another officer from getting killed and for that he is a Hero....time to go rot in your cage Kevin

Concerned For A...

Oh god...here we go with the conspiracy theorys and racist malarky!!! I'm so sick and frigging tired of the "White man holdin us down" CRAP!! That sick, twisted mind of that whatever you wanna call her wearing red...I HOPE someday you need the assistance of an officer, and I HOPE they don't come. But they will, because they would be doing their JOOOBB!!! If your known to be in trouble, your riding a bike around at 2 or 3 in the morning, you deserve to be questioned, PERIOD!! You people are idiots, and you make me sick! Look at the video of his plea hearing!! Look how disrespectful he was while the Dunn family was speaking! Get a life you racist pig!!!


 To the black community of Sandusky:

Mr. Randleman's attorney reminded the judge about an agreement with the state to keep the video showing what happened that night sealed. My guess is that Mr. Randleman and his family did not want the facts known, and agreed to life in prison rather than death, based on the facts. If there was any kind of conspiracy or cover up in this case it was from the defence.

I agree with the decision. Mr. Randleman has children in the community and family who care for him. Based on some of the hate filled comments coming from radicals from both races in the Sandusky community releasing the video would likely have caused more of the same. Keep in mind that this stuff never stays a secret. It will be released eventually.



 IMO the killing of a LE officer should be a mandatory death sentence.


The interviews reminded me of a reno911 skit.  Was this staged?


Some of these comments  from the black people, just prove further that white and black do not mix well.  Never have , never will.   That's the TRUTH.


anyone that looks at their skin color first, is racist.  When we forget race, and just look at the human, we will mix just fine.  But first the Al Sharptons, the Jesse Jacksons, and Louis Farrakhan, will have to go deaf and dumb.  Until then, stirring the pot pays them well.


So, according to one illustrious member of the community, the cops should just leave people alone? Okay, no problem. Whoever she is (and it's easy enough for the police to find out), I suggest that you leave her alone. Completely. Under any and all circumstances. There, feel better now? If Officer Dunn "got what he got," well, now you can get what YOU get!

One added note to the same woman: Randleman WAS visibly doing something wrong. He was apparently under the influence (turns out to have been true), and he was riding in the dark with no headlight (unquestionably true), either of which are reasons for a stop.

I'm not surprised, but  I'm deeply disappointed that the opinions were so vehemently along "color" lines! For the record, I would have been just as adamant that Randleman deserves (at the least) to spend the rest of his life in prison if the cop he'd killed had been a black man. I would have been just as adamant that a white man who did what Randleman did deserves (at the least) the same exact thing. I wonder if several of those folks on the Register video can say the same...


There is no need to direct your comments at "the black community" eriemom.  The black community consists of more than one black person and you are just "guessing"  .  There is so much about this that is unknown so let's just leave it at that.  Everyone gets to feel their own way. 


Sorry I don't have any sympathy for randleman..he got what he deserved I can't feel bad that he has kids...he wasn't thinking of them when he murdered officer Dunn and took him away from his kids

hmm really

@ Sam--- WELL SAID!!!! 


ps.  Her name is already out.  It was on a post before moderators deleted it; I saw it and I know that a lot of other people did too.  Her ears have to be ringing like a school bell!

Julie R.

Maybe somebody should go back and investigate the FIRST murder case of Randleman's. He shot an unarmed man right out on the street in front of witnesses yet walked out of the courtroom a free man. Why did all the stories change in that case? From the articles I have read when it first happened witnesses in a bar said it was Shawn Caston that egged Randleman on --- even took him into the bar's restroom and gave him the gun. Afterwards, witnesses said an angry Caston was seen kicking chairs around in the bar yelling: "I can't believe he really did it!"  Yet the story then changed ---- nobody knew where Randleman got the gun and the gun was registered to somebody that was deceased. And then there was Maschari and the prosecutors that allowed the lead investigator in the case to get away without testifying at the trial ---- hence, Randleman got away with murder.

Now the same scenerio five years later with the drive-by shooting case of Vivian Johnson. Once again, Shawn Caston the instigator of the whole thing. First story ---- all the witnesses, including the victim's own daughter, said there were only two people in the car that the shots came from and Krista Harris, a 19-year-old black girl, said DeWitt McDonald was in a motel room with her at the time of the shooting. (and the cops had the motel room receipt to prove it) Yet once again the stories all changed. It then became there were 3 people in the car not 2 and McDonald was not in a motel room with Harris. As a result, McDonald and the other guy go to prison for life ---- but not Caston. He only gets it for manslaughter and gets out of jail early only to almost kill the martial arts guy in a hit & run.

Years later Krista Harris claimed she was THREATENED to lie about McDonald. The way all the stories changed in both those cases I would have to say Harris wasn't the ONLY black person in Erie County that has been THREATENED to lie by the clowns Erie County has for public officials.

Super Judge

 The video should be released! This will answer who was right or wrong that terrible night. Who ever pulled their weapon and fired first is to blame. Its just that easy. 

Sal Dali

@Super Judge...lol. I gave you more credit than that. So what you're saying is that if a police officer pulls his gun on a suspect, that suspect is allowed to pull an illegal weapon and murder them? This isn't the frickn wild west anymore pardner; if it were, Randleman wouldn't have had a snowballs chance in h-e double L of even making to  court. His trial would have begun and ended the night he shot Andy Dunn.

Two commentators have seen the videos and clearly stated what was on them; morbid curiosity isn't a good enough reason to make them public. Although I know Matt, Andy was an aquaintance to me and went to school with my child; my child nor I want to view his cold-blooded murder as it happened and neither should anyone else. The court doesn't have to prove anything to the public.

Before the SR released the video with Matt, I guessed the reason for sealing the graphic evidence was to maintain calm within the community and I guessed right. A lot of folks in Sandusky keep their opinions to themselves regarding race issues and I truly believe releasing those videos would have stirred emotions deep down in their souls to take some kind of action. What is on those videos is shocking to people with values and morals. And never for one instant believe that this would have been contained to those type of citizens in Erie County.  These videos would spread far and wide to the opposite side of that spectrum and some dangerous hate groups out there would get themselves involved. Try doing yourself a google search on that; you may be surprised at what find. Just because we aren't in the south, doesn't mean they don't exist up here. Leaving that graphic evidence sealed is best for maintaining civility in the city for both residents and law enforcement, no doubt about it.


 So now the thugs of the town will think, "Hey, if we can get away with killing a cop & getting to live, we might as well kill civilians & get even less of a sentence". Randleman should have been example -A & got death. 


That is silly judge.  Randleman was not suppose to have a gun!

Swamp Fox

It was only a matter of time before Julie R went off the reservation.. Your hero from the Nuesse case was the lawyer for Randleman in the first trial and no you can't reopen it, he was acquitted, something called double jeopardy kicks in.

Super Judge

 If a police officers starts shooting at me for no reason then it is my duty to defend myself! It has happend before to civilans do you want the links? Im %99 sure Andy was not at fault that night, now we just need the video to prove it.

Common Sense

The sheer sadness of the comments of the people featured in this article indicate that despite the efforts of our community to portray this as a random act of violence, there are those who still manage to convey that the matter was a case of racism.

For the woman who said that "he was just a guy riding a bike", the questions beg to be asked:  Do you ride your bike at 3:00 a.m. without a light and with a loaded gun? Do you currently have a disability indicating that you may not carry a gun?  Are you mentally disabled and still your family cannot account for your whereabouts and are allowing you to possess a gun? 

As for the harassment, Andy was trying to keep everyone on our streets safe. Had Mr. Randleman been struck by a car and left for dead, you would be singing another story.

You state that you know "Cackle", and you say he wouldn't start anything.  This is a man who has shot and killed two people without just cause.

Thank you, God, that not all citizens turn a deaf ear to justice. 

Julie R.

@ swamp fox: I guess I worded it wrong when I said maybe somebody should go back and investigate the 1st murder case of Randleman's. What I really meant was ---- maybe somebody should have investigated your prosecutor and your courts a loooooong time ago.    


Judge ~ " Im %99 sure Andy was not at fault that night, now we just need the video to prove it."...WE being who?  Don't you think that if Andy did something/anything remotely wrong that Randleman's lawyers would have used that tiniest morsel of whatever to get the guy off?  And don't play the "they were only taxpayer paid public defenders" card. 

"Who ever pulled their weapon and fired first is to blame. Its just that easy"  do you not think they already figured that out?  Randleman plead guilty for a reason.  His attorneys asked for the video to be sealed ~ what does that tell you?

It sickens me that people including you that "NEED" to see the video.  The video is none of your business.  The case has played out.  Are you some sort of better being that is going to see something that attorneys, forensic specialists, detectives, etc. has not seen after nearly a year and a half of legwork?  Are you more adept at handling this case?  Or are you a selfish, pot stirring voyeur who wants to publicize this tragedy to merely appease your "need"?  Having compassion and some common sense not to mention RESPECT does not make me a "bleeding heart" but a person that sees that this scenario has been resolved by those involved and the court of law! 

My God ~ to the Dunn Family and LEO, I am so sorry that you have to read some of the things your community has the lack of respect to post..........May God bless you all.


Justice was served!!  Randleman got what he had coming to him.  Man will die in prison and he his off of our streets for good...  Its sad how many ignorant people that live in this community and really show their true colors...


I hope we find away to heal from this terrible tragedy. I don't want people to think I was tryna side with anyone. Idk what Kevin's intentions were that night, but I want to make sure that we open our hearts and minds to find a way to be better people.  It's 2012 and we shouldn't be dealing with all this racism and all this black vs white hatred.  With that said.  The back and forth needs to stop.  Two lives were lost and we need a real positive change. 


Alahn Russell