Word on the Street: Community reacts to Randleman plea

We asked community members around town what they thought of Kevin Randleman pleading guilty to the murder of Ofc. Andrew Dunn.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 25, 2012

We asked community members around town what they thought of Kevin Randleman pleading guilty to the murder of Ofc. Andrew Dunn.

Click the video player to see what they said, and post your own reaction below.


The Answer Person

Black carrying illegal handgun kills white police officer doing his job.


Whites interviewed -- Justice served.

Blacks interviewed -- There's a cover-up.  Ain't right.


"The officer got what he got"... really this is the town we live in?


My opinion is that the Register is upset that they will not be able to profit off of a long drawn out trial and the extra web traffic and newspaper sales it would have brought.  Let's see how long they milk this plea deal.


 No clue people and they lady who said he got what he deserves, You are a prime reason of what is wrong with Sandusky. 


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he said she said


IMO this is a sad outcome for both families. 

It's a lose lose situation.  Both families have lost someone. 

Sure, one was an officer that gave his life for his job and one was a civilian with diminished mental capacity, but still....they are both humans and both have familes.....

RIP Officer Dunn  Gone but Never Forgotten

Good Luck Mr. Randleman.


Unbelievable the audasity of some people! " I would like to see the evidence??"  NO YOU WOULDN'T!  IF YOU WANTED TO SEE THE VIDEO, YOUR ONE SICK INDIVIDUAL!  Miss dunn said in her interview that she had to release her hate for Randleman because it was very unhealthy and she is right! I'm quite sure she saw the video!  Can you imagine if the public got to see the video... there would be an all out riot!  Nobody wants that! Randleman's mother probably seen the video and she had nothing to say!  Before you give your preschool opinion ask someone who was there!  i did!     I am a supporter of the decission the Dunn family made to move forward and start the grieving process of there loved one!


Uh, yeah,   

A cop gets shot and killed, should be automatic death sentence!!    No matter what color the cop is or what color the shooter is.  

Imagine all the screaming and riots if the color roles were reversed in this case.

It wouldn't be  "he got what he got"....    Absurd.


FeartheStache - You are not helping the public's view of law enforcement when you say that THEY should harass a citizen.   Most of the law enforcement officers I know DON'T DO THAT.  


 interesting that both of the blacks that were interviewed had a differing opinion than the white folk. the second woman, in my opinion, is a RACIST. if a white individual would of said that, we would never hear the end of it. Sad state of affairs.


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underthebridge -- take it easy.. there was some sarcasm in there. the "harass" reference was to what she said that was published in the print edition..


Totally agree with the Answer Person. A blind person could have told the color of the people just by the comments.  "Cackle" as he is called, will never see the outside of prison, unless it's in a body bag. Why?, because he pleaded GUILTY to all counts. To the numbskulls that all think it's a coverup, either watch the video, of look the word up in the dictionary (if you know how to do that).


As ANGRY as it makes me to hear these ignorant "people" give their ignorant opinion, I guess I kinda expected it....with people like that living in that city, it is no wonder no decent person wants to live there. To justify in ANY WAY, that what that ANIMAL did, should be criminal.  But you cant win with them, if Andy would have gotten the jump on this moron and killed him, THEY would be calling for the death penalty for Andy, so I guess this lack of intelligence they are showing doesnt really surprise me...So unless this waste of flesh got probation, his "people" would still be complaining.....you cant win with ignorance...fact is, its gotta be horrible to be that dumb that your only hope for life is to prove to people that you ARE that dumb, so for him life is a bigger penalty than death.....rest in peace Andy, Justice has been served.....


@ he said she said

Really??  Good luck Mr. Randleman??? He does not deserve to be called anything but an animal, who I might add, is about to spend the rest of his life in a cage.  He took the life of a guy who was doing his job, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!  A guy who had a young wife and two small boys who wanted to serve and protect ignorant people like yourself.....Well I wish nothing but BAD luck on him and his family, if anyone knows who they really are....see, he can still get letters and visits from family members and whatever that thing was he was living with, but Andy cant.....but hey lets wish him good luck in all his future endeavors...LOL grow a brain cell or two would ya??


There are so  many negative things running through my head that I want to say about the ridiculous statements made by some of these people in this waste of a video-but I wont.


May God bless the Dunn family and law enforcment.  



Lets take a wild guess and see how many of the people who were interviewed here live in section 8 housing.  I got a number in my head.


 Bubbajeb:  I have a sneakin suspiscion...all of them??  






Let me clarify...#2,  #3, and Miss Contradicting #5.




Some of you are trying to paint all black people with the same brush based on a two minute video.  Sorry, but it is not working.  We all have questions and opinions and different experiences with law enforcement.  What Randleman did was wrong, plain and simple, and like the BLACK lady said you have to pay for your crimes.  All the blacks I know realize that killing anyone is wrong and justice needs to be served.  What the black guy said is also true, Randleman was not this aggressive two headed monster some of you describe.  However, he committed a terrible crime and now he has to pay.  I have no real problem with people's opinions because they are entitled to it.  It is all over now so  chill with the racist, hateful comments and move on!


Where did they find these people they interviewed? The dude with the NY hat on made no sense at all. He said GUILTY. That means he is admitting he killed Andy. Can you understand that? He admitted to killinmg a young man. A family man, a police officer. I hate that he is wearing that hat and spewing nonsense. I realize he wears it to indicate East, find another way. You are insulting America's baseball team. Why is this a race thing? I would like to see you talk to ten black people and 10 others and see the results. may be interesting.


@ deertracker....

You're  right of course, and I ,for one, should have clarified my comments, better.

  I wonder what Judge Joe Brown would say about this case?   

How about I go for the age thing , instead ?   

The woman who said  Officer Dunn "got what he got"   is a  44 year old woman ( as per SR hard copy).

 We should expect more  sense  from people in that AGE group.

Rude McGootch

What these foolish people interviewed won't admit is that this is Randleman's SECOND MURDER! He got away with MURDER the first time because of his supposedly "diminished mental skills". I guess he had enough skill in his pea brain to sell crack, carry a gun, and pull the trigger. Rot in prison Mr. "Diminished Mental Skills" Randleman. May you soon rot in hell!


"He got what he got" They, SPD, should "leave people alone". All I can say is WOW! Bet her employer (?)is proud of that statement. Funny how Randleman is protrayed as a innocent man who if I remember correctly was carrying a handgun which is was not legal to do so, shot and killed a police officer and previously had been involved in a bar fight(several years prior) in which he left, got a gun and then came back and shot a another man but he doesn't look for trouble. If you think your civil rights are violated by a police officer then go get a lawyer. In my opinion, Randleman got LESS than what was deserved in this case


 Let's just say that 3 meals a day and a place to rest his head is much better than he should get.

Taxed Enough Already

 idiots...this paper couldn't find better than these to interview???  Most of these people were idiots


he was stopped because he didn't have lights on his bike, he was in violation of the Ohio Revised Code, and shot for no reason, Randleman got what he got...I hope his life is short lived in prison..by nature or someone else's doing!.


 It's pretty obvious the woman and the NY fan don't have IQs much higher than "Cackle".  If the NAACP wants to talk about racism in Sandusky, start with those two.


It is neither my responsibility or obligation to defend Ms. Traci but she does get an opinion.  I respect that she answered the question honestly.

.I am not sure what Joe Brown has to do with this!




I was thinking the same exact thing!  Everyone has an opinion but idiots like this should just shut up