Randleman pleads guilty

(UPDATED WITH VIDEO 2:50 p.m.) Kevin Randleman pleaded guilty to aggravated murder Friday morning at a hearing in Erie County Common Pleas Court.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 25, 2012

(UPDATED WITH VIDEO 2:50 p.m.) Kevin Randleman pleaded guilty to aggravated murder Friday morning at a hearing in Erie County Common Pleas Court.

Friday was to be the start of the second day of the Atkins hearing to determine Randleman's mental capacity, but in a surprise move, Randleman pleaded guilty to the murder of Sandusky police officer Andrew Dunn on March 19, 2011. Randleman also pleaded guilty to having a weapon under disability and carrying a concealed weapon.

Judge Tygh Tone sentenced Randleman to life without parole.

To see photos from the hearing click HERE

By pleading guilty, Randleman gives up many of his rights to appeal his conviction in the case. He will have 30 days to appeal the sentence, but defense attorneys say the do not intend to file any such appeal.

According to the defense attorneys, the guilty plea was made this morning after the state accepted plea terms offered by the defense. 

Family and friends of Dunn were in the courtroom and reacted emotionally to the plea Friday morning.

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Swamp Fox

How will the critics of Kevin Baxter spin this against him, a plea to all charges as charged.  Good Job Mr. Baxter in a very difficult situation, and hopefully some level of closure for the officer's family and community.


I am glad for the family of Andy Dunn and happy for the city that this is over. Now it can be put to rest.



Hopefully this will bring some closure to the Dunn family

Will this murderer have to allocute as part of sentencing?

Will the police and hospital videos be released?

Perhaps seeing the videos and hearing his confession will bring some closure to the city and allow some healing to continue?




Releasing the videos will not resolve anything.  The videos should be sealed.  If this were your family member would you want the video of his murder everywhere?  All over the nightly news, you-tube, facebook, who knows where...........to some extremist group's website that will call Randleman a hero for being a cop-killer and "here's the video to prove it"?

It is far more important for the family to heal as well as LEO.  The community needs to heal on its own without further feeding its voyeuristic side.

Sit n Spin

Nothing will be gained by releasing those video's to the public.  It will only open the wound that has begun to heal.


Best outcome possible!!   Diminished Mental Capacity????  If you are dead does it really matter what the mental condition of the murderer?  As far as I'm concerned, All murderers, rapists, and pedophiles should be judged equally.  I don't care to have any of them running the streets.  Let's see, If a Psychiatrist says they are okay they can be trusted to be let out of prison?  I don't think so, How many repeat committing the same crimes soon after their release.

   All this said, several years back on 60 Minutes it was stated that to incarcerate a person from 22 years old to 70 years old it cost the states of Florida and New York (then Gov. Cuomo) roughly one million dollars.  By the time the prisoners went through the whole appeals process it cost the states Seven Million Dollars.  There really is a price for justice.

Julie R.

I predicted this would never go to trial just like you can bet the case against the dirt-bag that murdered the 3-year-old never will. Nevertheless, I think this is the best thing for the Dunn family. At least they will be spared from having to watch that video. On the other hand, I don't think prison will be as rough on Randleman as everybody thinks. Like somebody said --- he will probably be looked up to as some kind of hero for killing a cop.   

Sal Dali

He took the coward's way out folks. He wanted to save his own skin period. Murdering a law enforcement officer would have probably gotten him the death penalty in this case. It was overkill; I would even venture to say on a personal level because he shot Andy so many times, maybe even after Andy was already down he continued his attack. They couldn't mount a decent defense for him because they couldn't prove he was incapable of helping his defense or that he was innocent; however, the state could prove he was guilty beyond a shadow of doubt for this crime.. They say they won't file an appeal probably for that reason. I'm not an attorney but if they appeal, he could end up with the death penalty and this coward doesn't want to die, he wants to continue mooching off the system and taxpayers and look like a big man in prison for taking the life of a policeman. Unfortunately for him, prisoners do not run the prisons and he won't be looked upon as a hero by those who do....

His plea only saves money because he cannot file costly appeals for years and years. Putting him to sleep is probably fairly cheap; a firing squad is probably cheaper--the price of a couple bullets but I don't think anyone uses it any longer. It's too bad that when a person is absolutely guilty as he is by his own admission, they can't give out the death penalty without a chance of appeal. Despite the political correctness, it has to be hard for a family to heal when this worthless so and so is still walking and talking while their loved one is gone forever; and to add insult to injury, their tax dollars are also being used to take care of him until his natural death. Prisons are overcrowded as it is and giving these type of offenders the ability to say "okay you caught me, I'm guilty" but "I don't wanna die" and let them off the hook with life doesn't really seem like justice to me. He killed Andy out of hatred, not out of self-defense. He thought he would save his own skin then by killing Andy; he didn't think (in his small mind) he would get caught...no witnesses. He isn't incompetent but he isn't the brightest crayon in the box either and those are two completely different things. Evidently street smarts and intelligence have no correlation. ....hence, they get defense attorneys with the latter.


Yes the case is closed, but the tale of one brave officer  who sacrificed his life for a community that he loved and cared about of all race will live on forever and Sandusky should be proud! 


I hope he ends up in Lucasville.  I know guards there.  It is the most awful prison in the state.  He would surely get his there.


 He should have got the death sentence. Why should we have to support this career criminal.

my eye

Death penalty should have been given weve paid for this loser long enough (and many more)

Just Thinkin

Thats why they call him CACKLE he takes the CHICKEN way out, but most of their kind cant face the music ,Sandusky is full of those wimp chickens


He will be a hero in prison and the video will show AD being an azz to him.


Better than a death penalty!  The cost to taxpayers of endless appeals will be less than feeding him the rest of his life.  Every morning when he wakes up will be like the "Groundhog Day" movie.  Same routine, same food, same associates, same view and he'll know that it will never change.  Just think of being locked up in your home, during winter and not even being able to step outside.  After a while, it will be enough to drive you bonkers.  So that's how his miserable life will end.  There is a God and I thank Him.


The guy will be a king behind bars with a cop killing on his rap sheet.  Also LOL @ the comment "Unfortunately for him, prisoners do not run the prisons and he won't be looked upon as a hero by those who do...."  ...someone obviously doesn't know what they are talking about.

Sal Dali

@ecel...you don't know what you're talking about; get an education before ignorantly spouting off. I suppose you figure the co's will supply him with everything his little heart desires? Let me guess, ..you're streetwise?  Do you really think corrections officers like these type of guys? Obviously you don't know any of those personally either. If you think the prisoners run the prison, try slipping into one with some contraband wiseguy, you'll quickly find out who's running the show.

To Andy's family...I keep all of you in my prayers and hope you find some solice with the court's decision. Andy was one of a kind and a truly decent guy.


“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” ― Albert Einstein


Good outcome. A trial would have been a waste of time. He's locked up and will never get out. Done, period, end of story. My best to the Dunn family.

Just a Girl

So he can't read, write, walk, talk...But he figured out how to load a gun twice in 20 years (that we know of) and kill 2 men. God bless Andrew Dunn.


Now we will here the tired old words from friends, " he was a good boy".


It makes me sick reading what one low life in this forum has written:


44846GWP says

"Good outcome. A trial would have been a waste of time. "


Oh really, a cop gets killed in cold blood and you're happy there wasn't a trial? Why don't you try and tell that to the family you *sshole. I glad we don't have people you defending our streets, borders and country.


This scumbag cop killer should be riding the lightning.


thefatmantrying: 1. A trial is to find someone guilty or inocent. Who thought he was inocent? No one, so why a trial? 2. A trial would have cost a huge amount of money. Have you been reading about the cost for a trial? 3. Ride the lightning? There is no electric chair in Ohio anymore. 4. I showed no disrepect for the Dunn family and no defense of Randleman. 5. Bite me.


@44846GWP, Didn't you watch the video of Officer Dunn's Mother?.  The family agree to the plea deal.  They wanted it over.


tk: Yes, that is my whole point! I was replying to that pinhead who was b-itching about my first remark.

The Big Dog's back

 44846GWP, you have to try and understand the right wing mind. (fatmantrying) Oh, wait a minute, their is nothing there to understand.


Day of judgement God is calling           On the earth a cackle crawling      Begging mercy 4 his sins                                                       Satan laughing spreads his wings


WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!....I would have wanted him to die, but life is good, now he has the rest of his life to think about what he did. R.I.P. Officer Andrew Dunn

God Of Thunder

What a coward.... I am glad that Officer Dunn's family doesn't have to go thru anymore of this...It's been long enough for them, and the community...

Too bad they just couldn't fry him in the courtroom or have a firing squad right in Washington Park...

I know...Let's sell rocks to throw at him and donate the proceeds...Nothing but a scumbag

Julie R.

Who is the policeman sitting next to Chief Lang in picture 17 that looks like he's ready to cry? All the pictures are heartbreaking but I found that one the most heartbreaking of all.

May Kevin Randleman burn in the pits of hell.