Randleman pleads guilty

(UPDATED WITH VIDEO 2:50 p.m.) Kevin Randleman pleaded guilty to aggravated murder Friday morning at a hearing in Erie County Common Pleas Court.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 25, 2012

(UPDATED WITH VIDEO 2:50 p.m.) Kevin Randleman pleaded guilty to aggravated murder Friday morning at a hearing in Erie County Common Pleas Court.

Friday was to be the start of the second day of the Atkins hearing to determine Randleman's mental capacity, but in a surprise move, Randleman pleaded guilty to the murder of Sandusky police officer Andrew Dunn on March 19, 2011. Randleman also pleaded guilty to having a weapon under disability and carrying a concealed weapon.

Judge Tygh Tone sentenced Randleman to life without parole.

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By pleading guilty, Randleman gives up many of his rights to appeal his conviction in the case. He will have 30 days to appeal the sentence, but defense attorneys say the do not intend to file any such appeal.

According to the defense attorneys, the guilty plea was made this morning after the state accepted plea terms offered by the defense. 

Family and friends of Dunn were in the courtroom and reacted emotionally to the plea Friday morning.

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Well this is no suprise!  I don't see how some defence attys. can live with themselves sometimes!!  Of course he is gonna plead guilty after that hearing!  He has manipulating the system for decades!  Only mentally  handicap here is the judicial system!!!


So now it's the justice system's fault.?  He pleaded guilty because he is guilty.  You want to see revenge but vengence is not yours!  Let the system work.  The defense attorneys are living just fine.......thank you very much!  They usually do!  They took an oath also and it had nothing to do with revenge!


Best outcome possible....life with no parole.  


That "Oath" your talking about don't mean nothing, what raise your right hand a repeat after me B>S>!?  That is only for the good people of this country, bad people take that "oath" too!  Those criminal defence attorney's is whom i'm talking about that help drug dealers and murderers and rapist get off with slaps of a hand because it's there job to get them off with a "technicality" knowing damn well that there client is guilty!  There just as crooked as the P.O.S. there representing!  So take that oath and shove it!


Perfect save the taxpayers all kinds of money and he lives out his years behind bars. Which would have been the same as if they convicted him with the death penalty. Much better outcome than the last time he murdered someone


I figured that would happen.  No trial, no discovery.  I told you this case would never go to trial.

Sit n Spin

Cackle on that !


I do hope that the Dunn Family and the SPD and the community can all heal from this! It'll take time for some to move on quicker then others, A friend in need is a friend indeed!


Like it or not, in this country everyone is entitled to a defense (even if  you think they don't derserve it).  If the prosecution does something wrong, the defense's has to call them out on it.  Even for the (presumed) guilty.  And like it or not, the current law says we don't execute people with diminished mental capacity.  It doesn't matter what you think of all this.  Its the law of our nation.  If you don't like it, move to the middle east where justice is swifter and maybe more to your liking.  Ya take the good with the bad even if it isn't perfect.


I'm delighted to hear the news. Even if Mr. Randleman had gone to trial, been found guilty, and sentenced to death, he would likely have "only" been imprisoned for life. At the rate executions are carried out, he would have waited many years at best, and his inevitable multiple appeals would have cost the state a fortune and tied up resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

There's no "win" here for the family and loved ones of Andrew Dunn. But at least the family and everybody else who lives in Erie County isn't LOSING by it! I can only hope that now that the spectacle of a trial—not to mention the threat of a cop killer—isn't hanging over the Dunn family heads that they'll be able to TRULY begin the healing process.


 This is the best outcome in the long run for all involved.  The Dunn family can start healing. The community can start healing. Justice has been done.

Good 2 B Me

Just guessing here, but I would bet that Justice might just be served behind bars. Time will tell...


 That hand he is facepalming with held a gun that shot a human and killed him. A man that honored us by swearing to protect us.


Sometimes people are innocent Paul.  What about them?


Perfect!! Now go rot you piece of garbage!


I agree with reader " Best outcome possible....life with no parole. "  I would say the evidence was overwhelming. I am glad the Dunn family does not have to sit through a trial.

my oh my

By pleading guilty it removes the chance of death penalty sentence....We will now support him the rest of his life.....SPD should have shot and killed him when they had to pursue him behind FRMC before they caught him...They had every right to shoot and kill at that point.......


Justice has been done and i am well aware of the law, only bad thing is now...he will be looked up too as a hero in prison by his community!  Now as a child molester or a serial killer, you definately have "prison justice" in which everyone knows that verdict! 


wah wah wah some people are not happy no matter what is done....

Life without parole for a person that is in their 50's might be 20 years to maybe 30 years.

To some, that might not be enough for other it may be too much.

Does it really matter now that if he has diminished mental capacity or is smart as Einstein?  No because he pled guilty.

Done deal. 

Leave it alone.


@ my oh my

They were gonna say he was retarded, the death penalty would have been taken off the table anyway and THIS would have been the best deal they could have gotten, so why put the family through a stresssful trial, when even if he had gotten the death penalty there would have been appeal after appeal the family, including two little boys, woulda had to endure, this is best for everyone. We woulda had to support him for another 15-20 years anyway...as for the officers who found him, do you think had they KNOWN Andy was going to pass, the result would have been different, because I do, but at that point, no one knew.  Plus he didnt have the gun, so they shoot an unarmed man??  Really?? Stop watching Law and Order and join me in reality, we now would have been waiting on a trial for whatever cop shot him.......I do get what you mean though.....i know it sounds like im bashing you, but im not....


I didnt say all defence attorneys!  The list could go on,   politics,  religion, women   (hehe)    


 It will be interesting to see how long it takes before prison justice kicks in. Probably quicker then any justice that could have gone through the actual system.


God Bless the Dunn Family!!!!!  Now they can finally heal in knowing this man is not gonna walk a free man again.

He will have his judement day!!!  Though I wish he would have been given the death sentence we dont always get things the way we think we should.

I dont think he should be allowed in general population.  He needs to be in a 6x6 cell with the dunn family photo painted life size on all 4 walls.  That is our way of makin him crazy!!!



Best scenario long term.  A trial would have put the Dunn family through so much more emotionally not to mention open the door for public "input" and Monday morning quarterbacking.  I'm a firm believer ~ what goes around comes around and when it does ~ watch out! 

My thoughts and prayers to the Dunn family.  It is my hope that this brings you the closure that you need to move on as best you can with your lives.  May God bless you and keep you!


Lots of thoughts and prayers with Andy's family and friends and LEO brothers.  It's a good outcome, not costing the tazpayers for a trial, though many of us would rather see Randleman suffer more.

Erie County Resident

To the Dunn family, My heart and prayers go out to you and may you now be allowed to move on.

Not anyone of your supporters here and across the country will ever forget Andrew.

May he now rest in peace.



@ TheScientist, I couldn't agree more with your statement. No need to rip open the wounds to repeat that terrible night in court and submit the family to it again, and again.

To the ones saying why do the taxpayers need to pay for his support for life. I hate to say it but taxpayers already were!   Just look at the hearing that was in progress here.

He couldn't read, write or cash a check by himself, cook, make a living, make inteligent decisions, etc.

He was recieving welfare checks, food stamps, medicaid, dental, vision, SSI, as well as his supplimental cash from drug sales.

Consider it we are just transfering his benifits to a different address. He now also has a full time babysitter to take care of him so his girlfirend doesn't have to watch him. (Selena knew he was this bad, can't be to bright herself to latch on to this loser)


@my oh my

The police have the right to use deadly force not just kill people.


 I know some of the Dunn Family don't believe in the death penalty, so I think for some of them, it's a fair deal. To me however, now the taxpayers will pay for however long he lives in prison, with his  three meals a day, free health, dental and eye. ridiculous to me


I'm sure the defense attorney(s) assigned to represent him were not too thrilled to do so. And...they're, their and there are not the same...3rd grade grammar.