Psychologist: Randleman has mild mental disability

Attorneys delved deeply into Kevin Randleman's mental abilities to determine whether the accused cop killer can face the death penalty.
Jessica Cuffman
Aug 24, 2012


Attorneys delved deeply into Kevin Randleman’s mental abilities to determine whether the accused cop killer can face the death penalty.

During the first day of a three-day hearing, forensic psychologist Dr. Katie Connell, an expert for the defense, said she diagnosed Randleman with mild mental disability after a months-long evaluation.

If Erie County Common Pleas Judge Tygh Tone agrees with her assessment, that means Randleman won’t be eligible to face the death penalty if he’s convicted of killing Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn.

Randleman, 51, is accused of shooting and killing Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn on March 19, 2011, after Dunn stopped him for riding a bicycle without a light.

His case is scheduled to go to trial Oct. 15.

For more on what happened during the first day of the Atkins hearing, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.



There goes the death penalty.  Now save the taxpayers a pile of money and the family from a long, lenghty and exhausting trial and plead him out to life without parole.

It is just as well, then he cannot run the streets ever again and kill another innocent person.  Since society cannot put him to death the next best thing is prison forever.

Sit n Spin

Mild mental disability my A$$ !  That piece of trash knew exactly what he was doing when he was doing it and knew full well the consequences of his actions !  If he does not get the death penalty may he burn and rot in hades for all eternity !


The mental expert speaks so ignore what the real experts say!  Judge know the rest.


Oh, come on. "Mild" mental disability? If a three year-old knows right from wrong (and s/he does), and a DOG knows right from wrong (they do; ever seen that "I'm-so-sorry-embarrassed-ashamed" look from your pet? I have!), then a man who had the ability to ride a bike around town at 3 in the morning and who KNEW he was in trouble when he was stopped by the police also knew full well better than to SHOOT and KILL that cop!

As I recall, the simple definition where crimes are concerned is that the accused knew what he was doing was wrong at the time he did it. See? No three-day hearing needed!


Personally, I think half the people on disability have used the old "mental disease" trick. It makes me angry when good hard working people who are physically hurt are denied disability and someone who "plays" at being mentally ill get it so easily. This man may have a "mild mental disability" but I am sure he knew that he shouldn't have a gun and I am 100% sure he knew that he couldn't go around shooting people. It seems like there is no justice in the court system today.

google me

 I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that didn't have some sort of mild mental disability.

Mrs. Smith

This saves years and years of appeals before they grant him life without parole, anyway.  Wiredmama is right, plead him out and get it over with, save everyone a lot of grief.


Wait, so he was smart enough to know where to shoot so that the bullet would not be affected by the balistic vest, but yet he is not smart enough to be held responsible for this? 

Think about that for a second, would you have the presence of mind, or the knowledge to know where exactely to place the bullets in order to bypass the bulletproof vest?  If you would not does this mean that Randleman is smarter than you?  Obviously he was not mentaly retarded when he pulled the trigger.

Swamp Fox

Three mild injections should cure him terminally.




So you think his aim is really that good in the dark, scared and intoxicated? 


Thank you for agreeing with me Deertracker.  You are exactely right, he would have to be mentally sharp inorder to place those shots exactely where he did while intoxicated.  As for it being dark, that area of FRMC is well lit at night, and I doubt he was scared.  If he was scared he would have ran.  He knew very well what he was doing and knew exactely how to do it.



He killed another guy how long ago before Andrew Dunn?  That experience alone should have taught him that he cannot carry a weapon much less shoot someone with it regardless of his "mild mental disability".  If he did not understand that thought process, they should have left him in jail but that's another story.

"So you think his aim is really that good in the dark, scared and intoxicated?" - uhhh....yes I do.  He knew what he was doing.  He made a conscious choice to do it and I doubt he fears anything......of course that is only my opinion. 




You are right, that is only your opinion.  It's over now, move on!


This we know.            Nobody likes him .       trash


 He's a Tea Party member?


Common Sense

Although this sentencing brings closure to both the Dunn family and the Randleman family, there will always be those unanswered questions. 

For instance, if he is suffering from a "mild mental disability", where were those "loved ones" who would assist him in signing his checks for disability, etc.?  The could have used the assistance to get a caretaker to provide assistance for his care.  There are also residential places that Mr. Randleman may have been eligible to reside within.

Instead, his"loved ones" allowed him to kill again.  It seems as if the "loved ones" have no trouble permitting the state to watch him now.  What a pity !