Randleman trial proceeding again after delays

The case against accused cop killer Kevin Randleman is moving forward again after a few months delay.
Jessica Cuffman
Apr 21, 2012

The case against accused cop killer Kevin Randleman is moving forward again after a few months delay.

An expert in his defense fell ill during pregnancy earlier this year and was bedridden for weeks, stymieing a report she needed to finish before the case could move forward.

At a pretrial hearing Friday, attorney Robert Dixon told Erie County Common Pleas Judge Tygh Tone she would be finished and the report delivered to prosecutors by May 1.

Then the state will have another three months for its expert to review and refute the report’s findings.

How the case against Randleman proceeds from there will depend on those experts’ opinions and reports, and how attorneys argue about Randleman’s mental competency at an Atkins hearing scheduled for August 23.

Rulings at that hearing could effect Randleman’s ultimate fate.

He faces the possibility of the death penalty if he is convicted of aggravated murder for killing Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn on March 19, 2011.

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More about Atkins precedent
In an Atkins hearing, attorneys look to establish whether a defendant has:
• significantly sub-average intellectual functioning.
• significant limitations in two or more adaptive skills
• evidence of mental illness or mental deficiencies before age 18.



Considering most 4 yr olds know that killing someone is wrong, I say that unless his mental capacity is less than a 4 yr old, then carry on with the trial.  Randleman had the mental capacity to deal/use drugs, get a gun and kill a police officer, so I would say that pretty much puts his mental capacity above that of a 4 yr old.  Being the village idiot doesn't equate to being let off the hook.






I get soo sick of excuses to not seek justice... He knew what he was doin... now he just upset because he got caught.. dont waste tax payers money............EXECUTE HIM!!


 We have already tried him........HE'S GUILTY! Please fry him!


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hmm really

There is no need for the term "accused" killer.  What a waste of oxygen and taxpayer dollars being spent to house and feed this POS.




God's will be done,---right after we deliver this POS to Him.

Burn baby, burn. 


Can we just give him the "speedy trial" he is allowed and fry his stupid a$$ so justice can be... which we are allowed.  We'll see how much he is "cackling" then!


 They don't "fry" people in Ohio anymore they just "poison" them.



I think he has been overcharged in the quest to kill him.  That's why Casey Anthony is free.  A 2nd murder charge can put him away for life.  Murder is hard to prove because you have to show premeditation.  Scum or not he did not wake up that morning with the intention of killing anyone.  He did not leave the bar with that intention either.  They can charge him for several offenses he committed that night but the hunger to kill him is delaying justice here and costing taxpayers big time!  Who gets the money?  Not you!  Not me! 

Some are getting a lot of money in this case.  Alot of YOUR money.  Seems to me there is a revenge factor in play here.  Justice can be done without all this legal wrangling. 


 I would still like to know the facts that provoked this senseless killing. I believe that there was more to it than we the public will never know...

I don't believe he can get a fair trial at all... No matter what!!! So just get on with it all ready...


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Why is it I feel like this is never going to trial .? I mean comeon if this would have been any other case it would have gone to trial and forgot about . Something tells me that this is going to end up with this getting dimissed on some techinacality and Randlemen is going to walk .

You have to remember that all these stall tactics can and will come back to haunt the state and speedy tial issues are going to come in to play onless  Randlemen sign away his right to a speedy trial and I dont think that his Lawyers are that stupid

If you are going to try him get on with it and stop all the the stall tactics and let justice be served


@gene44870, since his attorney is the one who ask for a delay, he is in no position to complain about a delay.


 I'm going to take an unpopular stand and say that I don't agree with the death penalty, I believe it is unfairly biased towards the poor of all colors. When was the last time you saw a millionaire executed?  OJ Simpson comes to mind. I have my thoughts about Randleman,but  that is for the courts to decide. Sometimes I think Islam has it right when they it says:

The Qur'an legislates the death penalty for murder, although forgiveness and compassion are strongly encouraged. The murder victim's family is given a choice to either insist on the death penalty, or to pardon the perpetrator and accept monetary compensation for their loss.

I'm not a muslim, and I don't believe radical islam is true islam either.

It is an interesting concept.

No disrespect meant to the Dunn family and their loss.

This is my opinion on the death penalty.



Do you expect Mr. Randleman to compensate the Dunn family for their loss?

There is the hole in your Islam arguement. The only thing of value Mr. Randleman owns is his life.

Erie County Resident

@ big_d...

This is AMERICA!!! Get it?

Take your Sharia law and get out of my country. It is obvious you don't belong here.


You obviously didn't read the post.

Get back to me after you read and comprehend it. 


@ Deertracker

I agree with you - Randleman probably did not wake up that morning with the intent to kill anyone.  Also he probably did not leave the bar with the intent to to kill anyone either.  BUT my agreeance with you ends there --- when he pulled out his gun and took reckless aim and fired at Officer Dunn --- I believe he meant to kill him.  When he walked over to where Officer Dunn was laying on the ground - stood over him - and shot him ---- there is no doubt in my mind he had nothing but intention to kill someone.  RIP Officer Dunn.   Burn in he** Randleman,

Deertracker, you really think this idiot has to show that he planned to murder a police officer (Premeditative) in advance to deserve the death penalty? Ohio law he can get death just for murdering a public official or peace officer. Didn’t mommy ever tell you not to point a loaded gun at anything or anyone unless you plan on killing it? I get it; his IQ was so low. Well this is the second time he killed someone so I would say he definitely knows how it works.   D-Muslims, maybe you should look at executions under Sharia. They execute people in public for something as simple as “acts contrary to chastity” yep no lawyer needed. Perhaps Randleman’s family can offer a couple goats, bicycle, food card, and a cave as blood money?


I think some of you are assuming facts that have not been introduced as evidence.  If he stood over him, prove it!  This guy will be in the system even if he gets death.  There is an automatic appeal.  Some of you want revenge but it is suppose to be about justice.  This city has far more pressing issues.  If killing Randleman would bring Dunn back, I say go for it but it won't.


"Vengence is mine sayet the Lord"


Big D you are a thinker. Feel you are right about the J. system & $$.  Big $$ seems to "get you out" of many negative things in America.        Feel  that if the system finds him guilty the Dunns should have the final say on the outcome.             I feel that nation-wide we the people need the upper tier criminals liquidated too.


 Hang him!








guess they didnt like what I said







Why does this country coddle the worst ?


 our tax dollars are going to waste just so this waste of life can keep saying "i ddn't know what i was doing" or "it was self-defense." just put him to death.. he killed one man with a gun already. and now he killed a cop! put hi to death already..

C'mon people

@Erie County Resident...you are  absolutely correct...this IS America...and this is OUR country.  So, unfortunately, I have to live along side racist, unknowledgable morons such as yourself.  Go  travel...get educated and try to get past your self centered egotistical self.       

Erie County Resident

@ deertracker, C'mon people, big_d, and all you others that piled on.

Islamic Shari law has no place in this country period. Islam is suppose to be a religion so why does it have laws with spelled  out penalties? That is not a religion but a government legal system. I don't remember seeing Shari law mentioned anywhere in the US Constitution.

Just wake up and look what Shari laws clerics are trying to force on the American people in many other states. Now tell me I'm wrong.

bid_d this is especially for you. You said you were a civil rights advocate and to hell with the Constitution... I'm going to guess by your post your all for the unloved ACLU which explains a lot. Yes I read your post and comprended it just fine.



 This town is full of wannabes free bees gimmie gimmie people


@ Erie County


Your own words make you sound really racist!  You could not have read what big-d posted!   Feel better you got that out of your system?