Court postpones Randleman murder trial

The trial for accused cop killer Kevin Randleman has been delayed four months because of limited availability of experts.
Jessica Cuffman
Dec 13, 2011


The trial for accused cop killer Kevin Randleman has been delayed four months because of limited availability of experts.

Erie County Common Pleas Judge Tygh Tone announced the delay after an hour and a half of discussion with attorneys in judge’s chambers Tuesday afternoon.

He had hoped to keep the trial on track for its January date, but experts requested by the state and the defense aren’t available to complete evaluations and reports until at least March, Tone said.

“It’s comes at no surprise to the court,” Tone said. “Not that the court’s really happy about it.”

The delay is necessary to ensure a fair trial for Randleman and for the state on behalf of the late Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn,  Tone said.

Randleman is accused of shooting and killing Dunn on March 19, after the 30-year-old officer stopped him for riding a bicycle without a light.

About a dozen of Dunn’s family members and friends waited while attorneys discussed the case. A woman in support of Randleman also sat in the courtroom.

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 Can I pull the switch on this waste of skin?



8ball - think you'd have a long line to wait in for that one. I'd be there too! 


 More taxpayers money going out the window to provide this guy with the great defense taxpayers money has to offer


What kind of experts? Surely not one who can review a video tape and make an educated decision on what they just saw.


I will wait in line to pull the switch and join all of you!!!  Waste of oxygen.....


educated decision? .... in sandusky? ...... ha, ha, haaaaa!


 Randleman will get what he deserves.....unfortunately we'll be waiting a long time to see it come to pass....


R.I.P. Andy....2083 Always remembered!!!


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More money for the attorneys. Just keep bleeding us taxpayers until we do not have a penny to our name. This judicial system in this country needs to be overhauled and get a system that is credible and honest. If this person is found guilty of murder, and the attorneys will start all their appeals, you are looking at eighteen years of  free room and board. free medical,dental, eyecare, surgery (if needed), television and all other amenties that go with death row. "It comes to no surprise to the courts", said Judge Tone. The attorneys see a big paycheck in the future. Just like the law firm that represented the MetroParks. Do you really feel that the attorneys care if this person is guilty and is put to death,or are dollar signs in their eyes? I expect a very long trial and millions of taxpayers dollars spent.


Hope  randelstench knows how no decent people care for him.   As someone mentioned earlier. "waste of oxygen." 


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Norma J-C

Can anyone tell me where one can purchase the Remember Officer Dunn placards that I have seen on two vehicles, so far, or are they just for the police? Thank you in advance.


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The ole saying "justice delayed is justice denied". This is true in another way also. Justice delayed is a prolonging of agony and closure of this tragedy for the entire Dunn family. How many experts are needed to show the various video footages that the LE has.

Julie R.

I don't think the "justice delayed is justice denied"  --- which is one and the same as legal abuse that the corrupt Erie County courts are known for --- applies in this case. That's when the courts know right from the start what the outcome of a case is going to be yet they drag cases on and on and on with one dirty unfair ruling after another either to make the other side give up and/or run them out of money while making lots of money for their attorney buds.  

Nevertheless, I feel sorry for the Dunn family having to go through all this. It's going to be years before they get any kind of closure.  


Julie - not sure what you are talking about - the judge didn't ask for this delay - it was both attorney's.  the judge agreed to it and I agree with him - if he forced the trial at this point, randleman's lawyer would quickly at the end gain an appeal based on the fact that he wasn't able to provide these experts and we would be doing it all over again.  Let the trial happen with everything in place so there is no chance for an appeal in this case - the best thing is a brief delay to ensure this guy burns in hell.  Although he probably will anyway.


Look what the defense team for Sowell made, and ended up not doing a thing!

I doubt it will be that much in this one, but one never knows

Oh, and Bat $#!T Crazy is always bringing up this stuff, related to the article or not. She has a bit of an all consuming obsession


I would hope that the only money being spent on the defendant is room and board plus the court appointed attorney.   Sure there is the judge, jury, experts and all the others that will take part in the trial when it begins which is also paid for by taxpayers.  We all just need to bide our time until there is a proper verdict.

Woody Hayes

Juliebeth, SHUT UP.


Seems simple to me. Cop stops dirt bag on bike, Dirt bag shoots and kills cop. All on video. State slips a needle into dirt bag. Dirt bag dies so as to not kll a THIRD person. Why a delay ? So all lawyers involved make more tax payer $$.

Julie R.

@ sanduskysteve: If you haven't noticed, my comment was directed to the previous comment about justice delayed is justice denied. All I did was explain what that means and I said I didn't think that it applied to the court postponing Randleman's trial.


I can assure those who mistakenly believe that the attorneys are making a lot of money for handling this case, they are not!  They are public defenders who make substantially less than a privately retained attorney would for handling the same kind of case.  As much as some of you believe this is an "open and shut" case, you do not understand the procedural aspects of a death penalty case, nor would anyone expect you to. 

As hard a pill as this is to swallow, this man is entitled to the same constitutional rights as any other citizen.  Imagine for a moment that a loved one of yours was accused of this kind of crime and was summarily put to death without due process of law. 

The number of death sentences that have been overturned in recent years should be enough to convince even the most vocal of non-believers to proceed with caution.  "better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer" William Blackstone.


For every hour a person works, or says they have worked, it is another dollar in their pocket. Those dollars just seem to keep adding up. Example is the law firm that represented the MetroParks. What a credible law firm that when the case looked like a looser,packed up and left their clients high and dry, After all the money paid to that law firm, in the end, would not even return the MetroParks phone calls. Public defenders never walk away from a case with nickels and pennies. No one said this person was not entitled to his day in court. That is a Constitutional right of every citizen in this country. In Erie County it is questionable, especially when a judge and attorney are caught in a fraud scam. Then the "good ole boys" come out in force to protect their own. I do understand the conception of the death penality. I am also aware of a prosecutors rush to convict an innocent person. The taxpayer again has to pay restitution for wrongful imprisonment. This person will have their day in court. There are only a few people that will have a big payday.  


Honestly people nationwide we need to liquidate ALL upper tier criminals.       This would send a strong message to the criminal element.    Not to mention  decent people spared uneeded pain.   Any elected official could use this tactic also.            Felons don't vote.           If any political party got this made into law, it would garner them much support too!!   


I am PRAYING this trial does NOT begin in March.  I am very afraid of all this judicial and legal maneuvering will result in a deadlocked jury.  Have it start after March.  I have already accepted the fact there will be NO death penalty.  Like I have posted before, I have spoken to many people in the "community" and they truly believe Randleman is innocent.  I was in total shock at first, but it is prevalent and you are STUPID to ignore it, deny it or think this is not true.  You can make yourselves "FEEL GOOD" all you want on a blog.  Most of you must have forgotten ALL the HATE, RACISM, and VITRIOL when the Register posted the story back in March.  The Register had to "remove comments" from the blog.  People, who have never blogged, signed in and made comments.  HUNDREDS of them.  YOU might want to review all of them.  It is called REALITY!  There IS a true dichotomy between those who believe Randleman is innocent and those of us who believe he is guilty.  I could care less what people think.  I care about WHO is chosen for the jury.  You might want to ponder that fact as this trial continues on.  What comments are left to read in the Register archives is a direct snapshot of the division between both groups.


Woody Hayes

Taxpayer, I'm afraid that people like you are going to be on the jury.


 I searched the Ohio Revised Code on-line.

I could find no reference to bicycle lights. Bikes don't even come with lights.

I beleive that Dunn just wanted to have some 'fun' with Randleman.

Bad Cops have no place in a free country.