Gunman in shooting arrested

Seven rounds fired in domestic dispute, with one bullet going through neighbor’s home
Courtney Astolfi
Dec 27, 2013


A stray bullet pierced the home of a Dixon Drive family late Christmas night, and though one Sandusky man has turned himself in on an attempted murder charge, his accomplice remains on the run, police said.

Bernard Hall, 22, previously of the 1100 block of McKinley St., is facing one count of complicity to attempted murder and two counts child endangering, according to a Sandusky police report.

Alleged gunman Sedric Cook, 28, of the 1400 block of Wayne St., was charged with one count each of attempted murder and discharging a firearm into a habitation, the report said.    Cook turned himself in at the Erie County jail around 6 p.m. Thursday, Sandusky police said.

Hall allegedly arrived at the Ashburn Drive home of Brittany Moore, his child’s mother, around 11 p.m. Wednesday with his two children and two sisters in tow.

Hall wanted to drop off the small child he shares with Moore, but became upset when Moore’s mother explained Moore had gone to the store and was not home, the report said.

Moore’s brother, Bryce Ebron, tried to speak with Hall, but the pair’s exchange quickly became heated. Hall wanted to fight Ebron, but Moore’s mother stepped in and told Hall to leave.

Hall and his sisters “then indicated they would be back and there would be problems” before driving away from the scene, the report said.

The trio of siblings and Hall’s two children returned to the home around 11:15 p.m. in an orange, Dodge Caliber-like vehicle — this time accompanied by Cook and a handgun, the report said.

Another argument broke out: Hall’s sisters allegedly began assaulting Moore and Ebron’s 16-year-old sister, while Hall and Cook allegedly went after Ebron, Moore’s brother.

When Ebron glanced at Cook, he noticed him standing near the orange vehicle with a gun in hand, the report said. He sprinted from the area, but Cook allegedly began unleashing rounds from his weapon in Ebron’s direction. Cook then continued to fire as Ebron fled, the report said

Cook, Hall and Hall’s sisters hopped in their vehicle and left the area by way of Judy Lane, but Cook spotted Ebron behind a house and continued to fire at him as they drove off, the report said.

A stray 9mm bullet cut through the drywall of Irene and Jeff Klaus’s Dixon Drive home.

“I was getting ready for bed and we heard three or four sharp retorts, sort of like firecrackers, immediately followed by a ‘ping’ sound,” Irene Klaus told the Register Thursday.

A bullet penetrated the home’s exterior wall, traveled across the family’s living room, and likely lodged into an interior wall, Klaus said.

“No one expected our Christmas day to end this way” Klaus said.

Klaus and her husband are both U.S. Army veterans and well-acquainted with firearms.

“It was really scary because you think you’re safe in your home, then something like this happens and reminds you those bullets can travel and they can go quite aways” Klaus said. “Guns are not the answer to anything of any sort. Violence just begets violence”

Officers collected seven bullet casings from the scene, in addition to miscellaneous clothing items, pieces of a hair weave and swabs of blood found on the pavement, the report said.

Erie County assistant prosecutor Mary Ann Barylski authorized police to charge Cook and Hall with attempted murder and complicity to attempted murder, respectively. Charges against Hall’s sisters could be forthcoming, the report said.

Officers searched the wanted men’s homes Thursday afternoon, but were unable to locate them, Sandusky police Sgt. Scott Dahlgren said. Hall’s listed address was found to be vacant.

Cook remains incarcerated at the Erie County jail on $45,000 bond.

Anyone with information of Hall’s whereabouts should contact Sandusky police at 419-627-5877



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When are we going to start eliminating this scum from our streets? What when they actually kill someone? This is horrible...


I grew up on the 1400 block of wayne street then bought a house there to raise my family. I sinced moved out to the country and everyone said why do you want to move off of wayne st so bad...


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Just shoot at anything, no concern about innocent people near by, I guess this makes them REAL MEN. NOT....


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Give these guys an assault rifle and put them at the point, That will show how tough they really are. To just go and shoot up a neighborhood does not make you a man or tough guy. If the bullets would of started flying back at them, I would have liked to see what they would of done.


i know what they would have done, they would have bled and died.. these punks never practice. they think its like in the movies but they can never hit their intended target. this puts innocent people in danger. returning fire with a rifle, these punks would be easy pickins..

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Tried posting this on other article. Hilarious....


I think these kids are just misunderstood lol

Mr. D

They are misunderstood. . . They are in reality good kids who just need direction. . . Lets just step back, pause, give them a timeout. . .


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